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February 28, 2009

… to the UNITED NATIONS’ RACISM FORUM !!!?????????!!!

As the world has witnessed this “United” States of America seemingly grow up to the point where a person of blatant hue enhancements has achieved the concensus of votes to be the PRESIDING LEGISLATIVE ‘LEADER’ of its population the CHANCE to bring weight to the policies AGAINST INSTITUTIONAL RACISM would appear WELCOME and TIMELY. In that premise it does little good for Barack Hussein Obama to direct his chosen representatives of his “POSITIVE”PROGRESSIONS to “CHANGE” to avoid ANY and EVERY OPPORTUNITY to BEGIN that process. [GANDHI would POP him \”up side the head\”.] As I sought more pertinent informations to charge up a reader’s inquisitivity I looked to our nation’s “champion”, the NAACP, (National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People). Of glancing the first three pages of available articles ONLY ONE provided anything close to a response on this subject… [Who\’s keeping up with \”THE WORLD\” !?!]… now MONTHS OLD !

I also wanted to provide a “feel” of just HOW the “lone” influence of Jewish “opinion” has rendered Mr. Obama’s actions similar to something close to a “BATTERED” type of response to the forum’s coming light. [The Jewish/ \”Negro\” relationship.],[A tactic, and that only.] With banking ownership primarily that of old, non-“Christian” families, ( Including those who are named on the chartering of ‘THE FED’ !), IS there a symbiotic synaptic seed that has rooted itself in our new leader’s way of doing (his) business in America AND the WORLD ?

As this is just the THIRTY-SIXTH DAY of President Obama’s regime, ( It is looking more and more like a regime… just SMOOTHER Robert Mugabe’s. [ This is the Highest \”end\”.]), the questions to come are being formed of how well HIS will compare to his predecessor, George “What’s-his-name”. As, ( I just love a great comment, no matter WHO states it.), Ann Coulter recently said…” If the President ran on the premise of CHANGE to GET elected, just wait for the call for Change in 2012″. (“Obama’s supporters think he is the second coming, but after thirty days we already know there’s no Second Term Coming…

Ann Coulter CPAC 2/28/09)

My HOPE is that Mr. Obama will instigate the CHANGE that WE HAD been lead to BELIEVE was to happen. How will those in AFRICA and INDONESIA, who ARE suffering PREJUDICES and RACISMS on horrific daily displays, look upon the “Land of the FREE’s”other doctrinal promises if a first strike against one of the world’s LEPEROSIES is ALLOWED to FESTER ?

A DISEASE is a disease, is a DISEASE...

A DISEASE is a disease, is a DISEASE...

Bailouts and BOMBS

February 13, 2009

As we have been inundated with the INEPTITUDES of sooooooooo MANY “fronts”, back-end “deals”, [Pack a LUNCH !], and side steps, [Gregg \”short-handed\”.], the most sought after phrase that the United States Taxpayer, and their children’s children, ( besides the rest of the WORLD !), is… , and maybe a little Huckleberry Hound, “I’ll do the thin’nin around here.”, for how well Mr. Obama’s “pressed” secretary is “‘splain’in” what’s REALLY going on.

Then we have a remnant of the blunderous term of yore… [Passin\’ out the \”TOOLS of a trade\”.]… nothing like good ol’ military “intelligence”.

Even the YOUNG Are Confused

February 11, 2009

I’d heard that the first words that this baby seemed to understand was…




It’s Really Only grease Paint

February 8, 2009

Michael Steele is the “new” face of the Grand Old Party…………………………….

Friends, Romans, Countrymen… Lend me YOUR ear,

[Two Michaels, the more they\’ve stayed the SAME.]

A “Bong Hit” vs Tax EVASION

February 6, 2009

Comparatively, putting a lifetime into training to win EIGHT GOLD MEDALS, in ONE OLYMPIC Games, then having GREED’S cousin, Jealousy, attempt to ruin that future; with becoming the TREASURER of the United States of America AFTER ADMITTING you’ve been CHEATING ON YOUR FEDERAL TAX OBLIGATIONS is ABSURD !!!!!!!!!!!!

We wonder what is to become of this NATION when it’s plain to see that CORPORATE AMERICA is MORE concerned about IMAGE than the sub-STANCE it actually is LIVING.

IS not young Mr. PHELPS AS HUMAN as Mr. Geithner ? Or is the mistake of youth OUTWEIGHED by the CRASS boldnesses of SCURRILOUSNESS ?

Say something to the misguided “loftinesses” that are continuing to “lead” this country’s morals askew. We are rewarding people for WHAT GOOD REASONS ? If this is where the “NEW”direction of “OUR” country is now headed I DO believe that it will be no time before we reach the edge of the PROVERBIAL CLIFF.

Tax Evasion= [From the \”Horses\” mouth.]

Michael Phelps= [

Greed has NO MEDICINAL value.

Greed has NO "MEDICINAL" value.

Dr. Kellogg WOULD be ASHAMED of this current, (as well as OVER SUGARED “products” for PROFIT!!!), crop/crap called corporate “leadershi_”.

My VERY LOADED question to Kellogg’s is this… What makes Michael Phelps ANY LESS than Barack Obama?… they have, BOTH, SMOKED POT.

And , aren’t our Nation’s founding documents WRITTEN on HEMP PAPER !?!

Dear City Council…

February 5, 2009


From County Commissioners losing their investments of a new community, (to be built by Dominion Homes, in the historic FRANKLINTON area.), to the twenty year bust called CITY CENTER [City Council hasn\’t fixed the entropy of its City\’s Center.]. The main problem with this scenario is that it’s something that many “major” metropolitan areas are experiencing, or WILL be experiencing in the very near future. Especially in the mid-western/ rust belt regions. I have this peculiar feeling that the area that witnessed my conception and birth is in a type of death rattle that was constantly fed by asbestic planning and implementations. [No visible HISTORIES.]

Columbus has grown in a similar fashion as Los Angeles, California the city IS a county in its size, spreading further and further away from the HEART. Very much like OBESITY in that the extensive surrounding masses are putting so great a burden on the system that feed them that the Heart, (distributions), Liver, ( waste water), Circulatory,( roads) and Brains, (schools) have suffered such over extensions of design, (exercise),that it may die from surgery, ( COMPLETE reassessment of everything.).

The main problem of the common politician is that of ego through “works”, the way that little victories encourage the inflations of self’s worths instead of the worthiness of the action’s accomplishments. Couple this to how often those who’s greed is waved in the “face” of the “official” needs of the community’s actual sustenance. [Notice the side article mentioning the \”New Jewel\” of replacement.] The problem of the city’s legislative “brain trust” is that they only VISIT the actual areas that they are supposed to be stewarding, they don’t work long enough hours that necessitate having to FIND a PLACE to EAT after FIVE O’CLOCK (Post Meridian). (Wendy’s AND Arby’s “fast foods” left the central downtown area.) Or be able to acquire GROCERIES at a family’s budgeted prices within a two mile walk.They’ve done all this while replacing affordable eating establishments with the tre’ fascionist “SOUP NAZI”, ($8 for 6 ounces of ‘Signfold’ leftover soup and a smig/ smug of the EARL’S invention.), right beside Channel FOUR’S new studios at Routes 40/16 and 23.

As a city-zen I must say what I can here, because it would take more than the seven minutes tentatively allotted to each of the chattel that wish their opinion heard before the fief’s overseers. And they would cut me off summarily for the “insight”placed here. No matter, those who are elected to LEAD must LIVE WITH their decisions just like we have to live with their decisions. It might be a good idea to elect people that remodel things,( cars, houses, motorcycles, tatooists, etc.), to get our cities to a place that FUNCTIONS FOR THE USER.