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Barack and Donald Are Working Together

April 27, 2011

This is so very sad. This Nation has been bamboozled for the last FORTY YEARS by the BANKING INDUSTRY, The MORTGAGE INDUSTRY, lately, The Industry of On-line GAMES that ask YOU for MORE MONEY to play another IDIOT that you CAN’T SEE.
I sincerely believe that the ONLY conspiracy that is working is that of the NAACP, Black Panthers, (Originals), the “unknown Blackstone Rangers,(of CHICAGO !),who have let the non- African based population “BETTER-THAN-YOU” themselves into the VERY situation that they’ve scoffed at. Now “THEY” have no HOMES, NO MONEY, NO JOBS… and NO-ONE to HELP, (Or SYMPATHIZE “with”.). them through this situation. And, worst of all NOW THEY are the “TARGET” of distrust. On a broader scale than just… Simply by having a LACK of melanin, skinny noses and a peculiar accent when addressing someone. ( That TONE of DISDAIN really gives away the fact.)
Please, don’t think that this is an attempt to LURE/ BAIT those that listen to any AND EVERY UNTRUTH of how those that sit in the CON-gress and Senate are looking out for YOUR best interest. (Notice that there WAS NO “S”.)Most of the world knows the difference between each other, so they COUNT YOUR TAX DOLLARS that the folks in Washington send them. And when they feel that they need more they send us their version of “WEHRMACT” and create another “installment” request.
AND, DON’T forget that fee WE pay at the GAS PUMP! It won’t be too soon before folks will be trading for a gallon by performing a feat from a ‘COPS’ “VICE” marathon.
It’s easy for folks like Donald Trump to incite those that THINK they’re “LIKE” him. YOU’RE NOT. Hopefully, you like those of this nation, and WANT to see ALL of IT doing well. But, the President HASN’T CHANGED much. In fact he’s gotten US/ U.S. ensconced much deeper into “PISSING the OTHER ‘BROWN’ folk off than his predecessor.
DONALD and BARACK have just taken YOUR EYES off the REAL “SITUATIONS”.
As have ALL the “little people” that work with and for them.