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Synaptiq Seeds: a Formula For a Title

December 18, 2008

A good thought, idea or realization has value for the duration of its lifetime, whether that lifetime is interrupted or not.

There’s been an ebb and flow, give and take, ying and yang since the first flatworm separated then became enamored with its other self. We’ve been BLESSED to live in a time that even though the WORLD itself, (as people), may be on the “snotty” edge of OBLIVION, we do possess enough remnants of bread crumbs to lead us away from that edge.

In the eighth year of an infant millennium we are not far removed from some of the most recorded times of human STRIFE and SUFFERING that can easily be learned from those we call Parent, Grand-Parent and Great-Grand- Parent. Those who’d struggled past the ” War to End ALL Wars” are almost as few as “Hen’s Teeth” and their offspring of “The Greatest Generation” now move to the sound of one of Dr. Kellogg’s best known breakfast cereals (“snap,crackle…pop”). We, the “Pop”-lived progeny, are at the point of watching ALL our PREDECESSOR’S achievements of a life’s time and a life’s styles deflate within the short spans of OUR Grandchildren’s life spans. There is truly nothing NEW under this SUN, so this site will attempt to respawn another’s observations of “this new POSITION” that we find ourselves in. At that , with the WORLD going broke, (even when a “neighbor” can be a thousand kilometers “down the road”.), a voice speaking from 70 years past, 9 years after the “GREAT CRASH” : a-bit-o-prose and definate wisdom called “THE GAIN” by Edgar A. Guest, from his 1938 book- All IN A LIFETIME.

The Gain:

When life was bright and cheerful he went singing

on his way.

He scarcely knew his neighbrs or what sort of folks

were they.

But he woke one dismal morning to find all his

money gine,

And he found that fame and fortune were not safe

to lean upon.

The other day I met him, and he said: “It’s very


But the fact is I am happier than I’ve been for many

a year.

I’ve discovered friendly people living just across the


I’ve discovered books and blossoms and the grass be-

neath my feet.

“Since the bank account has dwindled I’ve discovered

at my door

A variety of blessings which I’d never known before.

I’ve discovered CHESS and CHECKERS are not games

which children play,

But are glorious entertainment when at home you

choose to stay.

” Oh, we’re richer now in spirit than we ever thought

we’d be,

There’s a bond of true devotion binding all the


WE have gained in faith and wisdom and in fellow-ship with flowers.

And whatever loss may follow, these shall evermore

be ours.”

It’s interesting, those that “set back” seeds of a “good CROP” sometimes have those gems’ packagings become “hidden” on shelves that have collected “waiting’s” disguise. Now we call them seed “banks”, and like the bank destroyed in Baghdad* many of our oldest, most prolific seeds are being lost to the PROGRESS of GREED. I do this so that there may be maps remade for us, to re-find and e-build those SEED-BANKS.

A thought: Those that DESTROYED the BAGHDAD SEED-BANK probably “forgot” that the ORIGINAL “GARDEN” was located on that city’s two RIVERS. Could it be possible that “WE’VE’ gotten rid of tha ORIGINAL SEEDS of Earth’s FIRST GARDEN ?(* It was BOMBED during the first 12 hours on the orders of our OUT-GOING President (BUSH). Remember the “big NEWS” of the seed bank in the ARCTIC ?

The site, Synaptiq Seeds, is now open for the business of thought growing into an action I, most likely, won’t be the author that will set YOUR mind alight, that is why I invite others better than myself to tell you “the story”.

A note to those who’ve read this post: SYNAPTIQSEEDS= a real blog site on, you may WANT to go there and be “enlightened” to another facet of  the original “gourmet thoughts of a brown-bag mind”.

WordPress MU: A License to STEAL(?)

December 6, 2008

In the search to make money as a “blogger” the administration of this electronic Guttenburg-ish entity has allowed the disease of greed to begin its insidious machinations of taking what was presented in earnest and then prostituting its innocence for profit. It started slowly a few months ago with Akismet purposely used to catch these trials and hold them in front of the author just long enough to force the writer to the offending site after they’d benefited from the use of said work. By their excerpting a snippet that will draw another into THEIR site this tactic disrespects both the articles true purpose in its luring a reader’s concern of the contents to the RUSE of commercial enticement. There are too many GOOD writers and sites enabled to present the BETTER ideas and ideals for this experiment to continue in its Nazi-like monetary onslaught. I’m hoping that when serious presentations are posted that sites for gambling, real estate, games and the like will stop STEALING the intelligences of others. But then this has been the modus operandi of capitalism’s greed since it came of age in this nation. WordPress MU needs to be monitored at this stage because those using it at this time are extremely irresponsible in the tactics used at this moment of assemblage.

Of experimenting with new things I have NO PROBLEM if it is used at the risk of the instigator ONLY. DO NOT use the treasures mined of my mind to enlarge your account, (or even begin it!!!). Be careful of those you encourage in these “endEVERs” to the choosing of where one places their thoughts. Because we can leave that which serves us poorly.

I sincerely hope that the staff take this post as a cry of alarm from one that has benefited from the generosity of AUTOMATTIC and company. And will see fit to study this new and smarmy part of a GOOD Business.

Just ONE day later I have received notice that DEBTDEFICIT.COM has done EXACTLY what this post has revealed. Now when I ATTEMPTED to comment to these purpose-fully ambiguous thieves, ( I found NO WAY to place a comment, as their “requested” log-in was another of this type of sites varied RUSES.) I find this “thumbing of their NOSE” just what THIS article has tried, (and now succeeded.), to give NOTICE about. When a WORDPRESS.COM blog site’s ABOUT Page identifies those that are responsible only as “WE” I would “Press” FOR the s(t)ake of TRANSPARENCY as quickly as possible.

The Prejudice of Size

December 2, 2008

At 6′ 5″ and the National Football League “Lineman’s” weight of 270 pounds one would “THINK” (?) that a man of this physical presence might have commanded CAUTION from a MOB of “deal” targeting holiday “shoppers”. But the 34 year old seasonally hired Jdimytai Damour had no idea of HOW to exert the intimidating factors of his physical ‘gifts’. There isn’t much about his history as far as what’s been told by family and friends, but it IS obvious that this young man was NOT “of” the normal American of “African” heritage ‘up-bringing’. There was no volleyball, basketball, football backgrounding in any sports oriented enhancements of Mr. Damour’s size. But as He didn’t “see” his size as an attribute to the “control” of the aptly named “BLACK FRIDAY” shopping MOB his managerial supervisors “naturally” SAW every “black” athlete that had been on their home or bar’s ESPN driven television screen. The issue of what media’s collusion with the marketing departments of the major national “chains” of capitalism’s self- servance should SOUND an ALARM to anyone who’d seek employment. The basic question that ‘applicants’ should pose to the “head” of every H.R. (“Human” Resource) department is this: “If I accept the position that you have advertised for me to fill will you make sure that my SAFETY won’t be jeopardized ? That only to the exclusion of those in the position of “SECURITY”. [Does body \”TYPE\” determine another \”job\’s\” description ?]

Look around you when you go to the “mall” ANYTIME many of those placed into what they’ve applied for aren’t participating in that which the signed paperwork “guaranteed”. And as to training for “the described duties” OF said position…Just ask Mr. Damour just how much time the WALTON’S upper management spent preparing new hires for “BLACK FRIDAY”, especially with the economy that they’ve helped in. [Good Mourning, and welcome to Wal-Mart !] [A stitch mis-timed.]

How long do YOU think it will take American “BUSINESS” to “get it” ?