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(The) John McCain Candidacy…

October 27, 2008


May and December, John McCain brought along a “beauty” queen who flagrantly touts everything she “knows” about the living of her dream on the “great” ‘White Way'(s). His hopes to ‘cash in on Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s “fighting style” in her ’bout’ with Senator Barack Obama by choosing a “gun-totin’, drop-the-gloves, Miss(ed) Congeniality has certainly energized a lot of the fear riddled (NEO-) conservatives in these “United” States. ( I placed the quotations for the dualism of a.] Just how UNITED we citizens have become in our closeness’ to REAL poverty. AND b.] How many are reacting to the excess LANOLIN leaking into our eyes from our ‘elected’s attempts (and successes) of STRIPPING US of all things given/granted US 232 years ago.)

Sarah’s Pale’n to those that ARE paying attention around the world and, as yet, not ONE of our national “news” agencies (electronic OR print) have had the GUTS to ask the ‘opinion’/ ‘observation’ of ANY of the world’s CURRENT FEMALE LEADERS from other nations… FRIEND or FOE !

John McCain seems much like December, the end ‘of’, a time of this hemisphere’s cold lock on growth. A month where the Ancient’s held lore of a type of Death. He’s supported a “CREATURE” that has caused a myriad of deaths… to incomes, living spaces, RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS… how we’ll get along with the rest of the WORLD ! Maybe even a NATION’S FUTURE.

He’s a good MAN, a GOOD SOLDIER. But what he’s considered “good intentions” in these last eight years… well I KNOW I’ve felt like HELL !

But… he is only ONE out of the many that saw, and did, things the way that they’ve become, all throwing their arms out of socket by the quick omni-directional finger pointings. And shoulder shrugs that should have popped heads off of their bodies.

John McCain has been chewing a military grade ‘hardball’ as “Political Dentine” during last TEN years, and most of us haven’t NOTICED or CARED. He has donned the “IRON MAIDEN” CLOAK given to him by his party and WILL BRAVELY walk through the desert they’ve built… STOICALLY gazing into the coming nights, PRIMROSE coloured sunsets, because Morning’s red,that’s been appearing over America lately, is clearing to a BLUE of TRUTH.

Given the propensity for drama here at “home” a play that sounds SHAKESPEARE-IAN might be called “ AZURE LIKE IT“.

Palin and Pailer

October 11, 2008
President By the first hundred days.

President By the first hundred days ?

The choice of Sarah Palin for the position of Vice President
for REPUBLICAN, ( The charge is ‘PANDERING’ ! ), candidacy mate to John McCain has forced me back to the times of
Hanna- Barbera. This ‘legislator’ from Alaska, (GOVERNOR.), has raised the observation that underlined the two most
promoted animations on Saturday mornings, “the Flintstones
and the Jetsons”, both showed us that there were NO ‘PEOPLE OF COLOR’. In the beginning or the future.
She reminds me of the Sorority girlfriend that caused the final
blowout in “ANIMAL HOUSE”, only with an Edie McClurg speech pattern. The big difference between the “girl” that
marries the ‘Senator’ and Mrs. Palin is that the cheerleader answered posed questions with a LUCID ability to give a
cogent sentence. If she were an “INNER CITY” child most of America would rate her chances of early pregnancy, or prison
in the upper 70th percentile. This is the person who MAY somehow become the “leader” of the only nation to HAVE
used ATOMIC WEAPONRY against other human beings.
(Ask an early participant of the Iraq “war” and the affects of “DEPEATED” PLUTONIUM… if they are still able to.). She is
quite proud of the way of life she ‘knows’ and rep resents while ‘seemingly’ being oblivious of what goes on in other peoples’ lives, even across the Bering Straits, (Which are a Moose antler’s width, if you hold it JUUUSST right. ). If the person chosen to “serve in-case” has only had the chore of getting water for “the cabin” then must get that same task accomplished in the exact time period for a “village” of 800 thirsty inhabitants they should have SOME previous PRACTICE and exercise for such.
If this is where an ‘American’ college degree in COMMUNICATIONS and JOURNALISM, [ A journalist, graduated. ] lends to research and presentation is there any wonder why America is falling behind the rest of the world ? Even India’s two week old telephone “customer help” operators understand, (almost ), every regional dialect here. Even in the stress of “bad services” angers.
Edgimacated @ WOSSAMATTA U.

"Edgimacated" @ WOSSAMATTA U.

Governor Palin, for the most part, has been a good legislator, except when family is involved, [\” But I\’m the GOVERNOR !\”]. And if this is how she treats her former brother-in-law what could happen on a “global” tiff !?! But, then again, she’s a great Governor to people who don’t care much to be that close to other people.

Even A Blind Person CAN TELL,

October 4, 2008

When they’re walking in the sun. But not so Sarah, ( “Scara”), Palin , the REPUBLICAN PARTY ‘ruse’ for Vice President in this year’s ‘National’ elections. In this time of aspursion casting “Miss Congeniality” has lost historical track of who this nation’s past home grown “TERRORISTS” ARE/WERE. In a “McCarthy-istic” associative statement Alaska’s current Governor uttered the name of one William C. Ayers, [Past weather(man) report.], now a University of Chicago instructor, free to do so as one who served the time for the crime. There are many former Nixonian dirty tricks experts that now serve in the Bush infrastructure, foremost of which is Mr. Karl Rove, a case in point that I’ll let ‘rest’ for you to study on your own.

If Mrs. Palin were to really invoke the memories of American born “TERRORISTS” of recent history she might try to make the attempt via associating Mr. Obama with a ” PANTHER-esque” spew, or by looking through a “BLACK STONE”, but that would be for naught due to the fact that those entities now work for the “GOOD OF THE BODY”. It’s too bad that the network she’s shilling for can’t work that angle due to it truly being a “WMD” to the REPUBLICAN PARTY’S spinmeisters goals. The sudden reprise of Mr. Ayers association to an early stage of Barack Obama’s career is tantamount to associating an improbable Presidential candidacy of Colin Powell to ‘TIMOTHY MCVIE’ because they both served in the military. It’s just too terrible to think that this is our choice of representation to the, combined, memories and hopes for the FUTURE of this, hopefully again, ‘great’ NATION. And to have spoken these incendiary accusations under the “cover” of the roof of an aircraft hanger, ( a la a past Miami VIce episode.), it would be “PRUDENT” for all to set their words and actions toward the direction of ACTUALLY CONVICTING THOSE WHO’VE SET THIS COUNTRY TO RUIN, instead of giving us “out-takes” and script revisions to the movie “WAG THE DOG”.

fish tales

fish tales