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April 26, 2008

In this current age of using what ever utensils are available to fit a chosen role we Americans are quickly, as well as EASILY, enchanted with the plots before us. WE have watched a generation that took the tools necessary to build a strong chapter in what Democracy meant as in the word FREEDOM. Although a lot of people were excluded during the beginning of the second world war things did change near its end.

A link posted just yesterday described the three remaining candidates as NUMBNUTS, NONUTS AND JUSTNUTS. This HOMINID then proceeded to enlighten ‘THE NUMB ONE’ at his home site. MMMMYYYY GGGOOOODNESS the post garnered a plethora of “OBAMAPHILES” to imbibe the bitter-sweet savory of “truth” that had found its way to the ‘HOUSE OF CHANGE’. We must all reserve the “Wright” to change, especially when we want something quite much. Haven’t we all worked ourselves to the point of an ‘exhaustion’ only to find that the thing we were “SELLING” didn’t fit the niche we’d been striving for? Well intended as we were there was that tiny tug from the “WANT” that said take this and put it HERE, leave the ‘frumpy ‘ over there, you can put it away for now. A story told to me when younger was about this young woman that grew up taking care of horses on the family property. Everyday, she wore a plain blouse tucked into some non-descript bluejeans. Day in day out never a noticeable difference to her teasing “class”-mates. Coupled to this, seemingly sad visage was that this young lady never had the olfactoral assistance of Ms. Coco Chanel, her best friend WAS ‘FLICKA’. ALL of High School not a missed day of class. Upon graduation this ‘Barkley’ ranch hand went on to study Animal Husbandry at her state’s university, and although known as a FOOTBALL school there was a gold medal education for Cattle and Horses. The education took her to many locations across this wonderful country so meeting a young man from TEXAS made the sweetness of the appreciation of these animals that much better. Of cource this story has a happy ending. They DO fall in love, get married, have children. Best of all the young man is successful in business AND POLITICS. His name was CONNELLY, JOHN. He survived a terrible accident in his home state, the city of DALLAS back in ’63… His friend didn’t make it.

The moral of this story is this… If ya’ run what’cha brung , and you do so with the folks that KNEW YA’ WHEN, then they’ll stand by you with that pick and shovel while you’re walking those ACRES OF DIAMONDS. These FOLKS know the warts and make excuses of why they find them attractive. HEY ‘NUMBIES’ remember John Merrick?

When Knowledge Is TAKEN For Granted.

April 25, 2008

I was mid paragraph of another thought/blog when my RESEARCH lifted me to this new post. My disappoint ment with how trivial our Presidential candidates have made this ultra important process of elections just over heated me. I’d reached the point where the sacrifices made a generation and a half ago by ‘AMERICA’S GREATEST GENERATION” was being made a joke of by the ‘Blue’ team’s “TWO JIVE “crew, AND the ‘Red ‘ team’s severely injured new team-captain. The question of how could these three FORGET their ‘Christian’ teaching of “…ANYONE who desires to be in a LEADERSHIP position MUST FIRST learn and practice the SERVANT’S WAYS.” I believe this to mean that those that we CHOOSE to carry out our communally REQUIRED and REQUESTED functions will do these things in an OPEN, HONEST, and MOST OF ALL, UN-selfish manner.

The reasons for war are many, but most of those reasons are a GREED, of every type. When an event like this happens the aggressor must choose someone to place the causes to, read …BLAME. This is the year 9994,by the world’s oldest calendar, and it’s time we began to get things correct and corrected. Finally reaching toward the point of this exercise, the men and women who began adding REAL INGREDIENTS in the “Melting Pot” called The United States of America are, now, leaving us. With a legacy that has/is swiftly turning gangrenous. My grandfather was not a, (formally), educated man, but designed and built many things. Had he gone to school on some sort of financial entitlement I’m more than convinced that he would have held his own at the patent offices, just like those who’d gotten an education through the G.I. Bill. On that note I arrive to the crux of thought.

I am part of the group of offspring known as BABY-BOOMERS, the product of “life seeking itself”, (K. Gibran), after the myriad of HORRORS and ATROCITIES generated by the minds of, presumably more ancient societal structures that ran helter-skelter over, roughly, 85% of the geographical world. View the pictorial witnesses and, I hope, you’ll understand but a small spark of the driving force to the apocalyptic exercise. If one sees death so near,so often, the eventual freedom of of it triggers productions of many types. That point is where we are at this very moment. The peoples of “minority”, Negroid, Japanese, Native, AMERICANS were ALL deemed as UNFIT to represent the IDEAL national “champion”. Only until white politicians finally realized that victory wouldn’t be reached unless the nascent, HIGHLY UNIQUE qualities of the very peoples that the EUROPEAN RELATED decision makers had continually tried to destroy did the the SECOND WORLD WAR look winable. Examples of this overdue phenomena list as: a.,12-7-1941,Dorie Miller,( Naval Mess-mate), saves his Captain, then without training, mans an anti-aircraft gun on the USS ARIZONA, RECEIVING the award of NAVY CROSS. Honored with the USS MILLER 6-30-1973. b., Our nations first NEGRO MARINES entered at Montford Point, ( CAMP LeJeune,SC).First enlistee, HOWARD P. PERRY, 6-1-1942. c., The TUSKEGEE AIRMEN, (99th Fighter Squadron) 500 missions, 3700 sorties flown protecting bomber missions. NO LOSSES OF A BOMBER to the enemy under THEIR watch. Producing General Benjamin O. Davis. d., The JAPANESE/NISEI ;100th Infantry Battalion and the MOST DECORATED U.S. military unit… the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, (who were decimated finding and protecting the LOST TEXAS group), plus, (Can you picture Uncle Sam with his hand smacking his forehead?), assisting AUDIE MURPHY in the LIBERATION of DACHAU,( These MEN were from AMERICAN CONCENTRATION CAMPS.), .d., Saving some of the best for last. Though our ORIGINAL INHABITANTS of this nation have been pushed, (Pick any descriptive .), the pride in self would be a great lesson to us all. In our NATIONAL ANTHEM the term ‘Home of the BRAVE’ should mean the CODE TALKERS of both world wars; Choctaw in the first, Navajo in the second. Imagine where we’d be if ENGLISH ONLY had been accepted by the holders of the real meaning of the last three words in our anthem.

As I began to research this post I queried Google to WIKI ANSWERS on Negro Marines. The treatment of Negro prisoners of war was the first to appear, the author told of how Non Negroid U.S. troops educated the enemy of how to handle those not like themselves, as he got to the statement of there were “…NO NEGRO Marines in World War TWO.” ” I’m 59 years old and have been READING WW2 history for over 40 years.” If Mr. JIM B. TORONTO had DONE RESEARCH, AS IN SOURCE RECORDS… It’s easy to accept when one looks like those who say they’re IN CHARGE. ( Wednesday,Addams Family, was right when she told that her costume made her look like everyone else. Wednesday was a psychopath that Halloween.)

This is how I see things, we’ve been indoctrinated into the thought that those in a position of, PRESUMED, AUTHORITY are telling us the TRUTH. THEY ARE NOT, they count on us to accept what we’re told without researching/ finding what really IS. Isn’t it time to “Stand FOR SOMETHING, so we don’t FALL FOR EVERYTHING”? ( A paraphrase of Rosa Parks.) If they are actually going to CHANGE let them ALL begin with what they say at the start of this, ( Look up ANTAGONYM.),'” RACE.”‘MOST DECORATEDNEGRO MARINES\Thank you!

Breaking Federal News At 10!

April 16, 2008

Story by: Mohandas Lighque, Delhi Deli

Smokey the Bear and Woodsey Owl were sent to Leavenworth Federal Prison today beginning service on their convictions of attacking former President George W. Bush. The conditions of their punishments stipulate that they, and their relatives, are ‘NO LONGER ALLOWED’ to serve, ‘IN ANY CAPACITY’, representing the Government for FORESTRY, OR the conservation of NATURE.

From a two-pronged attack...The former Commander-in- Chief is still without full sight from Woodsey’s aerial frontal attacks. And Smokey’s claw marks removed both ‘LOVE’ handles with Mr. Bush still not able to attend a STATE dinner gracefully at table.

Mr. Bear made the only statement of the two as he cryptically mentioned that he was “evening the score” for his ‘White BROTHERS’. Mr. Bear could , faintly, be heard humming ‘Oh Canada’ as he ambled into his cell.

Smokey talks to the Press before sentencing.

Mr. Owl’s grand-children were immediately denied entry to YALE UNIVERSITY, even though ALL 12 had placed 780 and ABOVE on their entrance exams. Most were fledgeling aeronautical engineers, two of which already had published papers that the U.S. MILITARY branches were implementing for CIVILIAN APPLICA TIONS.

They explained their combined assaults “WILL NOT BE THE LAST BY THOSE WHO HAVE SUFFERED GENER ATIONAL ABUSES”… and that the Grey Wolves are ‘ORGANIZING throughout the national parks WITH the BISON,ELK AND RAPTORS’ They hinted that DOMESTICATED livestock ARE studying ‘JONESBORO’ PRACTICES and techniques

Long Before Mc Donald\'s

They intimated that, unless environmental policies, WORLD WIDE, change sentient ‘non-humans’ are “TO BE CHANGIN’ WHO DOES WHAT, WHERE!”. ( Read a similar report from SOUTH AFRICA of how the ELEPHANT populations are looking at CORPORATE FARMING with MONSANTO products and its FUTURE due its correlation with government organized CULLING OF HERD SIZES.)

Passing On the Torch

New Killing FIELDS

April 15, 2008

Now with the 50th anniversary of Bilderberg,this Thursday, I have to say Happy Birthday to the organization that is, swiftly,steering us to the pre-viewed ARMAGEDDON. We don’t really know WHAT they do, but those things that are can be The Breeding for a new SOYLENT.deciphered even by the most needle addled. Since the Catholic Church instituted the practice of obtaining the use of lands to increase its coffers group enlistment of the HAVES has steadily grown in its incidiousnesses.( DO forgive this statement, there are too many highly spiritual practitioners, including the former Hitler youth.) Witnessing one aspect of this golden practice is the MONSANTO CORPORATION and our own GOVERNMENT. Then,PRESIDENT, Ronald Reagan, in convincing us of his TRICKLE-DOWN THEORY, made it possible for business to accelerate their rape AND PLUNDERING of America. And, SOON, as much of the plotted world. (Watch for our next move, to “SPREAD FREEDOM” in Venezuela. Putin shut off Iraq. With this much OIL SOOOOO NEAR…). As our three presidential candidates discuss everything except what’s IMPORTANT there are those on, and the like, trying to incite the reinstatement of rights and freedoms as they’re meant to be implemented by WE,THE PEOPLE. As someone who eats the future costs to FUEL my body are extremely important to me. I’m reminded of the film SOYLENT GREEN ,( based on the 1966 book MAKE ROOM,MAKE ROOM by Harry Harrison.), and Charlton Heston’s final dialog of “It’s the PEOPLE, THE PEOPLE!”, when he’s dying. If you don’t know, or remember, check it out on the ‘azure beam’. The world had seen its billions of years in the trials and errors of food and beauty production through to the tinkering of man, (un-),kind. In the book MAKE ROOM, MAKE ROOM;the world saw the extinction of all natural foods, (fruits,vegetables,Meat.) Alfred Hitchcock used a nice word to describe what we don’t see enveloping us, “MAGUFFIN”= the action. Setting of events, their fractal perameters that encase the characters’ participations with trouble. In 1980 a vote of 5-4, the U.S. Supreme Court allowed “Pandora Corporosa” to open the lid of a universal heirloom that didn’t belong to “her”.Their direction came from the Bayh-Dole Act, a mad scramble to give new elevation to the country’s sagging economy. ( Justices for:Burger,Blackmun,Rehnquist,Stevens,Stewart.(Justices against:Brennan,Marshall,Powell,White./ Diamond v. Chakrabarty 447 U.S. 303 1980) In looking at the information for this ‘article’ I ‘Googled’- Monsanto’s Harvest of Fear, 20,000 hits are there for our viewing, the most thorough that made me blink was at 2008/05/monsanto 200805. It IS more than about the BEAUTY! Six pages of showing us how a BULLY responds when they know that the playground’s happier citizens have a better game. How long is it going to be before we surround and ‘DE-PANTS’ THE LUMMUX? IMAGINE… as the earth’s jet stream is now shifting and how a breeze gently gathers the pollens from the Monsanto “TERMINATOR” plant. (Maybe the Bee colonies know something.) Next we have those plants that have developed for milliniae adjusting to the varied inputs of the regions where they live, that pollen from a Monsanto clone is mated to the stamen of that giant tuber that can produce 40 lbs. of sustainance for the local folks. The next season those folks don’t see ANY food because the embryo was “TERMINATED” as the seed matured. As I write these thoughts/observations I wonder how many More of the world’s seed banks are going to be destroyed, (as the one in Iraq, which had seeds dating back CENTURIES! GONE… at the beginning of the ‘WAR’.) What happens to the backyard plot when dystopic constabulary tromp over your child’s sandbox. Or a loaf of bread is the sames as today’s gallon of MILK? Are you developing a TASTE FOR SOYLENT, from under some golden arch?Buying the Future

The Warmth of Helping Hands

April 7, 2008

Sometimes you\'ve just gotta\' do the right thing.Charlton Heston was a man OF his ‘times’.I crossed a blog that amused me, in that somewhere the education of the blogger left her,or him,behind in their disrespect of Charlton Heston’s passing.

Mid-western bred and educated in the state that produced Abraham Lincoln and ,now, Presidential hopeful Barack Obama; Mr. Heston served as a Radio operator and GUNNER in the United States Air Force, (just like another WW II Air Force member,Bugs Bunny served.), Staff Sargeant from 1944 to 1946.

As Mr. Heston matured he found many things to ‘fight’ for. In 1963 he MARCHED for ALL Americans ‘CIVIL’ RIGHTS . with Harry Belafonte, (Sameritech might look up the REAL story of his “JOHN HENRY”,the “STEEL DRIVIN’ MAN” was actually Irish, working with a “NEGRO” crew), James Baldwin, ( yes, a brother but not a professional actor.), an OPENLY GAY ‘Poet Laureate’ and Marlon Brando, who definitely mixed the races in this ‘Melting Pot’ that your moniker includes in its spelling. Needless to say Dr. King had no problem grasping Charlton’s hand NO MATTER the season, summer=Warm or winter=COLD.

Charlton Heston’s hands, even COLD, have GRASPED and held more than a lifetime of obtuse, short-sighted, though well written, opinions. I, really, don’t believe that he carried that rifle from the N.R.A. convention with him everywhere. DO YOU, gentle reader?

The Pilot’s Reagan Went Off in the Cockpit…

April 3, 2008

AM I BLLUUUEEEE!..and when the FAA asked him about the whys and wherefores he looked around, like Martin Moeller, and saw there was “nobody left”. When the President fired the air traffic controllers a partial gate to the air travelers current abyss opened for of all of us. There is ,always, another side of the things that have been enacted by those we’ve placed into positions of “authority”, via the media’s prolific polishings .

Ever since Matwan, people in nice suits with single knot nooses have enjoyed their Oedipal powers in the lives of the adept of the service industries. They instigate “proper” actions from the fear of the loss of control, they just don’t have enough. To let a person do the job/task that they’ve trained for, for some time, is not within their human resource manuals handed down to them. At least that’s how I see it. There is another side that these folks cannot conceive. That conception, the wiping the crusts from eyes that haven’t closed, in rest, for three weeks and more. Waiting for micro-slivers of any type of metal or wood, maybe some variation of a toxic polymer, to fester, all liquid rainbow under the Astro-dome of skin, to erupt and dismiss the offensive invader, in a Vesuvial manner, away in relief. Okay, enough graphics. It’s been said that the brilliance of the diamond is only derived from the many facets below. The middle-class ARE those facets! Differently cut, depending on the size of the stone, the clarity of its “cut”. I guess what I’m trying to say is that the 1% need a bit of faceting from the fundament up. Some of what I’m trying to say is this, if we on this globe just allow all of us to do our best most of the time, and encourage also, infantile treatment will cease soon. Here’s a little “prose” about my chosen income as example.

From the first road case down the truck’s ramp,

until that same case rolls back up it 17 hours later,

I AM a UNION of knowledge and co-operation.

By answering this call to SERVICE on a daily basis

I feed my children, as you and your children sing,

stare, laugh or cry,

I am a Union of Knowledge and CO-OPERATION.

A VERY OBSERVANT person said,

“When a society loses its ART it ceases to be a SOCIETY.”


( This was inspired by Ron Fisher, my first business agent/#363-Reno,NV and one Wm. Scott Bretzman: “Mountain”of National Lampoon’s ‘Animal House’. Cancer victim 2006)                                                             Thank you for taking the time read this bit of my brain.

(The Title for the graphic is: AM I BLLUUUEEEE!?!/ 188503/ item#2744541-0).