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On the AGING’S Home Market

January 22, 2010

How can it be that [we can\’t see] the [the SECOND] Wave’s disasters ?

there is no *shore, our home’s NO FLOORS, their “clean-up” crews soon after.

It makes no sense the Neighbor’s fence, it separated “good” for nothing.

It’s lenders versus fenders, aid corporate “confidenseers” to ply [\”elected\”].

So who’s to [know] how far they’ll go when a *shining sea’s reflected ?

It caught me off guard when I read a blog from INDONESIA that made an off-handed statement that “they now have made a new industry from our aged”. The above “blurg” is my simple , “emergency flare” to you.
(Draw(n) : Some con-clusions.)

Does it NOT seem wrong that someone halfway around the world would be knowledgeable enough about the problems occurring here. Obviously THEY don’t listen to Lou Dobbs.

Another “BLURG”

January 16, 2010

The stolen EVES of Zambia

prepared as the savory for an appetite

Sport requires a feeding of Sweet meats

for the simmering of Lust’s fete’

And a chance, to conquer Africa again.

(The ‘Good Hope’ “Slims” : The [Icebergs] of World Cup 2010)

Something New

January 8, 2010

To BLURT : blurt (blʉrt) transitive verb, to say suddenly, without stopping to think: often with out.  (Etymology: 16th-17th c.; prob. echoic)

(n.) Short for Web log, a blog is a Web page that serves as a publicly accessible personal journal for an individual. Typically updated daily, blogs often reflect the personality of the author. (v.) To author a Web log.  Other forms: Blogger (a person who blogs). But, you KNEW this.
I wasn’t able to sleep the other night so my mind did some gymnastics. I’ve always been accused of just saying whatever came to mind… And this did. “BLURG”= a blog ” in-a-nutshell”. quick and tasty, a truly impulsive thought, too small for complete explanations but PONDERABLE. Put in a ‘HAIKU’-esque form and size much fuller than a “tweet”.
Now, as this SEEMS like a new thing,by my definition here the “BLURG” has a long and reknowned pedigee… PROVERBS, (… the BIBLE !), would be a BLURG by the, posible, fact that this collected group of WISDOMS/ PONDERACES  ARE small and ponderable. Therefore DAVID would qualify as the FIRST  “BLURGER” with his PSALMS. Obviously followed by his SON, SOLOMON, who doubled David’s output. (PROVERBS and ECCLESSIASTES ) Therefore you see that a “BLURG” isn’t CASUALLY put into the ether.
The following  “bit-o-text” is is my presentation of the world’s first (personal) “BLURG” :
( A, is for ATTEMPT )
Many years and oil samples saved
So many know its quality
I wait these many years
And they continue canceling
the weddings        ( of: personal marketing )
And a second…
(B, is for “better make sure” )
Even though intelligence is prized within a society
when education becomes a SKELETON KEY
to the door of a nation’s future
Bad COPIES prompt the failure of society
Even worse than an “uneducated” society     (Deciphering 2012= MAYAN texts burnt)
 Well, DEAR reader, that is the something NEW of the heading. Whatever you think now roll it through the grey-matter a bit, then give it a try.
THANK YOU, for your patience.
My SINCERE THANK YOU(S) to the staff of theMt. Sterling, Ohio LIBRARY for their assistances and HUMOR.