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July 29, 2014



I have wonder at the historical… ( HYSTERICAL)… education that HAS ELUDED those that call themselves worthy to hold a position of responsibility. Does the above mentioned “keeper” of the “LAW” have ANY notion of the 394 year old snigger emanating from the bones of those that landed at Plymouth Rock!?! Those that ‘HAD’ the trust-in-God to leave the persecutions of those that LOOKED JUST LIKE “THEM”, to travel to an ‘unknown’ land and be “greeted”, ( TOLERATED… for the curiosity.), by someone that had NO REASON to allow these very strange speaking, acting… DRESSED(!) PEOPLE to be PART of the WORLD that they KNEW. Does this person celebrate THANKSGIVING? If he does doesn’t he have ANY notion of WHY? AND, IF he has an infinitesimal spark to such can’t he relate HIS dilemma to the aftermath generated after the Native folk HELPED the STARVING fair-skinned folk?

Such IS the way AMERICA has BECOME. Descendants of people that WERE KICKED OUT from EVERY DECENT COUNTRY in EUROPE have now the AUDACITY to make claims of the VERY CRIMES THEY know were committed by their fore-fathers and mothers. These would have a tougher time reciting the first lines of EMMA LAZARUS’ welcome that resides with the base for “the Lady in the Bay” than to cuss someone out in any of the dialects from Chihuahua, or Oaxaca… as it was delivered by Beau , or Luke. Funnier yet is the FACT that the city of MONROE, OHIO… BUTLER COUNTY … is getting prepared to open a new HONDA automobile plant within the Sherriff’s domain.OHIO isn’t just the fiftieth State of the Union, ( The ratification of OHIO’s being a LEGAL STATE of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA was MISSED long enough that ALASKA got legal BEFORE OHIO. Taking it from the SEVENTEENTH position.), it’s ALSO a FORMAL GREETING in NIPPONESE! (I wonder if the Sherriff prefers SUSHI over TACOS?). The best part of this IS that Sherriff Jones presents the same hairline as the one in Hazzard County.

Y’All chew on that while most of American kids are trying to get their parents to request that they be allowed to do their homework assignment’s texts AS “TEXTS”… that way they can just phone it to the teacher / Professor.

… value TOSSED

May 3, 2014






I attempt to “write” with MORE within a word, or phrase, than what most folk allow themselves “time” to register the options for. That isn’t a good for a lot of  “readers” since the “No-Child-left-behind” has made the nuance of words’  ‘hedronal’  values not important. (SAT ruling)

The “GUB-MINT” has been rendered to the value of a TWENTY-FIVE Cent “WHORE”, without the “HUSTLE” to make “ALL’S ” ENDS MEET. And, the those that ARE “PIMPIN'” their “elected(s)”, (PLUS YOURS!), are running “AH-MER-KUH” as youthful Simone Legree’s. All while the “Leader” looks “like” but, enacts ‘like’. A SHAME, when it’s a photo-op he’s there. Have YOU heard anything about HOW HIS favorite sport is being run?


so near the end B. Hussein ‘dear’ friend
the trap you KNEW IS springing all around
supreme court says Penn’s Bell’s FOR SALE
the whistles blown IGNORED as if NO SOUND

hopes have been kept GATED
with signs that call for “JUST-US”
hate’s BEEN not re-instigated
ignoring strength filled LADY of THAT BUS

worse is how elected don’t recognize REAL FOLK
ones that trudged for HOURS making SURE to VOTE
and yet your CORPORATE BUDDIES plantationary rules
pay LAWYERS very cuddly to portray the “RIGHTS” as FOOLS’

“we’ve” written to YOU OFTEN receiving groundless “BITES”
when agents FINALLY “answer” issues they HOPE are lost
so as this term is winding our trials have no time framed
like penny’s demise the CHANGE its value TOSSED

… your tail IS DONE

April 26, 2014




( *


POLITICS: (… “meaning “of, for, or relating to citizens”) is the practice and theory of influencing other people on a civic or individual level.”

POLY-TICKS: (“Omegetymon”)…

Poly= MANY/ (

TICK: a.) ( B.) (

SEE.) A ‘GROUP’ of AMBUSH “hunting”, DISEASE transmitting Insects that are selected every TWO , or FOUR, Years to render “good JUDGEMENTS” for the CITIZENRY that they REPRESENT. ( Not to REPREHEND.)

As we are getting more “business” types into the TWO houses of representation the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling on FINANCING,,

IS looking like a “FRATERNAL” FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITY. All “they” have to do is “show” their district’s SHEEP’S SKINS. And, the path ahead is “looking” like there’s going to be A LOT of SNAKE OIL to be distributed NATIONWIDE.

And, here’s a GREAT IDEA:





the story starts so easy
the innocence sincere
but most folk didn’t gander
great handshake leading lear

like hiding under ‘bridges’
have Snow White as her “prince”
though HOW you got to where you are
is making colleagues wince

’tis time for new selections
of who makes rules where from
once “upright” reversed reflection
brother Grimm your tail IS DONE

Who’s been writing ?..מְנֵא

March 19, 2014




The Jewish Diaspora is said to have begun @ 70 a.d.. It has been ” just” as long after the HOLOCAUST. After ALL the insanity, (ies!),  of surviving from 1948 to the present the U.S. HAS made CLEAR that IT IS  the FRIEND of  ISRAEL. If, for ANY “other’ reason  than to tell ‘GOD’ that ‘as a Christian-based Nation’, it DID “try”. What can be said of one that “holds” the responsibilities of protecting “ZION” when they expound disrespects to the Leader of their harbinger of “New” Homeland? And, coordinating such with the leader of “Magog” ,


and, HIS Sabre-“dance” of late. The wars, and rumors of wars, are always the next “date” on the calender in this “life”. Why would anyone help dispel such? Or, delete the word RUMOR!?!


we know that ‘God’ is ‘on your side’
not if ain’t told us so
but when there’s need of friendliness
good THOUGHT can make it grow

the mouse that roars is tough indeed
though NOT in room of cats
to not provide one’s butt secured
is prayer and sense in slack

diasporas should carve the want
of neighborhood sublime
friends that travel for “just in case”
won’t stand for called of swine

to puff for self is mighty poor
when circled by one’s kin
better measures keep in store
so no next might have been

… far too many’s “SHIPS”

December 15, 2013

[JUST IN CASE] you haven’t noticed, that the “World” that held such promise in YOUR youth, that “SOMETHING” isn’t quite right.


what fun these smoke and mirrors
the fears dreamed of for “fact”
as business schemes get clearer
less jobs “Sam’s” dream to lack

we’re told that things are failing
while ceilings funds grow weight
electeds worths derailing
LIBERTUS the work of Saints

but the carrots just get bigger
causing trots to THEY know where
best and brightest say “GO FIGGER”
sup with Lions in THEIR LAIR

fade the “Greatest Generation”
trade their industies for SLACK
brush the wool slow ruminations
‘cept for funds don’t want no black

there’s no cake when there’s no “sugar”
there’s no fruit through “winter’s” grip
an economy close to full rigor
laws torpedo far too many’s SHIPS

++++++++++++Just a gathering of data:

[Your “IP” makes more money than just ads.]







Just simple folk

they take for joke

until the when

to ballot bend

though few know

that one percent throw

the bones they fetch

on YOU they wretch

SO blind

October 2, 2013

tea party Jokesters

they sit, fat
and, think CON– TENT-ED-LEY
which crisis can
‘WE’ build today

How may we
cause “them” PUCKERS
leave ALL DNA behind
and, as we add their SOURED Grapes
to mix a toxic W(H)INE

the “darkling” half
makes us look daft
how “could” we wait
so long

my neighbor
down there ’bout a mile
won’t stop around for ‘Tea’

looks ahead
as driving by
do I see

showed me

the Wife
wiped Habanero Juice
‘across the toilet seat
still LAUGHTER through the “CRY”

as colleagues
sit all front to back
with knife prints
on their jacks

the Asses
bray a loud distain
never coming back

and Boehner
knows about rivers
from near one
they do tell

but, water
stops most fires
not this time
’cause it’s hot as… WELL

votes with all

just what was
in that mourning tea
that made US all



Like Newt She Would HAVE , AND Eat IT Too

March 8, 2012

Barack Obama “is the Food Stamp President”. Thus sayeth the Newt.
the-food-stamp-president/2011/12/07/gIQAq1tKxR_blog.html )

The statement was from the fraternal twin of Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich, in his part of the quest to further dismantle this Nation. The problem with Newt’s “blurtosity” is that when one holds up a mirror for him to peer into the truth of his claims he has a great deal of trouble seeing himself. (

And, when the “Fly” jumps from his “ointment” into the cavern that is his sugar bowl of a mouth it is swallowed as effortlessly as as how a newborn can breathe AND drink at the same time. He just doesn’t choke. And, he doesn’t look back to learn of his mistakes, even when they disprove him…


This appears to be the most common denominator of those seeking to oust the President, and REASON ITSELF. And, as the MORE often they’re denied in their claims the more gossimer their curtain orders.

Even though most of my focus has been on Newt’s ocular myopathies the fact of a MICHIGAN NATIVE being a MILLIONAIRE and STILL using GOVERNMENT monies is too close a proximity to George’s little boy.

The BEST part of this story is that it IS IMPOSSIBLE for either Newt, or MITT to say anything about anyone else’s RACE, Ms. Clayton HAS STRAIGHT HAIR, and AN AQUILINE NOSE.

When We Lose a Grip

February 3, 2012

This post HURTS enough to tears.
The INSANE controversy of Susan G. Komen’s foundation is upsetting to say the least.A decision, AN AGENDA, has sullied THE largest CANCER OPPONENT’S “HERSTORY” and reputation as well as Tom Dewey’s “election” as President.
It is one of the most mirroring stories that could be written. Yet it HAS.
The start of this isn’t when Karen Handel struggled to get her High School Diploma, it is at WHERE she lost “some” lessons of what LIFE is. Karen Handel spent four of her final teenage years at the FIRST racially INTEGRATED High Schools in the NATION.Named after Abolitionist/ STATESMAN FREDERICK DOUGLASS. (
Senior_High_School_(Baltimore,_Maryland), who gave the June 22, 1894 commencement address at the school in which he said:

“The colored people of this country have, I think, made a great mistake, of late, in saying so much of race and color as a basis of their claims to justice, and as the chief motive of their efforts and action. I have always attached more importance to manhood than to mere identity with any variety of the human family…” “We should “””never forget that the ablest and most eloquent voices ever raised “in “”behalf of the black man’s cause were the voices of white men. Not for race, not for color, but for men and for manhood they labored, fought, and died. Away, then, with the nonsense that a man must be black to be true to the rights of black men.”

Even though the word “MAN” is used to describe the conditions being sought to eieviate Mr. Douglass surely hadn’t excluded WOMEN.Many of F.D.H.S. are waymarks of American History, maybe you’ve heard of a Jurist by the name of THURGOOD MARSHALL?

Why would a young woman with this mental, physical and ‘MORAL’ FUNDAMENTATIONS “seemingly” discard them along the path that has taken the stronger, not “smarter”, student to heights not usually attained with the tools provided her?

Except, that when those of ‘US’ that are “carroted” while just doing our job with the, seeming, “BETTER” weights and measures of a certain “influences” ideals. Who knows the influentials that have raised enough HACKLES, (
planned-parenthood-rule?newsfeed=true), to send a Donkey AND an ELEPHANT to a communal shower?

The only needle in this Lioness’ paw was looked for and inserted by HERSELF. From the BRIAR-PATCH Karen Handel came to a planned on,
led-to-deliberate-future), future. WHO are the culprits responsable for steering Karen to THIS!?!
The part that makes me want to cry is that I’ve witnessed the winnowing away of ‘CARE’ for “STATUS” in the Corporate atmosphere surrounding “KOMEN”… recently just north of Worthington,…..
Maybe, this “incident” will start a race for the CURE of an “unrecognized” CANCER.


January 15, 2012

T-minus. Iowa,New Hampshire, South Carolina, Florida, Nevada and…
Eighteen year olds have been voting, legally, since 1972. Think about that.Do YOU remember the ‘thoughts’ in your head during that period “of”? Now that you’ve got a decent row of “chicken-skin” think of HOW ‘rude’, self serving/ absorbed, socially “net-WORKED” the group of eighteen to thirty has/ IS in the midst of PAVLOV’S HUMAN “EXPERIMENTS”. ( Remember when you were watching TV, Walter Cronkite was YOUNG, the situation of an “idea” ALWAYS was shown with its AUDIO TWIN… the tone of a bell, I think it was in the key of C/ “SEE”. Quite insidious really.) ALL the ways possible to “guide” the “thought”, the whim of the “moron-majority” IS in place. Schools have provided the erosions of such through the acceptances of corporations BUYING programs , ( From OTHER countries.), that make “the playing field” a level that was calculated over a different “geo”-“logical” make up. If someone is trying to train, to CATCH UP TO, so that THEY may CONSISTENTLY “win the blue ribbon” why change the better routine of accomplishing such?
The best way that I can express this is the analogy of PEST CONTROL. Most times an expert is called to perform the task of ‘VERMIN’ removal AFTER the COLONY has entered and then ESTABLISHED itself. After said establishment, then ensuing DESTRUCTIONS, is the “expert” called. Hey!!! FOLKS! IF YOU had taken NOTICE of that “nasty-little-thing” when it FLEW INTO YOUR EYE it wouldn’t have placed so many mile-markers and landmarks to your “HOUSE” for its family and friends. Those vermin that should have been SERIOUSLY GUARDED against had songs and movies written about it… and YOU hold them as Platinum-Grammied pieces of a “fondness”.
“Mother’s LITTLE Helpers” have filled the CRACKS of this society, even though we AREN’T seeing C.E.O.’s wearing ORANGE jumpsuits. (
concealed-its-addictive-nature/) THEIR “trails” come from YOUR NEIGHBOR’S HOUSE ! “JUST SAY PROFITS“! It’s soooo like what “the” Gekko said…

(Replay :30 many times.)

The places where people of one race wouldn’t allow another reside are “UP” for grabs to the ” MONETARY Martians”…

The above one was bred in OHIO, the place where they make the new NSX. But, began like this…

… Same color as the flag someone should have seen.
How many times did you yell at someone for crushing one? Then your Mom gave you a Quarter to replace it. Cost to replace an Acura NSX= “and its future price tag will be around the $160000 mark.”
The ‘Politicians’ of the PACHYDERM presentation are telling us that failures “of” Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran are the fault of Lincoln’s “half-hued” li’l Brutha’… that the middle-class is suffering because “HE” hasn’t “created” any new jobs, (Who provided for their LOSS in the first place? There IS a TIME-LINE.).
Who said “I AM NOT A CROOK” ? WHO trolled for marriage/ “candy- dates” on the UNITED STATES SENATE FLOOR?
I won’t “go ON”, the infinitesimal combinations are YOURS to WEIGH.IF you’re truthful enough to take the time to be so.
During your next matinee’ in front of a “debate” / berate compare what’s said to that which ISN’T… it Should crawl across some part of YOU that you “hold” dear.

12-million-manse-to-build-up-to-date-version/). In soooo many ways.


January 5, 2012

Will Johnny come marching home again ?
think not, think not…

Dear America, YOUR children are NOW, (
why-i-voted-against-the-homeland-battlefield-bill), Officially labeled: “Terrorists-To-BE”. (

In the State that gave us the man who has BAITED the WORLD through “false flags”, while ignoring some local “good-ol’-boys'” dragging their own, personal “tar baby” down a country road ‘to repave it’.

Folks, this ISN’T RACIST speech… I’M BLACK !!! Joe Friday would’ve told it just as plain.

But, there IS a grand irony to the event, “of” for ALL the laws that have been worded to cast the NON-PATRIOTIC “light” on those that DO NOT sparkle with a EUROPEAN MELANINNED hue. To “hear” of a FIFTEEN YEAR OLD JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT being KILLED by local POLICE because he had a PELLET GUN… AND they CAN’T RECOGNIZE IT.

It’s a SAD day when this country’s constabulary has so few visual cues,( And situational trainings.), that an ANGRY child “forces” those who live with the motto ” To PROTECT and SERVE
CANNOT. What is the parental stance ? What is the School’s ? WHY HAVEN’T WE HEARD A peep OF CONDOLENCES from the BUSH family ?

The sad part of this story is that ANYONE who IS SUPPOSED to KNOW the characteristics of the firearms sold across this nation WOULD KNOW that the “weapon” seen in the news article is a DAISY PELLET Pistol, from ANY counter of a KMart, Target, or Walmart. It’s NOT like this child got it from the A.T.F. Although the “vicinity” factor could have played upon the Officer’s minds.
Yes, this IS an early rant-account, ( the VICTIM WAS a MINOR.), so there aren’t any pictoral identifiers yet. But, IF THIS CHILD IS NON- AFRO-AMERICAN EVERY ROOF across this NATION SHOULD BE RAISED for the simple FACT that OUR POLITICIANS have CREATED a NATION OF BOOGEYMEN that will have America acting as bad as the old Soviet Union, and IT’S citizenry snitching and fear filled of WHAT a few ‘SIMPLE(TON’S)’ WORDS COULD MEAN.

With this new law joining with all the NINE_ONE_ONE based “brethren”, can YOU see the “hint” of a “SPRING” on PLYMOUTH”S GRANITE ?

Update, 10/05/2012:
The Police are scrambling. The deceased youth’s Mother took pictures at the scene showing that one of the TWO Officers, that fired upon her Son, had shot the young man IN HIS HEAD !
Don’t let this be forgotten. And, YES this WAS the shooting of a NON-Afro-American person!!! Which proves that NO BODY is safe.
Update: It has come out that a recording of the Police’s dispatch of the officers’ instructions, they SHOULD be LISTENED to.

An update of similar importance:
Today, January 6,2012, the nation of COLUMBIA will return an AFRICAN-AMERICAN TEENAGER that the U.S. agency I.C.E. had DEPORTED as an ILLEGAL RESIDENT !?! Here’s the story, translated from RADIO Santa Fe online; BOGATA, COLUMBIA:
( For english use a translator> So you don’t lose the gist of the report.)

enero 6, 2012 6:42 am January 6, 2012 6:42 a.m.

Tras conocerse la denuncia por parte de la niña de 15 años, la joven Jakadrien Lorece Turner, sobre el error que las autoridades estadounidenses cometieron al deportarla equivocamente a Colombia, el país andino la puso bajo el cuidado del Estado y anunció que será enviada a su país de origen en la jornada de hoy. After learning of the complaint by the girl of 15 years, the young Jakadrien Lorece Turner, about the error that the U.S. authorities to deport mistakenly made Colombia, the Andean country placed under the care of the state and said it will be sent to your country of origin in the day today.

La niña afronorteamericana, quien no habla español, fue deportada en 2010 a Colombia por error del Departamento de Inmigración de Estados Unidos (DIEU), tras huir de su casa en Texas hace dos años, a causa del divorcio de sus padres y el fallecimiento de su abuelo. The African-American girl who speaks no Spanish, was deported to Colombia in 2010 on an error by the Immigration Department of the United States (Dieu), after fleeing his home in Texas two years ago because her parents’ divorce and the death of his grandfather.

Su abuela, Lorene Turner, la estuvo buscando todo el tiempo sin tener éxito hasta diciembre pasado. His grandmother, Lorene Turner, was looking all the time with no success until last December.

Es incomprensible cómo una muchacha estadounidense que solo habla inglés fue enviada a Sudamérica sin pasaporte y sin nada. It is incomprehensible how an American girl who speaks only English was sent to South America without a passport and without anything. Ella me contó que ha estado limpiando casas para poder subsistir, comentó la señora Turner. She told me she has been cleaning houses to make ends meet, Mrs. Turner said.

Presuntamente Jakadrien fue detenida por la policía de Houston a mediados de 2010 y entregó un nombre falso a las autoridades. Jakadrien was allegedly arrested by Houston police in mid-2010 and gave a false name to authorities. Agentes de inmigración la confundieron con una criminal colombiana y la expulsaron de Estados Unidos, sin más averiguaciones. Immigration agents mistook a Colombian criminal and expelled from the United States, without further investigation.

El portavoz del DIEU, Brian Hale, explicó que la agencia federal, en conjunción con el Departamento de Seguridad Interior, inició una amplia investigación interna para esclarecer como este error pudo suceder. DIEU spokesman Brian Hale said the federal agency, in conjunction with the Department of Homeland Security, launched an extensive internal investigation to clarify how this error might happen.

Trascendió que la joven permanece en una instalación correccional colombiana y las autoridades de ese país argumentaron que no la liberarán hasta que sean aclarados todos los pormenores del extraño incidente. It was learned that the girl remains in a correctional facility Colombian authorities argued that the country will not be released until cleared all the details of the strange incident.

Durante su campaña en 2008, el presidente Barack Obama prometió una reforma integral para intentar normalizar el estatus de los casi 12 millones de inmigrantes indocumentados que se calcula residen en Estados Unidos. During his campaign in 2008, President Barack Obama promised comprehensive reform to try to normalize the status of the nearly 12 million undocumented immigrants estimated to reside in the United States.

Sin embargo, en 2011 el número de deportaciones batió un récord: 400 mil personas fueron expulsadas de este país. However, in 2011 the number of deportations set a record: 400 thousand people were driven from this country. Además otros miles de extranjeros permanecen detenidos a la espera de que se resuelvan sus expedientes. Besides thousands of foreigners detained pending their records are resolved.

Los repatriados no pueden volver a pisar Estados Unidos en 10 años. Returnees can not again enter the United States in 10 years. Para regresar antes de ese plazo necesitan un documento especial conocido como “perdón”. To return before that time need special document known as “forgiveness”.

La administración Obama anunció que adicionalmente revisará “caso por caso” los procesos judiciales de otros 300 mil indocumentados que afrontan trámites de deportación. The Obama administration announced that further review “case by case” judicial proceedings of other 300 000 illegal immigrants facing deportation proceedings.
De los 400 mil deportados el año pasado, el 45 por ciento no tenía ningún antecedente penal. Of the 400 000 deported last year, 45 percent had no criminal record.

HOW can a group of COLLEGE edge-a-muh-cated, GUB-MINT employees NOT HAVE the “INTELLIGENCE” to believe a NON SPANISH SPEAKING teenager is in THIS country WILLINGLY ILLEGAL !?! Must be from scools accepting those CORPORATE FUNDS to pay for “good teachers”.