… to the UNITED NATIONS’ RACISM FORUM !!!?????????!!!

As the world has witnessed this “United” States of America seemingly grow up to the point where a person of blatant hue enhancements has achieved the concensus of votes to be the PRESIDING LEGISLATIVE ‘LEADER’ of its population the CHANCE to bring weight to the policies AGAINST INSTITUTIONAL RACISM would appear WELCOME and TIMELY. In that premise it does little good for Barack Hussein Obama to direct his chosen representatives of his “POSITIVE”PROGRESSIONS to “CHANGE” to avoid ANY and EVERY OPPORTUNITY to BEGIN that process. [GANDHI would POP him \”up side the head\”.] As I sought more pertinent informations to charge up a reader’s inquisitivity I looked to our nation’s “champion”, the NAACP, (National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People). Of glancing the first three pages of available articles ONLY ONE provided anything close to a response on this subject… [Who\’s keeping up with \”THE WORLD\” !?!]… now MONTHS OLD !

I also wanted to provide a “feel” of just HOW the “lone” influence of Jewish “opinion” has rendered Mr. Obama’s actions similar to something close to a “BATTERED” type of response to the forum’s coming light. [The Jewish/ \”Negro\” relationship.],[A tactic, and that only.] With banking ownership primarily that of old, non-“Christian” families, ( Including those who are named on the chartering of ‘THE FED’ !), IS there a symbiotic synaptic seed that has rooted itself in our new leader’s way of doing (his) business in America AND the WORLD ?

As this is just the THIRTY-SIXTH DAY of President Obama’s regime, ( It is looking more and more like a regime… just SMOOTHER Robert Mugabe’s. [ This is the Highest \”end\”.]), the questions to come are being formed of how well HIS will compare to his predecessor, George “What’s-his-name”. As, ( I just love a great comment, no matter WHO states it.), Ann Coulter recently said…” If the President ran on the premise of CHANGE to GET elected, just wait for the call for Change in 2012″. (“Obama’s supporters think he is the second coming, but after thirty days we already know there’s no Second Term Coming…

Ann Coulter CPAC 2/28/09)

My HOPE is that Mr. Obama will instigate the CHANGE that WE HAD been lead to BELIEVE was to happen. How will those in AFRICA and INDONESIA, who ARE suffering PREJUDICES and RACISMS on horrific daily displays, look upon the “Land of the FREE’s”other doctrinal promises if a first strike against one of the world’s LEPEROSIES is ALLOWED to FESTER ?

A DISEASE is a disease, is a DISEASE...

A DISEASE is a disease, is a DISEASE...

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2 Responses to “He WON’T Send SOMEONE…”

  1. Emma Says:

    Hey I love this blog. I can see the time and effort put into this.. Thanks!

  2. Dixie Copeland Says:

    And some things never change.


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