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The Tap On The Shoulder Trick

May 14, 2010

Can you remember the elementary school prank of someone getting your attention by tapping you on the opposite shoulder that they were passing you by on ?

Do YOU believe that you’re “TOO OLD” to fall for that tired trick “ANYMORE” ?

[GUESS] [AGAIN !] With the “Ear-Chow”, ( That would be those “savory”, reassuring words that those trained in the art of “soft-sell” use to, actually, fiscally [WATERBOARD] this country.), that every major “news”show has been “requested” to cover the [BAIT AND SWITCH] of the the “Fed”…


I was going to work in my community garden plots when I happened to walk into a constituent’s meeting with my congressional [REPRESENTATIVE]’s aides. They were talking to the town’s local Veterinarian/ Farmer about health-care from the VOTER’S personal experiences. This man had an ear-full of PRAISE for his choice of [ASSURANT] for HIS family. ( His wife had a Cancer situation and had to go out of state… Assurant covered EVERYTHING !?!). As there were only a handful of those that took up the personal offer we’d discussed many a “few” things and as we’d said good-day to the busy Christian- REPUBLICAN a volunteer matron came into the room to bring the NEWS of how the Major banks have taken the smoke screens of the Federal hearings and began to EARNESTLY remove more “middle-class” jobs to countries that have SERIOUS [HOMELAND SECURITY] falterings… ALL to the ” OH-EM-GEE”…

… of REAL NEWS being delivered to the three, (Two Women, One man.), gleaners of ‘facts’.

So, as you’ve garnered here, the TAP-ON-THE-OPPOSITE-SHOULDER TRICK IS still fooling the The SAME folk some of all of the time.

[PHINEAS T.] would tell you just HOW many minutes this nation has born… Did YOU feel that TAP !?!