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Dear Legislator,

July 29, 2008
Nothin' new under the Sun

Nothin' new under the Sun

My name is as unimportant now as it has been since before you took office. My race is also unimportant, in that whatever my ancestry it doesn’t matter to you because there aren’t six, ( or more ! ), zeros beckoning you from my yearly tax statement. I’ve worked many long, long hours for an income that HAS seen your arm called the internal revenue “service” take more than TWENTY PERCENT, or almost three months salary to send to thieves from another country that are handing it back to you.

You used to live in my neighborhood but since September eleventh you’ve deemed your self, and your fellow elected too valuable to risk living near such dangerous people. I’ve still got a letter, or number, as a suffix to my street address, while that newly merged mortgage firm continues to lower your points past the decimal point. I feel that it WOULD be NICE to not have to pay full price for lunch from a place so near my job, and have so wonderful a choice in the selection of a DRUG executive, OIL broker or L-O-B-B-Y-I-S-T providing that Oh-So-Necessary mid day sustenance of FIVE-STAR, ( MORE THAN ), fair. Wendy’s, Arby’s and a half dozen of this country’s ‘fast food’ eateries have left my work area for the profits of Jenny Craig’s suburban dualisms.

Oh, and excuse me for NOT PAYING a GAS TAX, due to the fact that I must now choose between staying warm in the winter or driving a vehicle that you and your cronies have determined to get FORTY PERCENT less miles per gallon than your cousins across the pond, ( at the least! 64 m.p.g. by the Mini Cooper D… not allowed here.). And selling FORTY-PLUS M.P.G. cars to SOUTH AMERICA to run on SUGARCANE !?! My taste in shoes is now so very practical that I do believe that INNER-CITY KIDS are beginning to see the light.

And, lastly, Dear Sir or Ma’am I wish to THANK YOU for my children not being left behind… I just wish you could get that group they’re STUCK IN to begin some sort of movement.



And The Band PLAYED ON !

July 27, 2008

This short post is for those that thought that BOARDS and CORPORATIONS dictate our abilities to continue the retention and expansions of ART in maintaining the ‘society’. On that ‘NOTE’ I am proud to alert you concerned folks that the COLUMBUS SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA has held its first concert since May 30, 2008!

Held at the FRANKLIN COUNTY VETERANS MEMORIAL AUDITORIUM ON July 26, 2008. Hopefully this venue will become their new home, one that will NURTURE their growth into a, possible, INTERNATIONALLY recognized entity. Here’s to the overture of ‘EYE OF THE TIGER’ !

play on !

play on !

WHO’S the THIRD Shell of this GAME ?

July 25, 2008

Well Ladies and Gentlemen we are at the twenty-fourth day of July and…

YES, it DOES affect the CHILDREN !

YES, it DOES affect the CHILDREN !

“OUR” most prominent candidates are running all over the world telling whoever will listen what they want hear at the moment. Mr. Obama has told Israel that ‘America’ will back their ways of treatment to the Palestinian population. On ABC News Wednesday, 7/23/08, reports showed that when Palestinians were given mini camcorders, the audio and visual proofs of the many purported abuses registered against soldier AND Settlers have validation for the world to ‘WITNESS’.( Too Much leeway. Captures and proofs.)

The ‘ headline of 7/24/08 read “Obama pledges to coordinate Iran policy with Israel”, coincidentally written by Barak Ravid. As the article by James Hider, (Jerusalem), and Tim Reid, (Washington), with the headline, ” Barack Obama:” hopelessness and despair” growing in Middle East. ( Comments that Mr. Obama left in the Yad Vashem visitor’s book.). In all the speeches and rhetoric the photo you view here is the most telling factor, in that what the survivors remember into their adulthood will determine all of the region’s, (and the world’s), future.

Then we’ve the “un-flowered” once-a-child, now a man, John McCain…

Who ELSE will wail with, or because of, this man?

Who ELSE will wail with, or because of, this man?

a representative of the populace in the state of Arizona, one who, unlike Strom Thurman, voted against honoring a man that lost/ gave his life to the foundations of ALL ‘men’ being free, no matter who OR what they are. Mr. McCain is the, thinning, heir apparent of these last eight years of the dismantling of the ‘AMERICAN DREAM’, one who is defined by a sense of LOYALTY.

In a blog Mr. McCain was’quoted’ in his telling AIPAC that Iran was “the foremost” Middle East Enemy… calling for sanctions against, and International divestitures on 6/2/08. The more glaring policy of Mr. McCain is his ‘seeming’ continuation of the past eight years of America’s being deserted by its elected.

Could it be perpetual dream ”wrecker” Ralph Nader?

He's " TUCKERed" OUT

He's " TUCKERed" OUT

Since he got it wrong with the Corvair he only shows at election time.

Do you KNOW this woman?

Do you KNOW this woman?

And the last photo is that of former Georgia Democrat Cynthia McKinney who has no compunction to swat those who can’t recognize her position in this life. Talk about HARD CORPS DIPLOMACY!

No matter what happens, follow the hands not the LIPS.

Write-In: It COULD Happen

July 16, 2008

I SHOULD HAVE GONE TO WASHINGTON, DC TO THE RALLY WITH RON PAUL, instead of waiting below the summit while Barack was checking out changing rooms above the tree line on Mount Baldie. Where the famous Babar formation LIES near the mountaintop. Change, as we were led to believe would be something away from these past , almost , eight years of losses. I usually have a lot of words to fill your head with a view, but the latest “betcha’ they don’t notice” by the TRULY PRESUMPTIVE Democratic candidate has brought me to recall stories related to me by the “old ones” when I was a child. These were people who were in their eighties and up when I was in elementary school. They told of relatives who’d been slaves that told of the differences between those who didn’t work IN THE HOUSE and them’s that ‘deed’. They’re stories that were meant to teach us about reaping that what was sowed, were the ones about the slaves that “passed” enough, that the owners didn’t feel their hidden danger, but had connived their way into a position that they protected by “any means necessary”. Myna-ing their way through and Chameleon-esque blending… until some event happened that unraveled their personal vignette. I see this, sadly, in the frequent video snippets offered by Mr. Obama’s captured statements. And begin to understand the stories… Have you ever gone to a community theatre production and the better local “stars” are gone on a business trip suddenly, so that the carpenter for the last twelve seasons… that never got the lead because they were tone deaf… but knew every-ones part… so the company made them THAT promise… so, TONIGHT the company HAD to KEEP THAT promise… and now your there. And you’ve already PAYED the baby sitter !!?! I’m SO hoping that this coming election ISN’T THAT night.

Wasn’t it only a couple weeks ago that he said something to the affect that ” HE WAS GOING TO BRING THE TROOPS HOME !”… As SOON as he “TOOK” office ? ( I see a peculiar similarity here. The previous TAKER did so WITHOUT telling us. He just did it.) So if this IS what’s happening the “POWER BROKERS” have decided that they won’t even BOTHER to hide what they’re doing as I ‘Speak’. THEY ARE GOOD !) Since we don’t know where Karl Rove is at this moment I might wager that it really doesn’t matter to BIG OIL and their “puppet masters”, the banking community, who of the two gets the nod. And all the while we have a very happy family that can, now, take some time away from public view, and scrutiny… KNOWING that the best laid plans are best backed up with guns. Just looK AT ‘EM!

 And you were sure that it couldn't HAPPEN again!

And you were sure that it couldn't HAPPEN again!

The Tenth Day of JULY

July 12, 2008

The tenth day of July is one of the most glaring points in the political career of one Senator Barack Obama. The very day is his beginning unveiling of why HE has been given the moneys and a corporate “flying wedge” to abscond with the Presidency of these UNITED STATES of AMERICA. This man “of COLOR” has, indeed, come a long way from the humble beginnings of two, VERY DIFFERENT, cultures and countries. As well as two distinct races. These ‘facts’ are documented in his two published biographical accounts now available through most any bookstore. But… for ALL the rhetoric sprayed across our numerous periodicals of paper and electronic bytes ARE WE seeing the “PLANTATIONALIZATIONING” of these ”United States” by the varied business “interests”, ( I think NOT, because that means that they’d have to CARE, (as Star Trek’s Mr. Spock would say…), as in ” The NEEDS of the MANY OUTWEIGHING the needs of the FEW”.

Mr. Obama has voted FOR the passage of George Bush’s FISA proposals. Most of the citizenry have been led to “THINK” that this was about the breaking of citizen’s privacies when, in the FINAL structuring of this insidious removal of ANOTHER piece of OUR RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS. FIRST and FOURTH amendments have been the victims of a “GANG RAPE” by the entire population of this, soon to become PRISON, by the “members” of the “known” gangs that are leading/ have led this nation since the FIRST WORLD WAR. (The BANKING community finally had the tool called FOSSIL FUEL to pry the world’s populations away from all, so called, rights and freedoms knowing that the “biblical” two of seven, GREED and PRIDE would serve them best for their endeavors.) See any article on ‘Bilderberg’ and its membership roster.

In this I see an interesting situational comparison to a story written by the only African-American to have welcomely produced his work for the John Birch Society’s publication: Mr. GEORGE S. SCHUYLER. In his tale named BLACK NO MORE,(Modern Library Harlem Renaissance), Schuyler tells us of a German scientist who, through the “Nazi’s” concentrational “studies”, has found a method of removing one of the world’s most glaring identifiers in the problem” of racial prejudice: the permanent bleaching of Melanin from the skin of individuals. My comparison now begins between the two story’s “protagonists, Max Dishman, an extremely street wise man of color who has seen the ‘lure’ of the “other” side via a ” pretty, but stupid, southern belle, an astounding opposite of Michelle Obama, wife of Presidential candidate Barack Obama. Max proceeds to use his “hood honed” attributes to wend his way through the world that saw him as worth nothing, to a placement in the very institutions that use enormous amounts of monies and policy to “keep” the lesser blessed from the banquet table of success. As in any novel the telling of it ends in the time of the author’s presenting, and Max Dishman does some very remarkable things for his country AND world. (You’ll have to read the book IT IS a proverbial “HOOT” with a genuinely proper outcome. But getting back to the Barack Obama side is still not completely entered into the tablets of history, but with a side by side comparison of what these two’s stories have shown us, the fictional character may again have given us a better life lesson. My questions to you are these. A.) Why is it that the first serious contender of leadership in America is helping to render his fellow citizens back to a position of servitude in its worst forms? B.) Has Barack Obama been shown the WRONG MOUNTAIN TOP?

If attention isn’t paid, and the American population’s education continues to skew to the acutely obtuse, as it has been for the last thirty years, this ‘nation’ will have effectively made itself into one of the largest groups of AUTOMATONS in the history of this world… controlled by ALL but itself.


For those that don’t know there WERE black SLAVE OWNERS the “dark” period before the American CIVIL WAR, they built their family fortunes across the backs of their OWN. And, now have effectively hidden their own responsibilities’ in the, possible reparations by those of perpetrated the atrocities of that time.


July 3, 2008