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A Printed Pity

May 10, 2009

It seems that in order to remain viable in this societal slurry one must use the negative to sell their thought and opinion. Rob Oller, of the Columbus Dispatch, (“DESPOT”.),in Ohio wrote his daily sports oriented commentary, for the May 9,2009 issue, with the headline: “BASEBALL HALL needs wing for drug users”. It’s to be found in section C, front page.

Now we’ve all been hearing about how all of these “PERFORMANCE ENHANCING DRUGS” have been a disservice to sport in general. But, if there is to be a special area for those with having had the need to make sure that their competition was “held at bay” then I must agree with Mr. Oller. So let’s make a special, but separate building for the likes of the TY COBBS who threatened BASEBALL itself if it allowed those “Dang NIGGRAHS” to play the “WHITE MANS SPORT”, you’ll notice that there are quotation marks someone SAYING that TY made the statement…[but movies always tell the \”truth\”],so I just “know” that there should be another wing, at least.

And the “good lord almighty” has punished ALL those infernal miscreants who had gone through life imbibing those substances that [\”GOOD FOLK\”] know better of.

It seems that a true “NEWS REPORTER” would “know” about, then tell the world of one of sports’ truest individuals, [Mike Dempsey]*, a man that had earned, almost FOUR TIMES as many OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALS as Michael Phelps… AND a “HOMETOWN HERO” TO BOOT.

But, I guess in the present economy that “researching for ones next possible “PULITZER” prospect is easier when someone else has excavated the site… and it’s your turn to walk through the turnstile.

* Mike left us April 29,2009, having returned to his hometown to continue his consulting help. ONLY his Obituary appeared in the Columbus Dispatch. It had 52 years to present a POSITIVE STORY about one of the WORLDS most prolific athletes. [A MAGNIFICENT Life]

To give credit to someone who accomplishes what they are required Rob Oller HAS been reporting on sports events for some time, and remains employed by the only newspaper in Columbus, Ohio.