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And a CHILD Shall Lead Them

January 26, 2009

We have been in a 2920 day blender that history will identify as one of this nation’s greatest dispatches of social cognizance ever… eh-VER !

After treating the world’s populations to the atrocities that only the truly sick may the former governing administration has pushed those that used to possess an innate ability to discern the off kilter now seem to not notice “Bigfoot” as he, and family, stand in line buying groceries. Or this is further sign that the Fort Dearborn area has far more troubles than first realized. With all the anti-terrorist blather being projected from an administrative orifice for the last eight years and the billions of dollars we’re now all missing, a not-so-news article has set the record straight about just how well the Bush/ Cheney scare tactics have rooted themselves into the minds of those who “PROTECT and SERVE”.[No one noticed.] [\” He\’s VERY mature for (t)his AGE\”. ]

If anything, this young man should be recommended for something that will provide a positive note “in his jacket”, because without the KEY tools of the job this youth has managed to TEACH an entire nation that in order to PROTECT one’s FAMILY and FRIENDS all ONE has to DO is PAY ATTENTION .

If this act goes the opposite way of a “Davidic” action then I believe that those who think that they are “IN CHARGE” need to return to a place that will give them the insight needed to do their job correctly. And if this is what this young man ‘s convictions are now…

Whats under the surface ?

What's under the surface ?


January 22, 2009

Even though for the 20 some odd years that I’ve been running around theatres , accepting my salaries via the label of ‘STAGEHAND’, my “brethren”/ ‘brothers and ‘sisters’/ cistern(?) have constantly alluded that I “think” too much. HOW can anyone think TOO MUCH !?! I do my job, how well is according to another’s desire for advancement and how well they advertise the “facts”. I, myself, am OFTEN overheard telling most of these applican’ts that ” the ONLY reason that MY NOSE is BROWN is due to GENETICS”. (There are ONLY two Americans of African heritage holding a Journeymans card. “He” got his One year before I did.) But as of THIS moment that ‘fact’ is only “lexical manitol”.

For the true reason for this post, I read that as we are in a new cycle of governances the LEADING employer of people in this country, (not OF this country.), “of” citizens “of ” this country, ( “Confusing , AIN’T it !?!” [bugs bunny]) , is the GOVERNMENT of these “United” States of America, NO-ONE has more people ON PAY ROLL than “Uncle Sam” at the “Googled” amount of (approximately) 1.8 MILLION. Nine out of Ten of those do so OUTSIDE of Our Nation’s Capital. [No Pay Raise for YOU either. OUCH!!!]

Why DID I write this!?! First of all, I need a steadier INCOME than this recession is allowing for a family’s dicretionary funds to let them go to the “THEE-AH-TAH”. And as so many want the glamor of the ‘stage’, but have no “wind” for its duration of labors I desire to supplement the “yen” with something that all that “know” me would endorse… being an ‘ACRONILEXIMAGI’= One who works in the government ‘office’ that creates those anciently goofy words to describe ‘SOME-thing’ that needs an abbreaviatory Nom de plume [From AAA to ZIP.]. And in my being DYSLEXIC, the “SYBIL-SERVE US” testeses should be e-z.

WATT dew ewe think? Cannes eye rite the president and axe him if’n aye cold spill gnu wards fer hymn ?

Joshua’s Mission…

January 14, 2009

… In the hands of another generation. DO THEY understand the language of THAT DAY as those who could “HEAR” HIS voice as we do our OWN children ?

Since DECEMBER 27, 2008 the STATE of Israel has worked to “eradicate” the LEGALLY ELECTED group known as ‘HAMAS’. We in America “know” only that which we’ve ‘learned’ through the indoctrinations of ‘Pre’ GUTENBERG socio-theologies coupled to business ideologies that seek only to control certain regional resources. The “FREEDOM” of choice is, basically, that of survival’s COMFORTS.

As those who get “paid” to brave the dangers of recording the events taking place there is now the ability to do so through mediums that cannot place a bias to those events. This IS good.

I will not put MY BIAS’ onto this page because that would MARRY me to those who attempt to control us ALL. To give a small background of what brings me to write: I was raised A.M.E., ( African- Methodist-Episcopalian.), in a primarily upper middle-class sub-urban town located near Columbus,Ohio…( a “W.A.S.P.”nesting area.). In this I was to “travel” and see many different peoples and views by those concentrations of ethnicities. Most of all being one OF a “MINORITY”, (ONLY here in America.), I was subjected to learning WITHOUT the sense of “DIVINE RIGHT”. ( Read almost any version of the ‘CHRISTIAN’ tome.) If one looks at the present scenario RE-unfolding before us in GAZA and then opens King James’ book of prose to the ‘Book of JOSHUA, (the first three chapters can be transposed over today’s current texts.), one can have what the events of that time “fill in” the basic quandaries of said descriptions. [SINCE Moses, to Joshua, to Moise, to Ehud.] The way that the world’s governments have/ are “responding” to this centuries old dilemma seems to be divided by some sort of monetary force. How WOULD “the Book of JUDGES” read today ? And WHO ARE those “Judges” to BE? [JUDGES: Heaven\’s or Earth\’s ?] What does the TALMUD tell US, the “COUSINS”, (Jew/ Issac and Muslim/ Ishmael), and their ‘Christian’ “adoptees”? [Article 14… uttered ALOUD.] (Please note that Brother Nathanael Kapner requires me to tell you that the words of the previous link are HIS.)( And gives insight to:[ Joshua\’s \’mission\’, inherited from Moses\’. ],[Physicians… Heal thyselves. How?])

These are the visions that are HAUNTING the children that LIVE THERE, and as an example of “CONDITIONING” haven’t WE learned anything of Hate’s training “new troops” from those “BROWN-SHIRTED BOYS” !?! [A parental pride of BLOOD\’S connections.]

The ‘COMMAND’ of destroying those that were BORN and RAISED within the aroma of the TIGRES and EUPHRATES seems a “tad” much, especially from ONE that CREATED ALL OF US.

“MISSIONS” change over time and conditions. Over how WE’VE GROWN from THEN to NOW.

I put this together with great CARE because I DO CARE, about any and ALL that the”CREATOR” deemed appropriate to be here. My only question after sitting here and giving the WORLD this FACET of the DIAMOND called thought is this: Since the “CREATOR” had no “hard and fast” rules during the building of this UNIVERSE… HOW CAN WE ? D’Ellis

As a LAST THOUGHT: Do you remember, when you were in elementary school, the ‘lesson’ of ” GOSSIP CIRCLE”? The class sat in a circle then the Teacher told the first student a SIMPLE sentence. And that person told the person next to them until the last student retold the Teacher what they were SUPPOSED to HAVE SAID ? The “REASONS” of WAR are very much like that.

Lipizzans Leading the “NEW” GOP

January 10, 2009

After seeing themselves in the national mirror the “grand old party” has finally noticed that their Dorrian “GRAY” visage just DOESN’T have the representative MOXY they’ve been touting. It now is extremely apparent that their ignoring those descendants of the “STOLEN” (from AFRICA) are far more important than the animal (of their once shared neighborhoods) who SHOULD understand DOES. As of November 4, 2008 the Republican party witnessed all their assumptive tactics propel one of their ilks’ greatest fears turn into what may be the “greatest blessings” that they couldn’t produce themselves… but that ISN’T stopping them from building a new “TROJAN HORSE” for their upcoming campaigns. ENTER TWO of six of their specially “BRED” two-legged Lipizzaner show ponies. [Lipizzans as Trojan Horses.]

The only one that truly stands out, to me, is Mr. J.Kenneth “Black”well, the former Ohio Secretary of State. Yes HIM. [A VERY SPECIAL delivery \”boy\”.] Mr. Blackwell turned out to be now EX-President Bush’s more defining cohorts of assistance to reaching the OVAL OFFICE, seeing how OHIO was “SWUNG” electronically by, geographically close associate DIEBOLD, [Warren O\’Dell, sworn allegiance to \”deliverance\”.].

As this chain of events begins its new assault on America’s RIGHTS and FREEDOMS the “PACHYDERM PRIDE” is looking back to one of history’s greatest world changing Generals… HANNIBAL, (the “crazy” who crossed the ALPS with Elephants to conquer parts of the world, the Carthaginian, African by birth.). Which brings us to the title.

Lipizzan, a brilliantly trained horse with extraordinary athletic abilities, (just like “the Negro”.), brought from stock of Arabian breeding coupled to Moorish enhancements, finalized in European, (Spanish cavalry style.), home in Vienna, Austria. You may remember the exchange between Gene Hackman and Denzel Washington, in Crimson Tide, where they argued about this animal’s coloring as “worth”. Hackman alluded to their “WHITENESS” being their “outside” proof of greatness, Washington stating that they STARTED BLACK…

THEY started out BLACK.

"THEY started out BLACK".

As a sad simile to this thought the POLAR BEAR too is WHITE but it’s skin is black. And it too is a species “IN DANGER”.

Follow the LINKS

January 4, 2009
Fill YOURS !!!

Fill YOURS !!!

Well you’ve come this site, back, or for the first time, the capitalized letters don’t stand for ” thank you” as the cyber-encyclopedia tells you. What it DOES stand for is a ‘Dyslexic’s’ spelling of ‘THINK’. Most of the time people have so much to say that they may have more than one blog because what they may have to say just “cannot” be placed on the “type” of site they’ve introduced the initial thought with.

There are also situations in their writings that “just have to be said” in more than one way, therefore the “LINK”, the JOINING of the many AVENUES that can offer a fuller picture. It’s kinda’ like when you see an artist’s sketches as they work toward the “final” pallette.

The “LINK” is all, we’re ALL ‘LINKS’ in a chain, be it DNA, RNA or the last child your parents produced. WE ‘LINK’ in too many ways to tell here. My only request to any who may read this post is that in reading ANY (of my) blogs there are as many facets of thought as there are people to question enough to look through the net. As the title says… FOLLOW THE LINKS !!! (There are 6 !?!)