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They’re Reading Our Blogs. (?)

August 25, 2008

madonna gets it.

She's gotten it.

On 7/27/08 an article was placed on Omegetymon , So similar, yet so far away. , by the statistical reviews seen over a small period of days it appeared that no-one had even looked at the offering.( I have contact with a couple other ‘key strokers’ that feel that our hosts don’t really give us the lowdown of the who is reading what we’ve said.) So it’s always ‘nice’ to receive an rss, or touch the Google ‘News’ page and see that somebody like a Madonna ‘MAY’ have “stumbled” across a past link to gather some fertilizer that you placed in some field long ago. Even though it’s a long shot that is mainly a vanity it’s good for the stats when the world is treated to a “mirror” of your thoughts through anyone that has such visibility.

To those of “us” that sit and wonder those ‘if onlys’ that creep over us when we’ve scratched our heads thinking that the one decent peak on the chart needs company take note. Somebody just MAY need what you’ve said sometime in the future, like the snippets of a battlefield letter written during a Civil War morning. That 16 year old ‘KID’ from a farm in Iowa had just awakened to get a breakfast of fried pork hide and a biscuit that’ll break a tooth… coupled to the savory aroma of wasted humanity, (x 100,000 !). Found in an old family trunk then read as evidence in a PBS documentary. I just hope these links last as long ! And as fast as things are occurring these days it’s up to us to give the “future” some ‘snippets’. Because, if it doesn’t get out there there’ll be no chance of a distant relative knowing that ‘Uncle Furgussen, or Aunt Moon’ had an opinion of the events that they’d lived through.

With the many tools that we have available to us these days it’s nice to know that we can do so much so quickly, Matthew Brady’s form of photographic works led to television’s views of Viet Nam, at dinner time, a treat. And linking’s abilities allow future scholars the depths of knowledge they’ll need. It may NOT show up on our statistics charts at the moment, but something said, at the proper moment, just might see a hit… some day.


Walling Ourselves In

August 21, 2008


Getting WALLED In

Getting WALLED In

We lose DAUGHTERS too

We lose DAUGHTERS too

There are innumerable metal and stone rememberances to, and for, those who gave their lives to the, now hungrier, ‘god’ of war MARS,   ( that’s why soldiers MARch.). And since the beginning of this country, COMMERCE is the real export, DEMOCRACY runs a distant second. It’s well known, now, that the BUSINESS of war can soon become the garnered equivalent of many of this worlds’ gross domestic products. Just check into the talley sheets of KBR or HALLIBURTON, heck… CHECK YOUR NEXT GASOLINE ‘FILL-UP’ ! Now we learn of the nation of GEORGIA. Since 1992, when this nation stands from the ‘Soviet Union’ its President, Eduard Shevardnadze, foresees this new nation as the central hub in the transporting of OIL from between ASIA and EUROPE, as it uses its central positioning on the old SILK ROAD. That positioning was not lost on George H.W. Bush, who established the GEORGIA TRAIN and EQUIP program through the U.S. Department of Defense. It was to be a $64 million, 20 month effort involving a “maximum” of 150 soldiers. AND was expected to be duplicated in TWENTY OTHER countries ! Sixteen years later, son George W. Bush attempts to, slyly, complete another of “Daddy’s” and “Grampy’s” global taskings. [<a href=””>Georgia, an “Ugga-ly” trained dog of a task. ] </a> The interesting partner in this chain of events is our ‘able to vote in the election of the PRESIDENT’ state ISRAEL, who either volunteered or was hand picked to “train”, as well as EQUIP with American made weaponry. There’s a large body of information that CNN and every OTHER “news institutions” that have been unable to piece this caustic foreign policy implementation into our cognitive view. Those that can remember the event called KENT STATE may wish to stop. What happened after the French lost in Viet Nam, we cannot save anyone’s face, nor should we try. The stakes today won’t allow for such ‘falldarall’. And, there may be NINETEEN other situations developing as I write this. As I’ve said before… The payment that MUST be tolled for freedom, one must pay attention.

Observations from an OHIO AMVETS, America As It IS Today

August 16, 2008

As I begin this post I MUST say with REAL and SERIOUS SINCERITY that the many men and women who have graced us with their BRAVERY and DEVOTION, in their services of DUTY, deserve and warrant RESPECT.

With that I will relate a story that was told me today. The person was sitting with friends in a Columbus, Ohio AMVETS, the news was being displayed in the background ‘hub-bub’ of camaraderie, those around the room had just told of the growing situation of Russia invading their former state Georgia. One tired former vet vaguely heard the newscaster’s commentary then sharply said to the wall in front of him… ” What the HELL’S wrong with them Russians? Don’t they know that them ‘REDNECK’ boys down in Georgia will KICK THEIR ASS ?”

russia don't want to invade here!

Russia don't want none 'o this !

This may seem funny to most that have the ignorance of thinking that those who weren’t born with moderate to copious amounts of MELANIN don’t think well, but it isn’t. First of all the sad fact is that the FOURTH ESTATE of this country has misconstrued and misinformed so many of this nation that most Americans DON’T ‘KNOW’, CAN’T ‘KNOW’, what IS actually going on in the world. ( College graduates that can’t find the country where their former classmates are DYING !?! ) The above statement wasn’t about “racial pride” it was about the fact that FULTON COUNTY FOLK aren’t to be messed with. Bush and the REPUBLICAN cadre have succeeded in lowering the middle and lower-middle class information lines to the point that this WILL BE how things are done in the future. For implementing FOREIGN POLICY structuring.

Outgoing American President George W. Bush was quoted on 8/15/08 on the Russia- Georgia strifes: ” BULLYING and INTIMIDATION are not acceptable ways to conduct foreign policy in the 21st century”. Stated just as POLAND and the United States agreed to build and place strategic missile sites of the U.S. within Polish borders.

no tappin' out

no tappin' out, and can't TAP IN.

Once Upon A Time…

August 12, 2008

Once Upon a TIME…

You were a LIST of WISHES that I jotted down when

asked about what my child would look and become


once upon a time...

once upon a time...

Once upon a time…

I thought the “prettiest” girl was the one to make you with, not thinking that LOVE and CARE mattered MOST… BEAUTY was better.

Once upon a time…

You took four steps to my one. And when you

got tired you would fall asleep, the rest of the way,

riding atop my shoulders.

Once upon a time…

When you tried to run away the ONLY thing I touched was the bag you’d packed. Instead of a place on your body in anger.

Once upon a time…

I thought that I would be a good ‘father’, someone

who could answer your questions on a DAILY BASIS…

Instead of an ‘addict’.

Once upon a time…

I HOPED that you’d ask me to walk you, in white,

to present you to a MAN who LOVES you more than

life itself.

Once upon a time…

IS now for you. To do the BEST you can FOR YOU.

Because my time to assist your growing up…

Has run out.


(To: My daughter, who I DON’T know. And doesn’t

care to share her LISTS for her ONCE UPON A TIMES.)

The Man Who Lived on Both Sides…

August 3, 2008

… and we, ( well some of us. ), only heard of his “camping trip”.

Today, in his birth/homeland Russia NOBEL PRIZE recipient ALEXANDR SOLZENITZEN left this plane to a much better place.

Born to Taisia Solzenitsyna, young widow of Isaaky Solzenitsyn, in the town of Kislovodsk, Russia. His father was a self-made man who’d come to acquire a large estate in the Kuban region, soon to to feel the national upheavals of the Bolshevik revolution, (1917-1923). This turned a fairly affluent life into the dire times that brought Alexandr to the familiarity that some know of his literature, drama and historical work. A man who gave the world its knowledge of how the communist government punished the non compliant citizenry in his books: One Day In The Life of Ivan Denisovich, from his observations of a fellow inmate. Later giving us his own story in the work The Gulag of Archipelago. ( Nikita Khrushchev personally allowed the Denisovich printings. ). [] This man was deported from his birth country February 13, 1974 and came to the United States to settle in Vermont, where he lived until his return to Russia.

Noble Nobel recipient

Noble Nobel recipient

Here’s goodbye to a man who taught the observer to NEVER FEAR the wrongs of the times.


August 2, 2008
whole lotta' love

whole lotta' love

America the Beautiful, But FAT.

(Lyrical Parody to My Fair Lady’s Wouldn’t It Be Loverly.)

All I need is room from here to there,

Block the drafts from the cold night air.

With one ‘EEENORMOUS’ chair,

OW, wouldn’t it be BLUBBERLY ?

Lots of choc’lates for me to eat,

‘til I can’t even see my feet.

Ham hands, round face, chin pleats

Ow, wouldn’t it be BLUBBERLY ?

Ow, so BLUBBERLY sittin’ abs-so-BLOOMING-loosely still,

I could never budge ‘till spring.

Fall out over me windowsill.

Someones’ head’s restin’ in my knee,

Warm an’ tender he provides me

Rail thin is how he should be,

Ow would dent it be BLUBBERLY…


As someone who used to weigh 350lbs. I CAN write this. It took the mind reset of GETTING RID of the excess fats. When we were little and told a parent that we’d LOST something they, naturally, told us to FIND IT. Since that time it’s been instilled into our brains… “If you LOSE it you HAVE to FIND it, (!), and here, in America, it’s always “good” to find just that little bit extra. That’s why the weight “LOSS” is a MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY!