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Follow the LINKS

January 4, 2009
Fill YOURS !!!

Fill YOURS !!!

Well you’ve come this site, back, or for the first time, the capitalized letters don’t stand for ” thank you” as the cyber-encyclopedia tells you. What it DOES stand for is a ‘Dyslexic’s’ spelling of ‘THINK’. Most of the time people have so much to say that they may have more than one blog because what they may have to say just “cannot” be placed on the “type” of site they’ve introduced the initial thought with.

There are also situations in their writings that “just have to be said” in more than one way, therefore the “LINK”, the JOINING of the many AVENUES that can offer a fuller picture. It’s kinda’ like when you see an artist’s sketches as they work toward the “final” pallette.

The “LINK” is all, we’re ALL ‘LINKS’ in a chain, be it DNA, RNA or the last child your parents produced. WE ‘LINK’ in too many ways to tell here. My only request to any who may read this post is that in reading ANY (of my) blogs there are as many facets of thought as there are people to question enough to look through the net. As the title says… FOLLOW THE LINKS !!! (There are 6 !?!)