Dear Legislator,

July 29, 2008
Nothin' new under the Sun

Nothin' new under the Sun

My name is as unimportant now as it has been since before you took office. My race is also unimportant, in that whatever my ancestry it doesn’t matter to you because there aren’t six, ( or more ! ), zeros beckoning you from my yearly tax statement. I’ve worked many long, long hours for an income that HAS seen your arm called the internal revenue “service” take more than TWENTY PERCENT, or almost three months salary to send to thieves from another country that are handing it back to you.

You used to live in my neighborhood but since September eleventh you’ve deemed your self, and your fellow elected too valuable to risk living near such dangerous people. I’ve still got a letter, or number, as a suffix to my street address, while that newly merged mortgage firm continues to lower your points past the decimal point. I feel that it WOULD be NICE to not have to pay full price for lunch from a place so near my job, and have so wonderful a choice in the selection of a DRUG executive, OIL broker or L-O-B-B-Y-I-S-T providing that Oh-So-Necessary mid day sustenance of FIVE-STAR, ( MORE THAN ), fair. Wendy’s, Arby’s and a half dozen of this country’s ‘fast food’ eateries have left my work area for the profits of Jenny Craig’s suburban dualisms.

Oh, and excuse me for NOT PAYING a GAS TAX, due to the fact that I must now choose between staying warm in the winter or driving a vehicle that you and your cronies have determined to get FORTY PERCENT less miles per gallon than your cousins across the pond, ( at the least! 64 m.p.g. by the Mini Cooper D… not allowed here.). And selling FORTY-PLUS M.P.G. cars to SOUTH AMERICA to run on SUGARCANE !?! My taste in shoes is now so very practical that I do believe that INNER-CITY KIDS are beginning to see the light.

And, lastly, Dear Sir or Ma’am I wish to THANK YOU for my children not being left behind… I just wish you could get that group they’re STUCK IN to begin some sort of movement.