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WordPress MU: A License to STEAL(?)

December 6, 2008

In the search to make money as a “blogger” the administration of this electronic Guttenburg-ish entity has allowed the disease of greed to begin its insidious machinations of taking what was presented in earnest and then prostituting its innocence for profit. It started slowly a few months ago with Akismet purposely used to catch these trials and hold them in front of the author just long enough to force the writer to the offending site after they’d benefited from the use of said work. By their excerpting a snippet that will draw another into THEIR site this tactic disrespects both the articles true purpose in its luring a reader’s concern of the contents to the RUSE of commercial enticement. There are too many GOOD writers and sites enabled to present the BETTER ideas and ideals for this experiment to continue in its Nazi-like monetary onslaught. I’m hoping that when serious presentations are posted that sites for gambling, real estate, games and the like will stop STEALING the intelligences of others. But then this has been the modus operandi of capitalism’s greed since it came of age in this nation. WordPress MU needs to be monitored at this stage because those using it at this time are extremely irresponsible in the tactics used at this moment of assemblage.

Of experimenting with new things I have NO PROBLEM if it is used at the risk of the instigator ONLY. DO NOT use the treasures mined of my mind to enlarge your account, (or even begin it!!!). Be careful of those you encourage in these “endEVERs” to the choosing of where one places their thoughts. Because we can leave that which serves us poorly.

I sincerely hope that the staff take this post as a cry of alarm from one that has benefited from the generosity of AUTOMATTIC and company. And will see fit to study this new and smarmy part of a GOOD Business.

Just ONE day later I have received notice that DEBTDEFICIT.COM has done EXACTLY what this post has revealed. Now when I ATTEMPTED to comment to these purpose-fully ambiguous thieves, ( I found NO WAY to place a comment, as their “requested” log-in was another of this type of sites varied RUSES.) I find this “thumbing of their NOSE” just what THIS article has tried, (and now succeeded.), to give NOTICE about. When a WORDPRESS.COM blog site’s ABOUT Page identifies those that are responsible only as “WE” I would “Press” FOR the s(t)ake of TRANSPARENCY as quickly as possible.