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November 12, 2008

A word on MOVEMENT. Getting to a “place” from anywhere else. If the anywhere else happens to involve something important like, how can I make enough money so that I can pay my bills (?), the scenario in one’s head is the transition from using one Tea-bag two or more times to buying two or more large cans of your favorite style of coffee from Africa or Brazil.

A transition is a movement, hopefully towards the positive. America has been in a transition since its inception. In TONI MORRISON’s new book, A MERCY , she tells of the early days in America, of how we treated each other. We were ALL “for sale” or ‘rent’. “Indentured servants”, slaves, almost anyone was a “COMMODITY”. And as time went by those that looked the “proper part” transitioned easily from sold to purchaser/ “renter”. In the 200 years since those that had “suffered” the transition of ‘serfdom’ to ‘citizen’ to “corporate giant” are learning that the “transition” in reverse is PAIN FILLED.

TRANSITION is waiting for JANUARY 20, 2009 with the FRATERNAL TWINS FEAR and HOPE running hand-in-hand. Transition is the WORLD opening their eyes like a newborn, fresh from their amniotic pool into a space first cold then surrounded warmth…

Transition is the WORLD joining their collective hands to cradle the fragile “package” toward a BETTER transition. BECAUSE the next ‘TRANSITION’ could be TRAGIC for ALL “concerned”.