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May 23, 2014

My Thumb’s so “green” it’s ‘BLACK’! If you’ve ever picked a LOT of Tomatoes you’d KNOW the “joke” IS REAL. I try to grow my OWN VEGETA-VITTLES because I KNOW where the “nutrients” come from. WHO picked them. And,  HOW they were treated when they were ‘stored’ for later consumption. There’s TOO MUCH going on by the “food” production companies for me to trust
the “WHAT” of what’s going INSIDE my body to someone that enlists SCIENTISTS to rearrange the molecules of a simple fruit or vegetable.





oh give me a home where the Beef-alo roam
and Listeria isn’t on plates
where sell-dom’s not verb and the ants aren’t in herds
and no fear of a Cantaloupe or Date

foam foam I’m engaged
where bowl and the seat find no play
where some call it GERD
that’s the wrong end of heard
and the air isn’t cloudy ALL DAY


And, just THNQ/ “THINK”, there’s word that because of the burgeoning population versus ‘CLIMATE CHANGE’ that “DESIGNER MEATS” are being readied for a restaurant “NEAR” YOU!



November 8, 2013

I’ve HAD to take the time to jot about the following “end-counter”. Written after I’d witnessed one of the most glorious prosal gives I’ve yet to react “TO”.  The blogger had read a post then “LIKED” it. I was intrigued by the name so, went to see “WHO” this was. The piece IS: “you’ll choose the ending tonight”, [ LUCA],  (GO SEE IT!), afterwards this is how I commented…” You REALLY have a way of making someone walk INTO a “HAYMAKER”! my triptych of thought… WOW!”…  Upon making sure that it passed moderation I noticed a comment that seemed off-kilter, made by a someone monikered “twdyen”. The response I made was THIS: “the SLOW are too busy sneaking “up” on themselves.”, whereupon “DEAR” TWDYEN ‘shot’ this group of PUFFERY…

“Let me just fast forward to the end of a possible discussion with you. Africa is the worst continent in the world. If an African American despises an Asian American or a Latin American on the basis of race, how are we supposed to call him? A delusional racist at best.”…

OOOOHHHH, “MMMMMMY”. Not bad for, almost noon(-ish). I JUST HAD to see the site of THIS ‘MENTALITY’ / *”EU”-PINION, ( * EU= French for Water, which things WEREN’T holding at the present.)

YES (!), Ladies and Gentlemen, I DID pick up my DELLED MONT BLANC and traipsed to [], the post:

The Problem With Chinese.

A GOOD article that explains the cultural CATCH-UP that so many of US that DON’T have the HISTORICAL PROVENANCES of THOUSANDS of YEARS. If sir TWDYEN had the forethought to have studied YO-YO MA’S SILK ROAD ORCHESTRA a lot of confusion(s) may have evaporated from his POSIT.

This is the return “volley”…

“sir Twdyen, I have an acquaintance that HAS a DEGREE in THREE “Official” dialects of CHINESE, He got HIS at a CHINESE University. His WIFE is a KOREAN Musician AND, if “need be”, I can contact one of the “Littlest Angels” of the Korean National Ballet group. DISTANCE IS USEFUL for ‘WE’ AFRICANS… SINCE they ARE SUCH CLOSER NEIGHBORS.

As TWDYEN will find, those that HAVE lived within the border called the WORLD, the textures and rapiers aren’t much different… A RAPIER only has ONE ‘POINT’.

The follow-“up”:
“I am not a nice girl that will clean up your ass. There’s no degree in Chinese dialects, just as there’s no degree in Black slang. And by calling them dialects you already are belittling them. I hope you are not going to make a lawyer’s job too easy. For most Chinese, it’s the written language that counts. For linguists, it’s the spoken language that counts. But, you have to know the difference to explain your usage of the term “dialect” in the correct context. Bye now.”
Lastly, if you too noticed TWDYEN IS a WOMAN. The inference of having a Lawyer’s job to made easy is funny… Since I’m CERTIFIED in SO MANY directions. For  TWDYEN to make such adieu about…
I wonder if there’s anyone out there that can /WOULD correct either of us?
Addend-dumb: Playing with a SUPERIOR opponent is most fun when the the “FIELD” is changed to a POOL.
DEAR TWDYEN, in the NEOLOGISTICAL world living around US this is the response to your citing that “there’s no degree in BLACK slang”…
If a “PICTURE” IS worth a THOUSAND WORDS, You’ll NEVER get to the end of this dissertation.

“WE” … Are ‘The LOOSE ENDS’

February 22, 2012

This world is so busy. At least that’s been the way that societal control has been BUILT. It started with the computer console games that grew to Telephone TETRIS. A game that played itself in the mind replacing REM SLEEP. TEXTING gained its gonnorrheal hold on texters because there wasn’t a need to learn to spell.
The games were the set-up ,but the coding was the trap. The programmers built eletro-spies into the very devices themselves. GPS, on the phone, in your car… born from your childhood toy the you could play with friends from across the room, they “talked” to each other. THEY STILL ‘TALK’ to “each OTHER”.
You wonder what this IDIOT is writing of, (
accused-of-murder-of-journalists-in-besieged-Homs.html), read the article, and cringe. EVERY DEVICE that we use to communicate tells SOMEBODY WHO,WHEN,WHERE and HOW you are doing “WHATEVER”! This SHOULD disturb YOU. With the Patriot act now FULLY entrenched through the HEART of the CONSTITUTION and BILL of RIGHTS the very thing we see in SYRIA,( Hey Rick, the CHRISTIAN CHURCH built by PAUL is STILL STANDING THERE.), the journalists are being KILLED BECAUSE of their CELL PHONE’S use.


New Killing FIELDS

April 15, 2008

Now with the 50th anniversary of Bilderberg,this Thursday, I have to say Happy Birthday to the organization that is, swiftly,steering us to the pre-viewed ARMAGEDDON. We don’t really know WHAT they do, but those things that are can be The Breeding for a new SOYLENT.deciphered even by the most needle addled. Since the Catholic Church instituted the practice of obtaining the use of lands to increase its coffers group enlistment of the HAVES has steadily grown in its incidiousnesses.( DO forgive this statement, there are too many highly spiritual practitioners, including the former Hitler youth.) Witnessing one aspect of this golden practice is the MONSANTO CORPORATION and our own GOVERNMENT. Then,PRESIDENT, Ronald Reagan, in convincing us of his TRICKLE-DOWN THEORY, made it possible for business to accelerate their rape AND PLUNDERING of America. And, SOON, as much of the plotted world. (Watch for our next move, to “SPREAD FREEDOM” in Venezuela. Putin shut off Iraq. With this much OIL SOOOOO NEAR…). As our three presidential candidates discuss everything except what’s IMPORTANT there are those on, and the like, trying to incite the reinstatement of rights and freedoms as they’re meant to be implemented by WE,THE PEOPLE. As someone who eats the future costs to FUEL my body are extremely important to me. I’m reminded of the film SOYLENT GREEN ,( based on the 1966 book MAKE ROOM,MAKE ROOM by Harry Harrison.), and Charlton Heston’s final dialog of “It’s the PEOPLE, THE PEOPLE!”, when he’s dying. If you don’t know, or remember, check it out on the ‘azure beam’. The world had seen its billions of years in the trials and errors of food and beauty production through to the tinkering of man, (un-),kind. In the book MAKE ROOM, MAKE ROOM;the world saw the extinction of all natural foods, (fruits,vegetables,Meat.) Alfred Hitchcock used a nice word to describe what we don’t see enveloping us, “MAGUFFIN”= the action. Setting of events, their fractal perameters that encase the characters’ participations with trouble. In 1980 a vote of 5-4, the U.S. Supreme Court allowed “Pandora Corporosa” to open the lid of a universal heirloom that didn’t belong to “her”.Their direction came from the Bayh-Dole Act, a mad scramble to give new elevation to the country’s sagging economy. ( Justices for:Burger,Blackmun,Rehnquist,Stevens,Stewart.(Justices against:Brennan,Marshall,Powell,White./ Diamond v. Chakrabarty 447 U.S. 303 1980) In looking at the information for this ‘article’ I ‘Googled’- Monsanto’s Harvest of Fear, 20,000 hits are there for our viewing, the most thorough that made me blink was at 2008/05/monsanto 200805. It IS more than about the BEAUTY! Six pages of showing us how a BULLY responds when they know that the playground’s happier citizens have a better game. How long is it going to be before we surround and ‘DE-PANTS’ THE LUMMUX? IMAGINE… as the earth’s jet stream is now shifting and how a breeze gently gathers the pollens from the Monsanto “TERMINATOR” plant. (Maybe the Bee colonies know something.) Next we have those plants that have developed for milliniae adjusting to the varied inputs of the regions where they live, that pollen from a Monsanto clone is mated to the stamen of that giant tuber that can produce 40 lbs. of sustainance for the local folks. The next season those folks don’t see ANY food because the embryo was “TERMINATED” as the seed matured. As I write these thoughts/observations I wonder how many More of the world’s seed banks are going to be destroyed, (as the one in Iraq, which had seeds dating back CENTURIES! GONE… at the beginning of the ‘WAR’.) What happens to the backyard plot when dystopic constabulary tromp over your child’s sandbox. Or a loaf of bread is the sames as today’s gallon of MILK? Are you developing a TASTE FOR SOYLENT, from under some golden arch?Buying the Future