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Wanted: A Tune and Title

July 19, 2011

Every once in a while I have the urge to write a song. In doing so I, more often than not, believe that I’ve concocted something that will garner a GOLDEN GRAMAPHONE for its genius and danceability. Thus I bring you this…

past pages have their genius
but, cannot stand our touch
the cross child called for changes
but, forgets to use the clutch

the next crew have no anchors
as the old guard fades unsung
(with) a current cast just waiting
for a broken iron lung

with best friend, three-card Monty
we’ve been Pavloved in this fun
self inflictions by the trillions
clear the chamber of the gun

how could we let it get this far
an Edsel for our shining star
how have we let it go this far
the greatness now is below par

It’s just the rubbing away of mental cramps that seem to be more intense these days. But, I thought that if someone might hear my groans that they’d be able to tell me a folk remedy that could help.
Is there a “doctor” in the house? All that’s required is the ability to transcribe your cadence of groove.

Someone asked “if the Russians loved their children too (?)”.st

The Making OF the Lawn Jockey: Part ONE

March 8, 2011



As we are now into the “last”, ( 24 or 72 ?), few months of the first, OBVIOUSLY, non- ‘European’ looking President of this nation. The month of February will hold so much more/ “MOOR” history than what we were lead to “believe”.

 It’s  going to take a lot of “kindling”, ( As in the electronic readers vying to replace Papyrus. ), for the country’s future education/ HISTORY departments to tell our “great”, (plus !), grandchildren the who’s, what’s, when’s, where’s, why’s. AND a truth-full HOW of the son of Pineapples and Mambas’ really accomplished “something” during his tenure.


The first step will be to STOP the TEXAS ‘BORED AUF EDUCATION’ from making “GEE-DU(M)B” seem greater than the man who’s graced so many types of our currency. That would be the man that President Obama’s predecessor was named for… George Washington.


If I were to pen an introductory “lesson” of how certain races lose their HISTORY I would start with the painting of Washington crossing the Delaware River to fight the British troops during our ‘War FOR INDEPENDENCE’. I’d make a point of having students take notice of the DIFFERENT types of soldiers who’d placed their LIVES with the General on that ABSOLUTELY cold morning. And then I’d show them the simple lawn “ornament” that most descendants of slaves DON’T recognize for its IMPORTANCE. Then, I would encourage them to REALLY start asking questions about this NATION’S heroes.


After they’ve bombarded their Teacher I’d have them send a letter to the President, asking him to make a special exception for giving out a MEDAL OF HONOR to the youngest recipient in U.S. ‘MILITARY’ history for JOQUE GRAVES. I’d then request that the Honor ceremony take place at the RIPLEY, OHIO, location of the UNDERGROUND RAILROAD MUSEUM. To honor this MONTH of “dusting off” the “hidden” contributions and weave the significances together as a SIGNPOST to mark where the STONE SOUP of FREEDOM can be RE-TASTED, ladled from the MELTING POT that IS this nation named  THE UNITED States OF America.

I received a comment from a young “OPINIONIST” by the name of ‘JONOLAN’ for the companion post of this subject. This was written BEFORE the Joque Graves article. This answers many “opinions” of what OUR history may ACTUALLY CONTAIN. Remember that “history” is, more often than not, WRITTEN BY the “WINNERS”. A battle won IS NOT the ENTIRE WAR.

An IMAM Is NOT David Bowie’s Wife !

August 24, 2010

A “HIGHER POWER”, this is what ‘that which created’ this place called the UNIVERSE IS, just THAT. Here, in these “United”States, there is a [Fahrenheit 451] mentality growing amongst the “Fox ENLIGHTENED” about how others practice their faiths. In [\’Yahoo\’ \”Answers\”] the second response to “How many types of Christianity in the U.S.” is rightly presented by the governmental tally of the I.R.S.. The “fight” over a simple [COMMUNITY CENTER] has had another match lit over a fool/fuel that has been consistently supplied by those that claim that they have done their research… BUT keep letting the neighborhood Dogs get to it.

For those that pride themselves in their worship of a Jewish man it is unacceptable to them to think that His [COUSINS] would like to live in the same neighborhood. YES, Issac and Ishmael were CLEARLY [BROTHERS] !

My confusion with ALL of this is that for ALL the ONLINE ‘KNOWLEDGE’ that IS available why do “WE” still believe what some paid TALKING HEAD reads from another picture screen ?

And just because some “guy” on a fancy riser tells us that we should hate every someone that looks like “the [DESCRIPTION]”, (Yes, that one-twentieth of a second high-deaf “PROOF” !?!), by that agency that lies for a career. Those same characters that “patriotically” ignore [ARTICLE 6] because a burning Bush told them to.

It’s a shame that Hannity isn’t BRAVE enough to discuss the new era of [THEOLOGICAL TRAINING] moving up his mountain. But, it IS HIS mountain, though any shrew can hop it.

Iman and David…

IMAM sans David

So, as you can see, there should be NO MORE CONFUSION.

With Just The SLIGHTEST Change

February 10, 2010

We have come a long way from times of foraging and hunting parties to feed the Village. We have NOT come so far as to our societal influences that fuel the chasms called PREJUDICE. The term changed in its narrowing of “scope”, from the [\”blatant\” subtleties] that are [still current] “across the pond”, to the founding fathers’ [Constitutional OBFUSCATION] and America’s ‘seemingly’ “Tortoise”-like race to overcome the actions, thoughts and [reinstallation], through a continuing, “higher” [Education]. For most Humans the differences aren’t so visible. But then there are times that the LESSON is far more obvious. Such is the case I present here.

The two drawings that you’ll view are of the same “hand”, [Nuka Godtfredsen], but my gist of point is the difference of expression that may tilt a young mind toward the out- moded / -landish beliefs past.

1.) The BBC and MSNBC versions, (including the Anglicized spelling of the Artist’s name.).

2.) The National Geographic version, presented as a scientific Joe Friday: ” Just the FACTS, Ma’am.”, nothing to frighten one of this person’s existance.

Subtleties, this is the type of visual, [Firesign Theatre: Nick Danger-Third Eye] ‘brake and switch’, ( Also known in American teen-age movies as a “Chinese fire drill”.). “Would you care to sit here, in the Waiting room ? Or Wait over here, in the Sitting room ?” All humor, “besides”… The Dorian Grey mirrorings tell much about the quiet campaigns still being waged, and WHO the general field rascals are. They couldn’t be Marshalls, because they’re NO GOOD. Where a Supreme Marshall would be Thurgood. (Do, excuse me, but it IS still February.)

1.) = the Mongol / “angry Khan”, bearing down on the fair young European “maidens”, unprotected from these “HARDENED”, ( Yes, there ARE “THOSE” two fears !), “BLACK-EYED” Heathens.

2.) = the fellow that rows their kayak amongst freed WILLY’S. Frozen “Spear-Chuckers”.

I, definitely, have to leave you with that thought.

We’ve KNOWN the Pattern…

December 23, 2009

… So WHY haven’t we MOVED ON UP to better OS’ ?

It’s EXCEEDINGLY [cathartic] to have the opportunity to post this on [WORD]PRESS.COM. Since the times of the [Tandy \”99\”]computer, with the “hard drive being a simple audio cassette. (Think “back engineering” folks. If You really want to hide that personal info work your way backwards to this machine, once you’ve loaded Grandma’s “pole dance” video onto the cassette pop it into a Karoke machine… the ‘hidden’ info is “HISS” !), there have been those that enjoyed the freedoms that the computer availed them,( They’re the ones still FIGHTING for [the OPEN INTERNET]!). While those that wanted to repay [college loans] turned from their Ivy cloisters, at Horace Greeley’s urge, to the grunge basted [\”BASE-TURD\”/ basterd] we’ve come to see them for. There is NO REASON to ask WHY they did it, just look at how many lawn sprinklers they have to use… IT’S the MONEY !,( to the TENTH POWER !), ask Senator [Rockefeller] about the history of such things.

“To the Quick-ness of it man”, you say, well think with me here. For all that we’ve been through of “late”: Madoff,(pronounced MADE-OFF !), “Trickle Down”, ENRON, the BANKING “[\”SHIST-DOM\”]/ system, (Yep, it’s been rocky.), and the endless parade of personal computers that the WORLD has “had” to replenish its desk tops with “Billy-Paul’s”…

IBM partnership

In 1980, IBM approached Microsoft to write the BASIC interpreter for its upcoming personal computer, the IBM PC. When IBM’s representatives mentioned that they needed an operating system, Gates referred them to Digital Research (DRI), makers of the widely used CP/M operating system.[30] IBM’s discussions with Digital Research went poorly, and they did not reach a licensing agreement. IBM representative Jack Sams mentioned the licensing difficulties during a subsequent meeting with Gates and told him to get an acceptable operating system. A few weeks later Gates proposed using 86-DOS (QDOS), an operating system similar to CP/M that Tim Paterson of Seattle Computer Products (SCP) had made for hardware similar to the PC. Microsoft made a deal with SCP to become the exclusive licensing agent, and later the full owner, of 86-DOS. After adapting the operating system for the PC, Microsoft delivered it to IBM as PC-DOS in exchange for a one-time fee of $50,000. Gates did not offer to transfer the copyright on the operating system, because he believed that other hardware vendors would clone IBM’s system.[31] They did, and the sales of MS-DOS made Microsoft a major player in the industry.[32]

… previously unknown [lip-sync-ings]?

To wind this post “up” I want to make a shameless plug for an Operating System that most of you either don’t know about, or are just too indoctrinated to learn and use… [LINUX]. I’m “writing this through Linux Puppy 4.25, but there is a version called [\”DSL\”]. DSL works, ENTIRELY, from a computer’s [R A M]… and ONLY 56 mega byte of it at that ! YES, an entire OS out of 56K. It’s the atom of the computer age “BIG BANG”, wandering CIRCLES around Redmond, and does with a 386 what Windows ATTEMPTS through a terra-flop edition.

Is there ANY wonder why General Motors fell ? They made cars that got over 45mpg not too long ago, (GEO METRO.), but slide us cars that DON’T get the [mandates of 1985]. Microsoft has kept this practice aloft, but each en-“SUING” theft uncovered will render another business staple in need of government Cialis. Giving the addage “They BLUE IT!” an altogether new, (But TRUE.), definition. It would be prudent for Microsoft to create their own “fabrics”… with dyes that don’t bleed as red(mond)ily.

A Printed Pity

May 10, 2009

It seems that in order to remain viable in this societal slurry one must use the negative to sell their thought and opinion. Rob Oller, of the Columbus Dispatch, (“DESPOT”.),in Ohio wrote his daily sports oriented commentary, for the May 9,2009 issue, with the headline: “BASEBALL HALL needs wing for drug users”. It’s to be found in section C, front page.

Now we’ve all been hearing about how all of these “PERFORMANCE ENHANCING DRUGS” have been a disservice to sport in general. But, if there is to be a special area for those with having had the need to make sure that their competition was “held at bay” then I must agree with Mr. Oller. So let’s make a special, but separate building for the likes of the TY COBBS who threatened BASEBALL itself if it allowed those “Dang NIGGRAHS” to play the “WHITE MANS SPORT”, you’ll notice that there are quotation marks someone SAYING that TY made the statement…[but movies always tell the \”truth\”],so I just “know” that there should be another wing, at least.

And the “good lord almighty” has punished ALL those infernal miscreants who had gone through life imbibing those substances that [\”GOOD FOLK\”] know better of.

It seems that a true “NEWS REPORTER” would “know” about, then tell the world of one of sports’ truest individuals, [Mike Dempsey]*, a man that had earned, almost FOUR TIMES as many OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALS as Michael Phelps… AND a “HOMETOWN HERO” TO BOOT.

But, I guess in the present economy that “researching for ones next possible “PULITZER” prospect is easier when someone else has excavated the site… and it’s your turn to walk through the turnstile.

* Mike left us April 29,2009, having returned to his hometown to continue his consulting help. ONLY his Obituary appeared in the Columbus Dispatch. It had 52 years to present a POSITIVE STORY about one of the WORLDS most prolific athletes. [A MAGNIFICENT Life]

To give credit to someone who accomplishes what they are required Rob Oller HAS been reporting on sports events for some time, and remains employed by the only newspaper in Columbus, Ohio.

The Stake of THE UNION: Addressed

March 31, 2009

A family story from my Grandfather says that his Brother was murdered as a Coal Miner in favor of UNIONIZATION, ( While stationed at the top of a coal conveyor someone had cut the leather belting and the coal’s weight combined with the speed of the mechanism caused it to separate and run, slicing the man “in two”.). This was to have happened in Matewan, West Virginia just after Government “Agents” had ‘assassinated’ Matewan Sheriff Sid Hatfield. The country needed something/ some-ones to stop, ( or at least slow down.) the CORPORATE RAPE of the American worker against the “new fiefdoms” built by names that are now associated with universities, (Carnegie-Mellon), and gasoline companies, (Standard Oil). As the ‘protector’ of the families wage earnings abilities the men who did so were those that signaled such to the soon to be United Mine Worker by their RED Kerchief worn around the NECK, (Blanco or Negro, ALL who PROTECTED were known as “RED-NECKS” ! [\”Rednecks\” is all colors that participated.])

Now, some Eighty-Eight years later a man with an African name is acting like a “Redneck”, only this time the Government is working to “protect the worker” and their job… and FIRING the guy behind “the BIG desk”, [The other side of a Pink slip.] With this gesture the “Shell-meisters” now should be cautious, as the taxpayer has requested clear shells. [Three CLEAR shells for this new game.]

As one who has, thankfully, kept a current card for Twenty years I know that there are many that think UNIONS should “go away”. If there is anything that can, and will, prove to the world that a concerned, (and concerted. ), group of well and like minded people can make the economy a viable entity again the UNIONS should make all efforts. Through seeing that ALL receive the FAIR and EQUITABLE wage to provide for the family and what it takes to fairly make for their lives. It is now up to the LEADERSHIP of those UNIONS to see that ALL sides get their desire… GOOD, QUALITY items for TRANSPORTATION, (business and INDIVIDUAL.), HOMES, (a place that is SAFE- chemically, fiscally, neighborly.)

As this world turns to its new facets, the reflected light of a new day just may turn out to be the best spectrum for growth, (as people.), so far… At least that’s the PRAYER I hear being whispered around.

[We want OUR hands this relaxed… In retirement.]


February 28, 2009

… to the UNITED NATIONS’ RACISM FORUM !!!?????????!!!

As the world has witnessed this “United” States of America seemingly grow up to the point where a person of blatant hue enhancements has achieved the concensus of votes to be the PRESIDING LEGISLATIVE ‘LEADER’ of its population the CHANCE to bring weight to the policies AGAINST INSTITUTIONAL RACISM would appear WELCOME and TIMELY. In that premise it does little good for Barack Hussein Obama to direct his chosen representatives of his “POSITIVE”PROGRESSIONS to “CHANGE” to avoid ANY and EVERY OPPORTUNITY to BEGIN that process. [GANDHI would POP him \”up side the head\”.] As I sought more pertinent informations to charge up a reader’s inquisitivity I looked to our nation’s “champion”, the NAACP, (National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People). Of glancing the first three pages of available articles ONLY ONE provided anything close to a response on this subject… [Who\’s keeping up with \”THE WORLD\” !?!]… now MONTHS OLD !

I also wanted to provide a “feel” of just HOW the “lone” influence of Jewish “opinion” has rendered Mr. Obama’s actions similar to something close to a “BATTERED” type of response to the forum’s coming light. [The Jewish/ \”Negro\” relationship.],[A tactic, and that only.] With banking ownership primarily that of old, non-“Christian” families, ( Including those who are named on the chartering of ‘THE FED’ !), IS there a symbiotic synaptic seed that has rooted itself in our new leader’s way of doing (his) business in America AND the WORLD ?

As this is just the THIRTY-SIXTH DAY of President Obama’s regime, ( It is looking more and more like a regime… just SMOOTHER Robert Mugabe’s. [ This is the Highest \”end\”.]), the questions to come are being formed of how well HIS will compare to his predecessor, George “What’s-his-name”. As, ( I just love a great comment, no matter WHO states it.), Ann Coulter recently said…” If the President ran on the premise of CHANGE to GET elected, just wait for the call for Change in 2012″. (“Obama’s supporters think he is the second coming, but after thirty days we already know there’s no Second Term Coming…

Ann Coulter CPAC 2/28/09)

My HOPE is that Mr. Obama will instigate the CHANGE that WE HAD been lead to BELIEVE was to happen. How will those in AFRICA and INDONESIA, who ARE suffering PREJUDICES and RACISMS on horrific daily displays, look upon the “Land of the FREE’s”other doctrinal promises if a first strike against one of the world’s LEPEROSIES is ALLOWED to FESTER ?

A DISEASE is a disease, is a DISEASE...

A DISEASE is a disease, is a DISEASE...

A “Bong Hit” vs Tax EVASION

February 6, 2009

Comparatively, putting a lifetime into training to win EIGHT GOLD MEDALS, in ONE OLYMPIC Games, then having GREED’S cousin, Jealousy, attempt to ruin that future; with becoming the TREASURER of the United States of America AFTER ADMITTING you’ve been CHEATING ON YOUR FEDERAL TAX OBLIGATIONS is ABSURD !!!!!!!!!!!!

We wonder what is to become of this NATION when it’s plain to see that CORPORATE AMERICA is MORE concerned about IMAGE than the sub-STANCE it actually is LIVING.

IS not young Mr. PHELPS AS HUMAN as Mr. Geithner ? Or is the mistake of youth OUTWEIGHED by the CRASS boldnesses of SCURRILOUSNESS ?

Say something to the misguided “loftinesses” that are continuing to “lead” this country’s morals askew. We are rewarding people for WHAT GOOD REASONS ? If this is where the “NEW”direction of “OUR” country is now headed I DO believe that it will be no time before we reach the edge of the PROVERBIAL CLIFF.

Tax Evasion= [From the \”Horses\” mouth.]

Michael Phelps= [

Greed has NO MEDICINAL value.

Greed has NO "MEDICINAL" value.

Dr. Kellogg WOULD be ASHAMED of this current, (as well as OVER SUGARED “products” for PROFIT!!!), crop/crap called corporate “leadershi_”.

My VERY LOADED question to Kellogg’s is this… What makes Michael Phelps ANY LESS than Barack Obama?… they have, BOTH, SMOKED POT.

And , aren’t our Nation’s founding documents WRITTEN on HEMP PAPER !?!