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June 21, 2008

They FORGOT My Name!!!



cfm.cfm?congress= 110&session=2&vote=00020].

The long url that you’ve just read is the official United States Senate web site that will give you knowledge.

TODAY is the twentieth day of June, the year of, “OH LORD”, two- thousand and eight. It will be remembered by anyone and their children as the day when the ‘people’ sent to Washington,D.C. to rest OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS and the FREEDOMS, ( that were originally given by the FIRST CONTINENTAL CONGRESS!), from a group of ……………………… that had sought to enslave not just a NATION, but the WORLD. Sixty-Eight men and women decided that they will let the CITIZENS of this country suffer the same type of governmental distrusts that permeated the RUSSIAN PEOPLES, as told so clearly by Alexander Solzhenitsen.

At 5:30 p.m., the 110th Congress, 2nd Session voted on S.2248, the FISA amendments of 2007. Sixty-Eight members, including John David Rockefeller IV-SPONSOR, WWII Hero Daniel Inouye, Evan Bayh, Elizabeth Dole, (Whose husband and Bayh, in 1980, put together the ACT exploited by Monsanto for seed patenting.), AND John Sidney McCain III voted to encase “their fellow countrymen” in the most INSIDIOUS laws thrust on a people since the THIRD REICH. Since I’m an OHIOAN George Voinovich voted FOR passage. THANK YOU SHERROD BROWN!

A very notable fact is that the THREE NO VOTES came from Senators Barack H. Obama, Hillary R. Clinton and the lone Republican shot, from SUMTER, Lindsay Olin Graham.

There are too many other related laws to this travesty, but the largest fact looming over this NATION is that because of there not being an IMPEACHMENT finale this law WILL outlast the BUSH PRESIDENCY. AND because that “democratic” CON-gress has gone back on their PROMISES … “WE THE PEOPLE” need to reassess, maybe even make them sign a WRITTEN CONTRACT, (!?!), to do the WILL OF “THE PEOPLE”. Since business “seems” to run the government why not hold the “elected” to smart, “moral” business practices? Are we seeing the emergence¬† of a new political party named THE DEMUBLICAN PARTY?