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They’re Reading Our Blogs. (?)

August 25, 2008

madonna gets it.

She's gotten it.

On 7/27/08 an article was placed on Omegetymon , So similar, yet so far away. , by the statistical reviews seen over a small period of days it appeared that no-one had even looked at the offering.( I have contact with a couple other ‘key strokers’ that feel that our hosts don’t really give us the lowdown of the who is reading what we’ve said.) So it’s always ‘nice’ to receive an rss, or touch the Google ‘News’ page and see that somebody like a Madonna ‘MAY’ have “stumbled” across a past link to gather some fertilizer that you placed in some field long ago. Even though it’s a long shot that is mainly a vanity it’s good for the stats when the world is treated to a “mirror” of your thoughts through anyone that has such visibility.

To those of “us” that sit and wonder those ‘if onlys’ that creep over us when we’ve scratched our heads thinking that the one decent peak on the chart needs company take note. Somebody just MAY need what you’ve said sometime in the future, like the snippets of a battlefield letter written during a Civil War morning. That 16 year old ‘KID’ from a farm in Iowa had just awakened to get a breakfast of fried pork hide and a biscuit that’ll break a tooth… coupled to the savory aroma of wasted humanity, (x 100,000 !). Found in an old family trunk then read as evidence in a PBS documentary. I just hope these links last as long ! And as fast as things are occurring these days it’s up to us to give the “future” some ‘snippets’. Because, if it doesn’t get out there there’ll be no chance of a distant relative knowing that ‘Uncle Furgussen, or Aunt Moon’ had an opinion of the events that they’d lived through.

With the many tools that we have available to us these days it’s nice to know that we can do so much so quickly, Matthew Brady’s form of photographic works led to television’s views of Viet Nam, at dinner time, a treat. And linking’s abilities allow future scholars the depths of knowledge they’ll need. It may NOT show up on our statistics charts at the moment, but something said, at the proper moment, just might see a hit… some day.