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Follow the LINKS

January 4, 2009
Fill YOURS !!!

Fill YOURS !!!

Well you’ve come this site, back, or for the first time, the capitalized letters don’t stand for ” thank you” as the cyber-encyclopedia tells you. What it DOES stand for is a ‘Dyslexic’s’ spelling of ‘THINK’. Most of the time people have so much to say that they may have more than one blog because what they may have to say just “cannot” be placed on the “type” of site they’ve introduced the initial thought with.

There are also situations in their writings that “just have to be said” in more than one way, therefore the “LINK”, the JOINING of the many AVENUES that can offer a fuller picture. It’s kinda’ like when you see an artist’s sketches as they work toward the “final” pallette.

The “LINK” is all, we’re ALL ‘LINKS’ in a chain, be it DNA, RNA or the last child your parents produced. WE ‘LINK’ in too many ways to tell here. My only request to any who may read this post is that in reading ANY (of my) blogs there are as many facets of thought as there are people to question enough to look through the net. As the title says… FOLLOW THE LINKS !!! (There are 6 !?!)


WordPress MU: A License to STEAL(?)

December 6, 2008

In the search to make money as a “blogger” the administration of this electronic Guttenburg-ish entity has allowed the disease of greed to begin its insidious machinations of taking what was presented in earnest and then prostituting its innocence for profit. It started slowly a few months ago with Akismet purposely used to catch these trials and hold them in front of the author just long enough to force the writer to the offending site after they’d benefited from the use of said work. By their excerpting a snippet that will draw another into THEIR site this tactic disrespects both the articles true purpose in its luring a reader’s concern of the contents to the RUSE of commercial enticement. There are too many GOOD writers and sites enabled to present the BETTER ideas and ideals for this experiment to continue in its Nazi-like monetary onslaught. I’m hoping that when serious presentations are posted that sites for gambling, real estate, games and the like will stop STEALING the intelligences of others. But then this has been the modus operandi of capitalism’s greed since it came of age in this nation. WordPress MU needs to be monitored at this stage because those using it at this time are extremely irresponsible in the tactics used at this moment of assemblage.

Of experimenting with new things I have NO PROBLEM if it is used at the risk of the instigator ONLY. DO NOT use the treasures mined of my mind to enlarge your account, (or even begin it!!!). Be careful of those you encourage in these “endEVERs” to the choosing of where one places their thoughts. Because we can leave that which serves us poorly.

I sincerely hope that the staff take this post as a cry of alarm from one that has benefited from the generosity of AUTOMATTIC and company. And will see fit to study this new and smarmy part of a GOOD Business.

Just ONE day later I have received notice that DEBTDEFICIT.COM has done EXACTLY what this post has revealed. Now when I ATTEMPTED to comment to these purpose-fully ambiguous thieves, ( I found NO WAY to place a comment, as their “requested” log-in was another of this type of sites varied RUSES.) I find this “thumbing of their NOSE” just what THIS article has tried, (and now succeeded.), to give NOTICE about. When a WORDPRESS.COM blog site’s ABOUT Page identifies those that are responsible only as “WE” I would “Press” FOR the s(t)ake of TRANSPARENCY as quickly as possible.

The Prejudice of Size

December 2, 2008

At 6′ 5″ and the National Football League “Lineman’s” weight of 270 pounds one would “THINK” (?) that a man of this physical presence might have commanded CAUTION from a MOB of “deal” targeting holiday “shoppers”. But the 34 year old seasonally hired Jdimytai Damour had no idea of HOW to exert the intimidating factors of his physical ‘gifts’. There isn’t much about his history as far as what’s been told by family and friends, but it IS obvious that this young man was NOT “of” the normal American of “African” heritage ‘up-bringing’. There was no volleyball, basketball, football backgrounding in any sports oriented enhancements of Mr. Damour’s size. But as He didn’t “see” his size as an attribute to the “control” of the aptly named “BLACK FRIDAY” shopping MOB his managerial supervisors “naturally” SAW every “black” athlete that had been on their home or bar’s ESPN driven television screen. The issue of what media’s collusion with the marketing departments of the major national “chains” of capitalism’s self- servance should SOUND an ALARM to anyone who’d seek employment. The basic question that ‘applicants’ should pose to the “head” of every H.R. (“Human” Resource) department is this: “If I accept the position that you have advertised for me to fill will you make sure that my SAFETY won’t be jeopardized ? That only to the exclusion of those in the position of “SECURITY”. [Does body \”TYPE\” determine another \”job\’s\” description ?]

Look around you when you go to the “mall” ANYTIME many of those placed into what they’ve applied for aren’t participating in that which the signed paperwork “guaranteed”. And as to training for “the described duties” OF said position…Just ask Mr. Damour just how much time the WALTON’S upper management spent preparing new hires for “BLACK FRIDAY”, especially with the economy that they’ve helped in. [Good Mourning, and welcome to Wal-Mart !] [A stitch mis-timed.]

How long do YOU think it will take American “BUSINESS” to “get it” ?


November 12, 2008

A word on MOVEMENT. Getting to a “place” from anywhere else. If the anywhere else happens to involve something important like, how can I make enough money so that I can pay my bills (?), the scenario in one’s head is the transition from using one Tea-bag two or more times to buying two or more large cans of your favorite style of coffee from Africa or Brazil.

A transition is a movement, hopefully towards the positive. America has been in a transition since its inception. In TONI MORRISON’s new book, A MERCY , she tells of the early days in America, of how we treated each other. We were ALL “for sale” or ‘rent’. “Indentured servants”, slaves, almost anyone was a “COMMODITY”. And as time went by those that looked the “proper part” transitioned easily from sold to purchaser/ “renter”. In the 200 years since those that had “suffered” the transition of ‘serfdom’ to ‘citizen’ to “corporate giant” are learning that the “transition” in reverse is PAIN FILLED.

TRANSITION is waiting for JANUARY 20, 2009 with the FRATERNAL TWINS FEAR and HOPE running hand-in-hand. Transition is the WORLD opening their eyes like a newborn, fresh from their amniotic pool into a space first cold then surrounded warmth…

Transition is the WORLD joining their collective hands to cradle the fragile “package” toward a BETTER transition. BECAUSE the next ‘TRANSITION’ could be TRAGIC for ALL “concerned”.

ALL Should Remember

November 5, 2008
NEVER underestimate.

NEVER underestimate.

Many believe that the size of a thing determines its speed and abilities…

They are usually very disappointed, dead or both.

(The) John McCain Candidacy…

October 27, 2008


May and December, John McCain brought along a “beauty” queen who flagrantly touts everything she “knows” about the living of her dream on the “great” ‘White Way'(s). His hopes to ‘cash in on Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s “fighting style” in her ’bout’ with Senator Barack Obama by choosing a “gun-totin’, drop-the-gloves, Miss(ed) Congeniality has certainly energized a lot of the fear riddled (NEO-) conservatives in these “United” States. ( I placed the quotations for the dualism of a.] Just how UNITED we citizens have become in our closeness’ to REAL poverty. AND b.] How many are reacting to the excess LANOLIN leaking into our eyes from our ‘elected’s attempts (and successes) of STRIPPING US of all things given/granted US 232 years ago.)

Sarah’s Pale’n to those that ARE paying attention around the world and, as yet, not ONE of our national “news” agencies (electronic OR print) have had the GUTS to ask the ‘opinion’/ ‘observation’ of ANY of the world’s CURRENT FEMALE LEADERS from other nations… FRIEND or FOE !

John McCain seems much like December, the end ‘of’, a time of this hemisphere’s cold lock on growth. A month where the Ancient’s held lore of a type of Death. He’s supported a “CREATURE” that has caused a myriad of deaths… to incomes, living spaces, RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS… how we’ll get along with the rest of the WORLD ! Maybe even a NATION’S FUTURE.

He’s a good MAN, a GOOD SOLDIER. But what he’s considered “good intentions” in these last eight years… well I KNOW I’ve felt like HELL !

But… he is only ONE out of the many that saw, and did, things the way that they’ve become, all throwing their arms out of socket by the quick omni-directional finger pointings. And shoulder shrugs that should have popped heads off of their bodies.

John McCain has been chewing a military grade ‘hardball’ as “Political Dentine” during last TEN years, and most of us haven’t NOTICED or CARED. He has donned the “IRON MAIDEN” CLOAK given to him by his party and WILL BRAVELY walk through the desert they’ve built… STOICALLY gazing into the coming nights, PRIMROSE coloured sunsets, because Morning’s red,that’s been appearing over America lately, is clearing to a BLUE of TRUTH.

Given the propensity for drama here at “home” a play that sounds SHAKESPEARE-IAN might be called “ AZURE LIKE IT“.

Palin and Pailer

October 11, 2008
President By the first hundred days.

President By the first hundred days ?

The choice of Sarah Palin for the position of Vice President
for REPUBLICAN, ( The charge is ‘PANDERING’ ! ), candidacy mate to John McCain has forced me back to the times of
Hanna- Barbera. This ‘legislator’ from Alaska, (GOVERNOR.), has raised the observation that underlined the two most
promoted animations on Saturday mornings, “the Flintstones
and the Jetsons”, both showed us that there were NO ‘PEOPLE OF COLOR’. In the beginning or the future.
She reminds me of the Sorority girlfriend that caused the final
blowout in “ANIMAL HOUSE”, only with an Edie McClurg speech pattern. The big difference between the “girl” that
marries the ‘Senator’ and Mrs. Palin is that the cheerleader answered posed questions with a LUCID ability to give a
cogent sentence. If she were an “INNER CITY” child most of America would rate her chances of early pregnancy, or prison
in the upper 70th percentile. This is the person who MAY somehow become the “leader” of the only nation to HAVE
used ATOMIC WEAPONRY against other human beings.
(Ask an early participant of the Iraq “war” and the affects of “DEPEATED” PLUTONIUM… if they are still able to.). She is
quite proud of the way of life she ‘knows’ and rep resents while ‘seemingly’ being oblivious of what goes on in other peoples’ lives, even across the Bering Straits, (Which are a Moose antler’s width, if you hold it JUUUSST right. ). If the person chosen to “serve in-case” has only had the chore of getting water for “the cabin” then must get that same task accomplished in the exact time period for a “village” of 800 thirsty inhabitants they should have SOME previous PRACTICE and exercise for such.
If this is where an ‘American’ college degree in COMMUNICATIONS and JOURNALISM, [ A journalist, graduated. ] lends to research and presentation is there any wonder why America is falling behind the rest of the world ? Even India’s two week old telephone “customer help” operators understand, (almost ), every regional dialect here. Even in the stress of “bad services” angers.
Edgimacated @ WOSSAMATTA U.

"Edgimacated" @ WOSSAMATTA U.

Governor Palin, for the most part, has been a good legislator, except when family is involved, [\” But I\’m the GOVERNOR !\”]. And if this is how she treats her former brother-in-law what could happen on a “global” tiff !?! But, then again, she’s a great Governor to people who don’t care much to be that close to other people.

Even A Blind Person CAN TELL,

October 4, 2008

When they’re walking in the sun. But not so Sarah, ( “Scara”), Palin , the REPUBLICAN PARTY ‘ruse’ for Vice President in this year’s ‘National’ elections. In this time of aspursion casting “Miss Congeniality” has lost historical track of who this nation’s past home grown “TERRORISTS” ARE/WERE. In a “McCarthy-istic” associative statement Alaska’s current Governor uttered the name of one William C. Ayers, [Past weather(man) report.], now a University of Chicago instructor, free to do so as one who served the time for the crime. There are many former Nixonian dirty tricks experts that now serve in the Bush infrastructure, foremost of which is Mr. Karl Rove, a case in point that I’ll let ‘rest’ for you to study on your own.

If Mrs. Palin were to really invoke the memories of American born “TERRORISTS” of recent history she might try to make the attempt via associating Mr. Obama with a ” PANTHER-esque” spew, or by looking through a “BLACK STONE”, but that would be for naught due to the fact that those entities now work for the “GOOD OF THE BODY”. It’s too bad that the network she’s shilling for can’t work that angle due to it truly being a “WMD” to the REPUBLICAN PARTY’S spinmeisters goals. The sudden reprise of Mr. Ayers association to an early stage of Barack Obama’s career is tantamount to associating an improbable Presidential candidacy of Colin Powell to ‘TIMOTHY MCVIE’ because they both served in the military. It’s just too terrible to think that this is our choice of representation to the, combined, memories and hopes for the FUTURE of this, hopefully again, ‘great’ NATION. And to have spoken these incendiary accusations under the “cover” of the roof of an aircraft hanger, ( a la a past Miami VIce episode.), it would be “PRUDENT” for all to set their words and actions toward the direction of ACTUALLY CONVICTING THOSE WHO’VE SET THIS COUNTRY TO RUIN, instead of giving us “out-takes” and script revisions to the movie “WAG THE DOG”.

fish tales

fish tales

After the LOVE SONG

September 26, 2008

To those that have “BRANDED” their type of Christianity, and have squandered their time by being ‘OF’ this world, I have this well written piece of thought for ALL faiths within this nation’s sovereignty. There have been many who have placed their political forces onto the many who are, actually, very much like themselves but have let “ANOTHER” sell them rights to an ‘ORCHARD’ not their own. In this I sincerely hope that this ‘quote’ will revive your minds back to the sanity and honesties that lead you to a ‘HIGHER POWER’ in the first place, and have given you the impetus to seek a “BETTER SOCIETY” through the actions the WORLD, (AND G-D!), as a witnessing, as well as an experiencing.

These are the captured words of the son of AMOZ, (N.I.V. textural presentation.)… “A Rebellious Nation ( ” = name choise.)

For the Lord has spoken;

“I reared children and brought them up, but they have rebelled against me.

The Ox knows his master, the donkey his owner’s manger, but “Israel” does not know, “my” people don’t understand.”

Ah, sinful nation, a people loaded with guilt, a brood of evildoers, children given to corruption !

They have forsaken the Lord; they have spurned the Holy One of “Israel” and turned their backs on him.

Why shold you be beaten any more ? Why do you persist in rebellion ?

Your whole HEAD is injured, your whole HEART afflicted.

From the sole of your foot to the top of your head there is no SOUNDNESS-

only wounds and welts and OPEN SORES, not CLEANSED or bandaged or soothed with OIL.

Your country is desolate, your cities burned with fire; your fields are being STRIPPED BY FOREIGNERS

RIGHT BEFORE YOU, laid waste as when overthrown by strangers.

The “Daughter of Zion” is left like a shelter in a vineyard, like a hut in a field of melons, like a city UNDER SIEGE.

Unless the Lord Almighty had left you some SURVIVORS we would have become like “SODOM”,

we would have been like “GOMORRAH”.

Hear the word of the Lord, you RULERS of “SODOM”; listen to the LAW of our God, you people of “GOMORRAH” !

“The “MULTITUDE” of your ‘sacrifices’- WHAT are they to me ? ” says the Lord.

” I have more than enough of burnt offerings, of rams and the FAT of fatted animals; I have no pleasure in the BLOOD

of bulls and lambs and goats.

When you come to appear before me, WHO has ASKED this of you, this TRAMPLING of my COURTS?


If this isn’t something familiar to you it’s ISAIAH, first book after Solomon’s love song. Its content should be quite contemporary to you if you pay taxes, raised or are raising children, have lived through a war. I’d say this IS very contemporary, wouldn’t you ? The world WILL go on without us, it did so long before persecuted ‘believers’ crossed the pond in big canoes. Let’s make sure,SOMEHOW, that the purpose of BELIEF isn’t lost to youth’s gullibilities.

My personal question to us all is this, are WE going to allow this great experiment end just when it’s getting to the point of succeeding (?), by giving it to someone who doesn’t know the contents’ actual VALUES ?

stevland\’s \”They won\’t go when I go.\”

Thank You, Ms. Dixon !

And I DARE you to SEND THIS TO YOUR PREFERD PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And This, Too, SHALL Pass.

September 17, 2008

I want to stop writing about the folks who want to continue the charade of this “election”. If these ‘people’ haven’t anything better to do than LIE, (Any of their campaign advertisements will NOT contain what the constituents need, not only, to hear but be ASSURED OF!). CHEAT, ( The actual monies come from the friends, families as well as employees of the actual owners of the FED and Bilderberg.). Steal, ( Say EARMARK, Say

a GREAT START, let's return to it.

a GREAT START, let's get back to it.


There have, and has, been too many lives wasted and confused by the ways that we’ve been trained to the awarenesses that should make decisions clear, without the taint of greeds or PRIDE. The simple has been twisted into the unrecognizable and is leading many good citizens into servitudes that they’d normally vehemently shun. We’ve been a nation for only 232 years, yet we believe that we have surpassed  the greatnesses of every other one before us. If this continues we’ll have the shortest claim to this ‘greatness’ ever… with more devastating results.

I do love this country, I was born here. I love it well enough that I will risk being different enough, in thought, that those who won’t open their mind to look at another facet of this country and its amazing possibilities will write me off as out of touch. If we really want the world to EMBRACE what we have we can’t shackle their arms around us. Nor can we walk into their home and destroy its contents then have them pay for “goods” that WE approve of.

I’d not written the rest of this since the nineth and now there’s been a wind storm that has rendered one-fifth of this nation  without electriicity. A.E.P., ( AMERICAN ELECTRIC POWER), has taken over three days to restore power in Columbus, Ohio’s downtown area, stating that they’d sent most of their available workforce to Texas for restorations there. Mark my words: they WILL ask for an eight to fourteen percent increase of rates citing that they “NEED” to raise funds to ensure preparedness for the next climatical event. They’ll most likely get it because no one will challenge their records of those told to “stand down” to pad their coming request. This ALL seems to be interconnected, and is, the problem to rendering these thoughts for the citizenry appears to be falling on senseless recipients.

No matter, as so many civilizations of greeds and avarous, these things are but temporary. And shall pass into a boldly blind history.