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The Civil Rights Movement…

June 24, 2009

…THE WORLD’S, from the middle-east out.

Is there ANY way to retrieve the news articles, written in Arabic or Hebrew, that describe what THEIR VIEW of what was happening in ‘America’ during the 1960s ? How the government(s) of the United States was “handling” the “NEGRO” [\’STRUGGLE\’] to achieve THEIR rights as a [PEOPLE]*.

It’s amusing/ bemusing, ( isn’t it interesting that these two words follow such a distinct pattern… of pronouncement, and the closeness of spelling ?), that the “news” agencies of today haven’t brought us that ‘TRUTH-FULL’ bit of knowledge. That “IN-DEPTH” inquisitivity brought to us with a “JUST the FACTS, Ma’am” simplitude. It would be interesting to witness Andy Rooney’s World War Two G.I. Battlefield REPORTER’S MOXEY presenting a discussional grilling to Rick Sanchez,or Glen Beck.

And, as *PEOPLE go about their histories of ABUSE, and collective mistreatments, in the foundational “stakements” throughout the FOURTH ESTATE, they quickly try to [cover] their ‘cries from a wilderness’, through a “Movin’ On UP”, after steerage to Mr, ELLIS’ Island. To settle ON [\’WACKER\’ Drive]. So, now that the “struggle” has changed to another set of feet the shoe REMAINS the same, it just has a style CHANGE, ( Regional or Religional.), but its PURPOSE IS THE SAME in function… to make for the unencumbered, safe travel through LIFE for ANY and ALL who walk upright and have the capacity of speech’s communications between said animals.

If this quandary hadn’t crossed your mind throughout these past few time cycles go through your mental rollodex of life, with all those ‘tainted’ notes. And as you go through those vignettes that fill your “movies” of life, remember that the ‘scripts are written LONG AGO… And we forget the writers ONLY because they’re NOT part of “OUR NEIGHBORHOOD”, they don’t “SEE” or ‘BELIEVE” as “WE” do.

As we “witness” these “CURRENT” events remember to LOOK BACK, because it was succinctly described by Martin Niemoller…

“In Germany, they came first for the Communists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist;
And then they came for the trade unionists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist;
And then they came for the Jews, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew;
And then… they came for me… And by that time there was no one left to speak up.”

So as you see and hear what the media says is happening, ASK QUESTIONS… you may be on the next list of contestants.


April 21, 2009

An American, Theatrical, salute to those who served in the armed forces and their communities. And how their talents can never be diminished.

On this past April 16th, 17th, and 18th of 2009, (A.D.), the Franklin County Veterans Memorial stage welcomed back a 67 year old COMMUNITY THEATRICAL EXTRAVAGANZA for the 49th, and final time,(for it playing there.), on its stage. Vaud-Villities was and IS the collective VOICES, DANCE SHOES and INSTRUMENTS of men and women raising money for their various passions of communal charity.

It began with the 27 men of the FIRST COMMUNITY CHURCH’S ‘Men’s GLEE CLUB’, and it grew to be the “NOTATIONALLY NOTABLE” production of various glee clubs of the COLUMBUS, OHIO area. Its growth and popularity taking it from a small high school stage to a venue that even Jimi Hendrix chose to display his talent. This assembly of ‘NEIGHBORS’ never forgot those that fought and died to create, or ASSURE, their abilities to live as they have, and DO.

Each of this year’s production began with a Men’s chorus of Servicemen, (Active, Former, and a few costumed.), entering the auditorium walking down the left and right audience aisles to enter the stage from the proscenium’s steps and cross to center stage, shaking the proffered hand of the Airforce, Marine, Navy or Coast Guard representative to the tune of “HI, NEIGHBOR”. As the chorus of men then stood on risers an HONOR GUARD carried “BETSY’S BRILLIANCE” the width of the stage, the tonal salute to each branch marking its resting point, the audience clapping cadence. And, as each branch’s song ensued those that were, or ARE, of said stood in recognition. Daughters, Sons, Children, (Grand and Great. And for the World War Two veterans… Greater still.), held elbows for stabilization. These evenings were events of THANK YOU, and a confirmation to those that may still need “healing” for the wounds of their service to this NATION.

The chronological range of song and dance was covered from the “CAKEWALK” to “All That JAZZ”. The costumer’s handiwork would stand with any, from BURBANK to the BOWERY.

Wives and Mothers.

Wives and Mothers.

The THEMATIC ‘label’: AMERICAN ORIGINALS, Saluting the Greats in American Music. And it WAS “the Melting Pot’s” melange of tastes, throughout the previous years, covering the end of the 19th century’s offerings into the 1960’s. ‘Vaudville’ has yet to relenquish its time in the spotlight in Columbus, Ohio.

To give give a small porthole of the collective talent, of the myriad of TALENT, there was a 49 year VETERAN/ PARTICIPANT by the name of Bob Potts. A graduate of the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, (Major= what we, now, call MEDIA…minor= voice, a “Lyric Baritone”.), whose resume’ includes television’s historic PUBLIC ICONS W-QED, (Pittsburg, PA), and the initial studio sessions of one Fred Rogers, (And those in his “NEIGHBORHOOD”.). Bob ran track in his youth and kept some of that “Middle Distance” energy through all these years. His musical talent has been passed to his children; his youngest now with the United States Coast Guard playing her “EIGHT TO THE BAR”.

The ways of “old” are passing, and as our way of life has dramatically changed in the past few years we are “now” finding new ways to attempt to REMAIN our strong, viable selves, remembering the THEME-SONGS to events of HAPPINESS and HORROR alike… BUT, doing so as a COMMUNITY, because we ARE ” all in this TOGETHER”. ON the stage, in FRONT of the stage, or AROUND the stage… “the show MUST go on”. And WILL. Sometimes it comes to the point when you’ve just GOT to do so by yourself. Vaud-Villities Productions will open its own stage in Columbus’ “NORTHLAND” area, (I-71 to the Morse Rd. exit east toward Newark.), in the former J.C. Penney mall building. So that there WILL BE … ” ANOTHER OPENING, ANOTHER SHOW”.

Joshua’s Mission…

January 14, 2009

… In the hands of another generation. DO THEY understand the language of THAT DAY as those who could “HEAR” HIS voice as we do our OWN children ?

Since DECEMBER 27, 2008 the STATE of Israel has worked to “eradicate” the LEGALLY ELECTED group known as ‘HAMAS’. We in America “know” only that which we’ve ‘learned’ through the indoctrinations of ‘Pre’ GUTENBERG socio-theologies coupled to business ideologies that seek only to control certain regional resources. The “FREEDOM” of choice is, basically, that of survival’s COMFORTS.

As those who get “paid” to brave the dangers of recording the events taking place there is now the ability to do so through mediums that cannot place a bias to those events. This IS good.

I will not put MY BIAS’ onto this page because that would MARRY me to those who attempt to control us ALL. To give a small background of what brings me to write: I was raised A.M.E., ( African- Methodist-Episcopalian.), in a primarily upper middle-class sub-urban town located near Columbus,Ohio…( a “W.A.S.P.”nesting area.). In this I was to “travel” and see many different peoples and views by those concentrations of ethnicities. Most of all being one OF a “MINORITY”, (ONLY here in America.), I was subjected to learning WITHOUT the sense of “DIVINE RIGHT”. ( Read almost any version of the ‘CHRISTIAN’ tome.) If one looks at the present scenario RE-unfolding before us in GAZA and then opens King James’ book of prose to the ‘Book of JOSHUA, (the first three chapters can be transposed over today’s current texts.), one can have what the events of that time “fill in” the basic quandaries of said descriptions. [SINCE Moses, to Joshua, to Moise, to Ehud.] The way that the world’s governments have/ are “responding” to this centuries old dilemma seems to be divided by some sort of monetary force. How WOULD “the Book of JUDGES” read today ? And WHO ARE those “Judges” to BE? [JUDGES: Heaven\’s or Earth\’s ?] What does the TALMUD tell US, the “COUSINS”, (Jew/ Issac and Muslim/ Ishmael), and their ‘Christian’ “adoptees”? [Article 14… uttered ALOUD.] (Please note that Brother Nathanael Kapner requires me to tell you that the words of the previous link are HIS.)( And gives insight to:[ Joshua\’s \’mission\’, inherited from Moses\’. ],[Physicians… Heal thyselves. How?])

These are the visions that are HAUNTING the children that LIVE THERE, and as an example of “CONDITIONING” haven’t WE learned anything of Hate’s training “new troops” from those “BROWN-SHIRTED BOYS” !?! [A parental pride of BLOOD\’S connections.]

The ‘COMMAND’ of destroying those that were BORN and RAISED within the aroma of the TIGRES and EUPHRATES seems a “tad” much, especially from ONE that CREATED ALL OF US.

“MISSIONS” change over time and conditions. Over how WE’VE GROWN from THEN to NOW.

I put this together with great CARE because I DO CARE, about any and ALL that the”CREATOR” deemed appropriate to be here. My only question after sitting here and giving the WORLD this FACET of the DIAMOND called thought is this: Since the “CREATOR” had no “hard and fast” rules during the building of this UNIVERSE… HOW CAN WE ? D’Ellis

As a LAST THOUGHT: Do you remember, when you were in elementary school, the ‘lesson’ of ” GOSSIP CIRCLE”? The class sat in a circle then the Teacher told the first student a SIMPLE sentence. And that person told the person next to them until the last student retold the Teacher what they were SUPPOSED to HAVE SAID ? The “REASONS” of WAR are very much like that.

Dear President Obama

November 27, 2008

With Mr. Paulson continuing to relieve our wallets and retirements of volume I thought that I’d write you this special note to show to your predecessor.

If you BAILED OUT, (there seems to be a slight tinge of an ANTAGONYM to the the simile term “bailed out”. Or at least to what occurs when one ascends to a place that cannot support their continued survival.), as in had/will have, each of your 227,719,424 U.S. CONSTITUENTS with the SOON to become $2,130,000,000,000 YOU would stop the following…

1.) Families losing their HOMES,( credit in America would become 600+ instantly !

2.) The Automobile ‘Industry’ would have to “get better”…
a.) With the financial ability of true choice quality would HAVE to improve to keep cash flow at a healthy “constant”.

3.) Schools would NOT have to worry about FUNDING.


5.) ‘New’ BUSINESS would START.

a.) True INNOVATION would be FUNDED.

…AND would STOP…

1.) The “TRICKLE” DOWN !

2.) “Poverty”- Everyone would be “equal”.

a.) Crimes such as thefts would be rendered useless.

3.) Corporate “cheating” would be under more scrutiny.

Yes, there WOULD have to be an ‘EDUCATION’ TO ASSIST in the SERIOUS TRANSFORMATION, but then each “student” would get a very serious ‘PAYCHECK’ for their GRADUATION.

And to add to this incentive:

1.) Retirement for our “Golden Agers”.

2.) A TRUE circulation of funds.

3.) Savings would help pay everyone via what BANKS would return for our account’s usages.

4.) You are smart enough to see more pluses than listed here.

Think about it. YOU have a few days to be able to study and implement this suggestion… AND turn the WORLD on its proverbial ear. They’d HEAR this “SHOT” better than the one in 1776.

P.S. For those that have constantly spoken of “REPARATIONS” for Slavery… We’d be able to GET those FORTY ACRES promised: ALL provided BY a MULE.

(The) John McCain Candidacy…

October 27, 2008


May and December, John McCain brought along a “beauty” queen who flagrantly touts everything she “knows” about the living of her dream on the “great” ‘White Way'(s). His hopes to ‘cash in on Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s “fighting style” in her ’bout’ with Senator Barack Obama by choosing a “gun-totin’, drop-the-gloves, Miss(ed) Congeniality has certainly energized a lot of the fear riddled (NEO-) conservatives in these “United” States. ( I placed the quotations for the dualism of a.] Just how UNITED we citizens have become in our closeness’ to REAL poverty. AND b.] How many are reacting to the excess LANOLIN leaking into our eyes from our ‘elected’s attempts (and successes) of STRIPPING US of all things given/granted US 232 years ago.)

Sarah’s Pale’n to those that ARE paying attention around the world and, as yet, not ONE of our national “news” agencies (electronic OR print) have had the GUTS to ask the ‘opinion’/ ‘observation’ of ANY of the world’s CURRENT FEMALE LEADERS from other nations… FRIEND or FOE !

John McCain seems much like December, the end ‘of’, a time of this hemisphere’s cold lock on growth. A month where the Ancient’s held lore of a type of Death. He’s supported a “CREATURE” that has caused a myriad of deaths… to incomes, living spaces, RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS… how we’ll get along with the rest of the WORLD ! Maybe even a NATION’S FUTURE.

He’s a good MAN, a GOOD SOLDIER. But what he’s considered “good intentions” in these last eight years… well I KNOW I’ve felt like HELL !

But… he is only ONE out of the many that saw, and did, things the way that they’ve become, all throwing their arms out of socket by the quick omni-directional finger pointings. And shoulder shrugs that should have popped heads off of their bodies.

John McCain has been chewing a military grade ‘hardball’ as “Political Dentine” during last TEN years, and most of us haven’t NOTICED or CARED. He has donned the “IRON MAIDEN” CLOAK given to him by his party and WILL BRAVELY walk through the desert they’ve built… STOICALLY gazing into the coming nights, PRIMROSE coloured sunsets, because Morning’s red,that’s been appearing over America lately, is clearing to a BLUE of TRUTH.

Given the propensity for drama here at “home” a play that sounds SHAKESPEARE-IAN might be called “ AZURE LIKE IT“.