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… And the Home of the …

November 10, 2011

We should no longer wonder what the campaign slogan of “CHANGE” has meant to this present “society”. The “CULTURE” of letting the PERPE-TRAITOR off the hook, NO, letting them RE-BAIT the hook, is only the [LATEST] EWE-TURN of the evaporating civility and character of those we “put in charge”. Beside the GROWING facts of a VOTING group that does so like CHILDREN watching a MCDONALD’S commercial offering a toy from the [OWNER] of the Television company they’ve “PAID”(?) the fees to.
The [CIRCLING] of the la haute société, (upper-“middle”-class.), has [BULLIED] those “lesser than” by a.) Stealing the “lunch money” from the average American’s very bedroom piggy banks. b.)Extracting more “rental fees” of their FIEFDOMS. c.) embracing ancient [STALINIST] tactics toward the citizenry.
The childish [ANTICIPATION]of the coming “sacred” birthday for the son of whose name is trusted, and SO SOUGHT after, is but one example of how JUDAS is to, AGAIN, betray a ‘Holy’ moment. How many of our corporate industries’ captains are secret fans of [E.J. SMITH]? How well do YOU think they’re doing in the emulation?
The title said something about the “HOME” “of”… There aren’t too many homes “of” after [GMAC] became “everyone’s new” [ALLY].

The question is, when are WE going to REINSTATE the physical, and social parts of home’s precursor THE LAND OF THE FREE, then THE HOME OF THE BRAVE!?!

The Prejudice of Size

December 2, 2008

At 6′ 5″ and the National Football League “Lineman’s” weight of 270 pounds one would “THINK” (?) that a man of this physical presence might have commanded CAUTION from a MOB of “deal” targeting holiday “shoppers”. But the 34 year old seasonally hired Jdimytai Damour had no idea of HOW to exert the intimidating factors of his physical ‘gifts’. There isn’t much about his history as far as what’s been told by family and friends, but it IS obvious that this young man was NOT “of” the normal American of “African” heritage ‘up-bringing’. There was no volleyball, basketball, football backgrounding in any sports oriented enhancements of Mr. Damour’s size. But as He didn’t “see” his size as an attribute to the “control” of the aptly named “BLACK FRIDAY” shopping MOB his managerial supervisors “naturally” SAW every “black” athlete that had been on their home or bar’s ESPN driven television screen. The issue of what media’s collusion with the marketing departments of the major national “chains” of capitalism’s self- servance should SOUND an ALARM to anyone who’d seek employment. The basic question that ‘applicants’ should pose to the “head” of every H.R. (“Human” Resource) department is this: “If I accept the position that you have advertised for me to fill will you make sure that my SAFETY won’t be jeopardized ? That only to the exclusion of those in the position of “SECURITY”. [Does body \”TYPE\” determine another \”job\’s\” description ?]

Look around you when you go to the “mall” ANYTIME many of those placed into what they’ve applied for aren’t participating in that which the signed paperwork “guaranteed”. And as to training for “the described duties” OF said position…Just ask Mr. Damour just how much time the WALTON’S upper management spent preparing new hires for “BLACK FRIDAY”, especially with the economy that they’ve helped in. [Good Mourning, and welcome to Wal-Mart !] [A stitch mis-timed.]

How long do YOU think it will take American “BUSINESS” to “get it” ?

Dear President Obama

November 27, 2008

With Mr. Paulson continuing to relieve our wallets and retirements of volume I thought that I’d write you this special note to show to your predecessor.

If you BAILED OUT, (there seems to be a slight tinge of an ANTAGONYM to the the simile term “bailed out”. Or at least to what occurs when one ascends to a place that cannot support their continued survival.), as in had/will have, each of your 227,719,424 U.S. CONSTITUENTS with the SOON to become $2,130,000,000,000 YOU would stop the following…

1.) Families losing their HOMES,( credit in America would become 600+ instantly !

2.) The Automobile ‘Industry’ would have to “get better”…
a.) With the financial ability of true choice quality would HAVE to improve to keep cash flow at a healthy “constant”.

3.) Schools would NOT have to worry about FUNDING.


5.) ‘New’ BUSINESS would START.

a.) True INNOVATION would be FUNDED.

…AND would STOP…

1.) The “TRICKLE” DOWN !

2.) “Poverty”- Everyone would be “equal”.

a.) Crimes such as thefts would be rendered useless.

3.) Corporate “cheating” would be under more scrutiny.

Yes, there WOULD have to be an ‘EDUCATION’ TO ASSIST in the SERIOUS TRANSFORMATION, but then each “student” would get a very serious ‘PAYCHECK’ for their GRADUATION.

And to add to this incentive:

1.) Retirement for our “Golden Agers”.

2.) A TRUE circulation of funds.

3.) Savings would help pay everyone via what BANKS would return for our account’s usages.

4.) You are smart enough to see more pluses than listed here.

Think about it. YOU have a few days to be able to study and implement this suggestion… AND turn the WORLD on its proverbial ear. They’d HEAR this “SHOT” better than the one in 1776.

P.S. For those that have constantly spoken of “REPARATIONS” for Slavery… We’d be able to GET those FORTY ACRES promised: ALL provided BY a MULE.

Write-In: It COULD Happen

July 16, 2008

I SHOULD HAVE GONE TO WASHINGTON, DC TO THE RALLY WITH RON PAUL, instead of waiting below the summit while Barack was checking out changing rooms above the tree line on Mount Baldie. Where the famous Babar formation LIES near the mountaintop. Change, as we were led to believe would be something away from these past , almost , eight years of losses. I usually have a lot of words to fill your head with a view, but the latest “betcha’ they don’t notice” by the TRULY PRESUMPTIVE Democratic candidate has brought me to recall stories related to me by the “old ones” when I was a child. These were people who were in their eighties and up when I was in elementary school. They told of relatives who’d been slaves that told of the differences between those who didn’t work IN THE HOUSE and them’s that ‘deed’. They’re stories that were meant to teach us about reaping that what was sowed, were the ones about the slaves that “passed” enough, that the owners didn’t feel their hidden danger, but had connived their way into a position that they protected by “any means necessary”. Myna-ing their way through and Chameleon-esque blending… until some event happened that unraveled their personal vignette. I see this, sadly, in the frequent video snippets offered by Mr. Obama’s captured statements. And begin to understand the stories… Have you ever gone to a community theatre production and the better local “stars” are gone on a business trip suddenly, so that the carpenter for the last twelve seasons… that never got the lead because they were tone deaf… but knew every-ones part… so the company made them THAT promise… so, TONIGHT the company HAD to KEEP THAT promise… and now your there. And you’ve already PAYED the baby sitter !!?! I’m SO hoping that this coming election ISN’T THAT night.

Wasn’t it only a couple weeks ago that he said something to the affect that ” HE WAS GOING TO BRING THE TROOPS HOME !”… As SOON as he “TOOK” office ? ( I see a peculiar similarity here. The previous TAKER did so WITHOUT telling us. He just did it.) So if this IS what’s happening the “POWER BROKERS” have decided that they won’t even BOTHER to hide what they’re doing as I ‘Speak’. THEY ARE GOOD !) Since we don’t know where Karl Rove is at this moment I might wager that it really doesn’t matter to BIG OIL and their “puppet masters”, the banking community, who of the two gets the nod. And all the while we have a very happy family that can, now, take some time away from public view, and scrutiny… KNOWING that the best laid plans are best backed up with guns. Just looK AT ‘EM!

 And you were sure that it couldn't HAPPEN again!

And you were sure that it couldn't HAPPEN again!


July 3, 2008



May 25, 2008

I cannot relate a story to the world about my own father, even though he was my father. There are many people that are, now, not with us that we OWE SO MUCH TO and we really didn’t KNOW THEM. An earlier article that displayed itself was: ‘WHEN KNOWLEDGE is TAKEN for GRANTED’. I wrote about those who were in our lives but we had no idea of what events shaped these QUIET TITANS that we’ve called ‘neighbor’. I NEVER called MISTER EDWARDS by his first name, and of too much RESPECT for him, his wonderful wife, and his three offspring I will not start that now. Even his middle initial stands for I don’t know what, so you won’t either. The contents of the article will now be that of the inside page of the ‘HOMEGOING’ Service brochure…*

“Celebrating the Life of ‘MISTER EDWARDS’. March 11,1925 to February 28,2008 Edwards, ‘MISTER’, ageKeep the light of TRUTH LIT. 82, of Worthington, passed away Thursday, February 28, 2008. He was born the sixth child (five boys and two girls) on March 11, 1925 in Urbancrest, Ohio to the late Willie and Lucy (Johnson) Edwards. He was also proceeded in death by his two sisters and three of his brothers. MISTER Edwards was retired from D.C.S.C. as a Branch Chief in Contract Administration, with 41 years of service. MISTER Edwards was also a WORLD WAR TWO U.S. Army Veteran, serving as a Medical Technician in a Headquarters and Medical Attachment, which served in Europe as a “Group Headquarters” over 12 to 17 Companies. He attended Jackson Township High School in Grove City, Ohio, where he belonged to the NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY and lettered in basketball, football and track. He later graduated from THE Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education, finishing the four-year course load in TWO years (1946-1948). As an undergraduate, he substituted as a French Instructor at University High School for Professor Allen. He played on a semi-pro football team in Worthington, Ohio, as a halfback, fullback and quarterback. He taught at Knoxville College, Knoxville,TN as a French Instructor and served as assistant football and basketball coach. MISTER Edwards served as President of the P.T.A. at the Worthington Elementary School (Ohio State Route 161 and Hartford Street). He served as President and one of the FOUNDING members of the HUMAN RELATIONS COUNSEL. MISTER Edwards is survived by his LOVING WIFE of 58 years, September 25,1949 and his three children, Yvette, Kenneth and Gerald.”

I didn’t ask or get permission from the surviving spouse for the presenting of this article, but it was important enough to me that I find a way to say THANK YOU to someone that really did mean something to me for all my ignorances that this REMARKABLE man forgave me . I’m sure that there are many such people around every one of us and that’s what MEMORIAL DAY is about. Eventually every war ‘HERO’ passes from our presence on this earth, the question immemorial is how well do we know these ROCKS of the walls of freedom that OUR NATION MUST CALL ON? And how much time did we take to truly listen to the many lives that each hero has lived to this point that they’ll give those GRAINS OF LIVING LIFE that we may carry them to the next fertile fields of our future? And can we know if someone will give us a “WELL DONE” for gleaning enough of the proper seeds to make sure that ALL the HEROES are HONORED?

Oh, by the way, MISTER Edwards was one of the many unsung AFRICAN-AMERICAN SOLDIERS.

*( With a bit of ‘editorial’ licensing for the protection of the innocent .)