Lyrics In Search of a Tune: Again

Sometimes I listen to “musictv” and get inspired. Here I go again…

“Bye Bye, Baby”

What’s that, what you’re telling me
did I just hear good-bye?
You told me (Hey)”You belong to ME”
or was that just a slight beige lie?

Old school, bat the eyes, flick-a-Hip
your “rep-ree-twah” is tried
I was just the Mule for your School books
Time’s lapsed, and you still chase pretty guys

Thanks, “DEAR”, thank you for the test
tear-soaked wings won’t let you fly
Young love gets baggied, no preserves
love “forever”, let’s laugh until we cry

Bye bye baby, I guess it’s time to go
Bye bye baby, go ‘head and let your “feeling” flow
Bye bye baby, I guess I should’ve known
Bye bye baby, my friend are sayin’ “man… told you so

That’s all yawl. The genre “of” said Blues, but, there’s GOT to be ‘Wolfgang Yankovic Zappa’ out there to muddle the maestro-mindset.

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One Response to “Lyrics In Search of a Tune: Again”

  1. omegetymon Says:

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