So You “THNQ”/ THINK I Was Off ?

Sometimes a reader comes across information that they dream blather, an “author’s” filling-in-space. Most times this COULD be true. But, to [ANNEAL] the presentation of the post ‘The Premonition’, ( It’s the post previous to this, “see below”.), directed your attention to what has been a pre-Cancerous [CELL] coming into full bloom. Now, after the wondrously contrived Faux/FOX – Andrew Breitbart ‘lynching’ of Shirley Sherrod the public SHOULD request them to…

clean up after themselves.

… And be less of the above, significantly MORE of what Scott Brown gives as the wisdom of what Journalism TRULY IS.

The interesting thing about what Scott says is that too many Television JOURNALISTS appear eerily “TWIN-SUM” to [MAX HEADROOM].

WHO’S the [ROBOT] ?


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