The Premonition

It’s uneasy writing something so volatile to “no-one”, let alone doing so TWICE in just two years. There are many of us that write blogs because those who “know” us have heard enough of those little intangibles, that we spew, to give them any credence. I started this blog as a second avenue to let the “demons” out. Now YOU can read about what terrible things I see when I read, or hear, of the actions being taken “for progress” by those chosen by OUR ELECTED. I WAS a Union Stagehand and have been part of its SCIENTIFIC, gossamer slight-of-hand. So, with the coming of “CHANGE” those tools that had been put into place have proved that those GIVEN those tools have IMMEDIATELY begun to use them for the ILL of their inception. Politics begat their demand, POLITICS is using them like BOOTLEGGERS during prohibition.

Two days ago an Andrew Breitbart offaling to Faux/ FOX “NEWS” escalated into a “Birth-of-a Nation” , (in reverse negative.). In giving any, and ALL the INCOMPLETE videotaping of the March 27, 2010 NAACP meeting in Georgia Mr. Breitbart, and cohorts, “fooled” Benjamin Jealous into CONDEMNING Shirley Sherrod of RACISM. As too the VIGILANT, CRITICAL staffing of FOX “NEWS” exacerbated the POLITICAL FRAGGING of Mrs. Sherrod’s career as a “GUB-MINT” employee. Now that some things have “COME TO LIGHT” the true uproar is about to commence.The fact that the head of the USDA took this situation to such a “COVER-YOUR-ASS” extreme isn’t as telling as his surname… VILSACK… which sounds like a statement from…
…Laugh-In, “Vat ? You half maid der GARTENMEISTER WÜTEND, He VIL SACK You !”

Now, to the terse... Witting Accomplises ALL

28 01 2009

This post is a re-release in that the problems of the coming ‘change’ to television’s viewing is completely out of our hands due to the legislators not listening… AGAIN / STILL.

In the coming year of 2009 every television in America must be digital ready or have a digital converter as its interface in transmitting the signal. Does ANYONE out there the remember those few frames of Douglas McQuaid as a totally vicious police officer” WASTING” hungry civilians during the food riots of TOTAL RECALL? Do you remember that he was actually INNOCENT because the GOVERNMENT had DIGITALLY “RE-SHOT” the footage in the attempt to incriminate him through fraudulent manipulations of actual events. THIS is a very likely scenario in our world today, AND it’s been set to be foisted upon this nation:FEBRUARY SEVENTEENTH IN THE YEAR TWO-THOUSAND and NINE !. The sixty year gap between Jules Vern and Neil Armstrong will have dwindled to, seeming, DAYS. The ‘good’ GENERAL’S offspring, (Michael Powell), has been led to as catastrophic a duping as dad, (remember father’s United Nations appearance to justify the Cheney-Bush reasons for WAR in IRAQ?), the only difference is that Michael has infected every American building, its contents EVERY MAN, WOMAN AND CHILD.

Why, dear reader, has our legislative leadership been pushed to this gambit? Let’s look at a few historical building blocks. The most prominent case to mind, for me, is the John F. Kennedy assassination and its “lone” video instrument of “proof”, (goto> jfk-foto.lis), too much dismissed,too much destroyed. Now, what this article IS about is how a ‘GOOD’ citizen’s witness might be ruled suspect just because they “aren’t QUALIFIED”, or any other “official” government agency’s ‘classification’. Know this, our ruling party’s ARE in it for the VALUE, not so much, for the money, that will “take care of itself”.

What is of VALUE to you or I is quite minuscule when it comes to WHAT THINGS HOLD or INCREASE TO MAKE VALUE. Now what, folks, must this gale winded person be going to enlighten you with? THIS… knowledge… past, present and ( this hinges on both of the former.), FUTURE= POWER. When any individual has control of the WHO’S, WHATS, WHENS, WHERE’S, whys and …HOW, those without access WILL PAY DEARLY FOR SUCH THINGS.( In ways that the Goebbels’ of this world haven’t imagined yet!) The film ‘proof’ of the aforementioned Abraham Zapruder, Bell&Howell filmed- frame 313, was VALUED at the silencing fee of SIXTEEN MILLION DOLLARS to the, late, Mr. Zapruder’s heirs.

All because the United States GOVERNMENT IS going to lock it in a vault and CONTROL ITS ACCESS. Another example of the WORTH of information is Microsoft founder William Gates’ past acquirings in his, (PURPORTED), buying the fallen empire of Russia’s copyrights to BOOKS,MILITARY RECORDS, WRITTEN HISTORY. AND anything else his learned advisers could trace.(Washington Post 5/19/2003) Or the MAJOR buying of “IMPORTANT PAINTINGS”,(Business Week 8/14/2001) What type of seeds are his projects?

As a very most recent event example there is time signatured video of the BBC coverage “during” ‘9-1-1′, the female anchor reads the ‘BREAKING NEWS’,( while one should be noting the digital time at the bottom cor ner of the frame…), SHE’S WAY TOO EARLY!!!

We are where we are with the mandate of ‘DTV’ and there ARE professional people out here who make it their business to know AND,( try to.), protect the world from those who’d usurp their constituents. I came across, his ‘tag’ is: The Politics of Telecom, Media and Technology, this man Is knowledge able. ( Here are a few starting points, if this has peaked your interest. 1.) http://www. campaignlegalcenter .org- On the 2/8/1996 ,Telecommunications Act; telling the FCC to EVALUATE DTV within ten years from the first issuance of a public license. Signed into LAW by William Jefferson Clinton. 2.) A man from M.I.T.- Digital_TV%20_Descion.html, his list is a shopping list of answers.

As mentioned above the, possible, illegal manipulations of what will be seen on our ‘tellys’ is a huge question. if you GOOGLE ‘laws on “real-time” digital video editing’ it gives you one-hundred and eighteen thousand entries on that query alone. Those who have the expertise in the art of video manipulation may be on their way to enormous paydays with this. Readily available software from companies like HOUDINI and LIGHTWAVE are extremely capable of remaking the movie shot by a ten year old at their local soccer game suddenly have Mr. Beckham scoring that go ahead goal AS YOU WATCH THE GAME ON THE [SIDELINES]! And that’s tame. The MAXON CINEMA 4-D program has a feature that ANTICIPATES via some very advanced algorithms.These softwares can do all this to RE-ROUTING and the INTERCEPTION of digital signals! YES, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN the ushering in of DIGITAL TELEVISION will be a REVOLUTION.

But, let’s remember what the head said ,in TOTAL RECALL, as McQuaid ’s cover was blown… GET READY FOR A BIG SURPRISE!!!!

It is disconcerting that serious views are summarily overlooked, when they ARE so readily available. And with so many great programs of “research” that can trigger a mainframe to gather it, you’d THINK, (THNQ, for the Dyslexic.), that such a tool would be OF USE for those organizations that can seriously use them… AHEM, MR. PRESIDENT !

And, to the PRESIDING ELECTED, YOU based the THEME of your campaign ON CHANGE, change you’ve gotten. But YOU are letting the idiots direct that CHANGE. It’s TIME to step onto/ into the COURT/ RING and show the WORLD just how good a HOOK/ SHOT YOU HAVE. You’ve been letting THEM take TOO MANY, as YOU’VE TAKEN TOO MANY.

Just to let you in on something recent, this HAS happened…[GOTCHA !], and [\”YAHOO\”].

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