In The SPIRIT of Business…

… Or how a [SMALL COMPANY] decided to air the nation’s cumulate [“TWO CENTS“] of the corporate AND legislative proctological preparative, and the agent of “PLUME”.

The interesting part of this [“SITUATION“] is that most folks have no idea of what happens when a snowball gets tossed into a pot of boiling oil, the initial reaction is like you see above, ( My SINCERE SYMPATHIES to the men who lost their lives, and their families.), but those that receive the super heated expansions will go through extraordinary recovery. It WILL take a long time for the scars to heal, let alone to become unnoticeable.

Its great that a “LITTLE GUY” took the time and bravery to think “outside-the-box”, and enlisted what so many of the MOST of US waved at the top of their brainwaves.

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