With Just The SLIGHTEST Change

We have come a long way from times of foraging and hunting parties to feed the Village. We have NOT come so far as to our societal influences that fuel the chasms called PREJUDICE. The term changed in its narrowing of “scope”, from the [\”blatant\” subtleties] that are [still current] “across the pond”, to the founding fathers’ [Constitutional OBFUSCATION] and America’s ‘seemingly’ “Tortoise”-like race to overcome the actions, thoughts and [reinstallation], through a continuing, “higher” [Education]. For most Humans the differences aren’t so visible. But then there are times that the LESSON is far more obvious. Such is the case I present here.

The two drawings that you’ll view are of the same “hand”, [Nuka Godtfredsen], but my gist of point is the difference of expression that may tilt a young mind toward the out- moded / -landish beliefs past.

1.) The BBC and MSNBC versions, (including the Anglicized spelling of the Artist’s name.).

2.) The National Geographic version, presented as a scientific Joe Friday: ” Just the FACTS, Ma’am.”, nothing to frighten one of this person’s existance.

Subtleties, this is the type of visual, [Firesign Theatre: Nick Danger-Third Eye] ‘brake and switch’, ( Also known in American teen-age movies as a “Chinese fire drill”.). “Would you care to sit here, in the Waiting room ? Or Wait over here, in the Sitting room ?” All humor, “besides”… The Dorian Grey mirrorings tell much about the quiet campaigns still being waged, and WHO the general field rascals are. They couldn’t be Marshalls, because they’re NO GOOD. Where a Supreme Marshall would be Thurgood. (Do, excuse me, but it IS still February.)

1.) = the Mongol / “angry Khan”, bearing down on the fair young European “maidens”, unprotected from these “HARDENED”, ( Yes, there ARE “THOSE” two fears !), “BLACK-EYED” Heathens.

2.) = the fellow that rows their kayak amongst freed WILLY’S. Frozen “Spear-Chuckers”.

I, definitely, have to leave you with that thought.

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