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On the AGING’S Home Market

January 22, 2010

How can it be that [we can\’t see] the [the SECOND] Wave’s disasters ?

there is no *shore, our home’s NO FLOORS, their “clean-up” crews soon after.

It makes no sense the Neighbor’s fence, it separated “good” for nothing.

It’s lenders versus fenders, aid corporate “confidenseers” to ply [\”elected\”].

So who’s to [know] how far they’ll go when a *shining sea’s reflected ?

It caught me off guard when I read a blog from INDONESIA that made an off-handed statement that “they now have made a new industry from our aged”. The above “blurg” is my simple , “emergency flare” to you.
(Draw(n) : Some con-clusions.)

Does it NOT seem wrong that someone halfway around the world would be knowledgeable enough about the problems occurring here. Obviously THEY don’t listen to Lou Dobbs.