DEAR Mr. President

Dear ‘Sir’,

As a man-of colour, at the momentum blessed side of coming to age 60, I tap these keys in earnest to you, ( AND, those you’ve surrounded yourself with.), on the QUESTION(S) of… What IS YOUR plan FOR those IN, and OF AMERICA ?

# 1.) WHY has your administration left the CROOKS and THIEVES in charge/ control of where your VOTING base “CAN LIVE”?

#2.) WHY do you allow ‘Business’ to continue their culture of intimidation through closing off the CITIZENRY’S many INNOVATIONS ? (Those TINY little things called IDEAS/ AVENUES of PRODUCTION.)

a.)WHY does the “labor”administration allow companies to steal their employee’s “nuggets of gold“, that were extracted from THEIR MIND FIELDS ,when you can see that [eminent domain],in its current forms, only leads to theft by those that implement it on its very short side.

b.) WHY do you continue a “WAR” in a region that WILL NOT allow you to attain the OIL that “bilge-a bird”dangled before our greed mongers ? Russia may have left the area but they, still, have the “trust” of those that steward the surface where [transportation\’s BLOOD] and [cartographical coinage] are destroying AMERICA’S “best and brightest”.

c.) WHY are you KILLING the chance of another “MAN-of-COLOR”, ( instead of creating a new AFRICAN DESCENT.), being elected to lead this nation’s citizenship?

D.) WHY don’t you notice that this is the grade you’ve EARNED thus far into your Tern, ( not a mis-spelling, so far my vote has been FOR THE BIRDS !!!), IN ORIFACE, ( AGAIN, NOT a mis-spelling. There are TOO many heads up the posteriors of those with political diarrhea. ), during this time of needed/ promised direction ?

e.) WHY haven’t you recognized that YOU are the ONLY person that can right the ship during this tsunami of need ? With the fact that you were designated CAPTAIN of this S.S. AMERICA it’s PAST time for you to put your hand on the “wheel” and SERIOUSLY attempt to save the “ship”, passengers, AND crew.

DEAR Mister President, PLEASE, ‘PRESIDE‘ over these ensuing years ! If YOU don’t commence the process now the “PROCESS” will be lost .

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