The Stake of THE UNION: Addressed

A family story from my Grandfather says that his Brother was murdered as a Coal Miner in favor of UNIONIZATION, ( While stationed at the top of a coal conveyor someone had cut the leather belting and the coal’s weight combined with the speed of the mechanism caused it to separate and run, slicing the man “in two”.). This was to have happened in Matewan, West Virginia just after Government “Agents” had ‘assassinated’ Matewan Sheriff Sid Hatfield. The country needed something/ some-ones to stop, ( or at least slow down.) the CORPORATE RAPE of the American worker against the “new fiefdoms” built by names that are now associated with universities, (Carnegie-Mellon), and gasoline companies, (Standard Oil). As the ‘protector’ of the families wage earnings abilities the men who did so were those that signaled such to the soon to be United Mine Worker by their RED Kerchief worn around the NECK, (Blanco or Negro, ALL who PROTECTED were known as “RED-NECKS” ! [\”Rednecks\” is all colors that participated.])

Now, some Eighty-Eight years later a man with an African name is acting like a “Redneck”, only this time the Government is working to “protect the worker” and their job… and FIRING the guy behind “the BIG desk”, [The other side of a Pink slip.] With this gesture the “Shell-meisters” now should be cautious, as the taxpayer has requested clear shells. [Three CLEAR shells for this new game.]

As one who has, thankfully, kept a current card for Twenty years I know that there are many that think UNIONS should “go away”. If there is anything that can, and will, prove to the world that a concerned, (and concerted. ), group of well and like minded people can make the economy a viable entity again the UNIONS should make all efforts. Through seeing that ALL receive the FAIR and EQUITABLE wage to provide for the family and what it takes to fairly make for their lives. It is now up to the LEADERSHIP of those UNIONS to see that ALL sides get their desire… GOOD, QUALITY items for TRANSPORTATION, (business and INDIVIDUAL.), HOMES, (a place that is SAFE- chemically, fiscally, neighborly.)

As this world turns to its new facets, the reflected light of a new day just may turn out to be the best spectrum for growth, (as people.), so far… At least that’s the PRAYER I hear being whispered around.

[We want OUR hands this relaxed… In retirement.]

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