A Coffee Can Won’t Work Anymore

The times of saving money in a Chock Full-O-Nuts can are over. Old men and women scurrying across one’s backyard with a metal detector and a wheelbarrow are the oncoming scenario of pensionless baby-boomers.We are now into the full ‘schwing’ of this new guise of “GUB-MINT,” and they are minting some interesting things for the future. I don’t have “MONEY” like I”d prefer, but I do get the bills paid “on time”,( See the defintion of ANTAGONYM.), with the working hours that I get. For all the ‘stimulating’ rhetoric being eloquently wafted past the electorate’s ears, the deeds of the former homeowner are still for NAUGHT. All the while the banking “community” is keeping those TRILLIONS of DOLLARS wrapped tightly in their fecal covered fists. [From the State of good MOURNING.],[Pay ATTENTION to those BEHIND the CURTAINS.], [The \”RULES\” of the \’Shell\’ \”game\”.]

The ironic part of this is that some of the banks that have been “bailed out” are still considered to be viable enough to be listed as some of the BETTER banks of around the world, [If this is the World\’s \”BEST\”…],what if they were ?

This WORLD fiscal situation is analginous to a Scuba diver being told to FREE DIVE, their trainings would probably KILL them, ( A free diver KEEPS the air and fights the surrounding water’s atmospheric pressures to “enjoy” their ‘sport’/ Whereas a SCUBA DIVER expels the pressurized mixture.) No matter, I’ve heard that the last part of the body to die is THE BRAIN… the last recognition of a “life”. That is what is termed as DROWNING, what the WORLD seems to be doing at this moment. Are we looking for a LIFE’S Line, or are we going to grasp for an anchor ?

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One Response to “A Coffee Can Won’t Work Anymore”

  1. Dixie Copeland Says:

    “Are we looking for a LIFE’S Line, or are we going to grasp for an anchor ?”
    Excellent question. The current flotation devises aren’t working. ~Dixie


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