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Lipizzans Leading the “NEW” GOP

January 10, 2009

After seeing themselves in the national mirror the “grand old party” has finally noticed that their Dorrian “GRAY” visage just DOESN’T have the representative MOXY they’ve been touting. It now is extremely apparent that their ignoring those descendants of the “STOLEN” (from AFRICA) are far more important than the animal (of their once shared neighborhoods) who SHOULD understand DOES. As of November 4, 2008 the Republican party witnessed all their assumptive tactics propel one of their ilks’ greatest fears turn into what may be the “greatest blessings” that they couldn’t produce themselves… but that ISN’T stopping them from building a new “TROJAN HORSE” for their upcoming campaigns. ENTER TWO of six of their specially “BRED” two-legged Lipizzaner show ponies. [Lipizzans as Trojan Horses.]

The only one that truly stands out, to me, is Mr. J.Kenneth “Black”well, the former Ohio Secretary of State. Yes HIM. [A VERY SPECIAL delivery \”boy\”.] Mr. Blackwell turned out to be now EX-President Bush’s more defining cohorts of assistance to reaching the OVAL OFFICE, seeing how OHIO was “SWUNG” electronically by, geographically close associate DIEBOLD, [Warren O\’Dell, sworn allegiance to \”deliverance\”.].

As this chain of events begins its new assault on America’s RIGHTS and FREEDOMS the “PACHYDERM PRIDE” is looking back to one of history’s greatest world changing Generals… HANNIBAL, (the “crazy” who crossed the ALPS with Elephants to conquer parts of the world, the Carthaginian, African by birth.). Which brings us to the title.

Lipizzan, a brilliantly trained horse with extraordinary athletic abilities, (just like “the Negro”.), brought from stock of Arabian breeding coupled to Moorish enhancements, finalized in European, (Spanish cavalry style.), home in Vienna, Austria. You may remember the exchange between Gene Hackman and Denzel Washington, in Crimson Tide, where they argued about this animal’s coloring as “worth”. Hackman alluded to their “WHITENESS” being their “outside” proof of greatness, Washington stating that they STARTED BLACK…

THEY started out BLACK.

"THEY started out BLACK".

As a sad simile to this thought the POLAR BEAR too is WHITE but it’s skin is black. And it too is a species “IN DANGER”.