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The Prejudice of Size

December 2, 2008

At 6′ 5″ and the National Football League “Lineman’s” weight of 270 pounds one would “THINK” (?) that a man of this physical presence might have commanded CAUTION from a MOB of “deal” targeting holiday “shoppers”. But the 34 year old seasonally hired Jdimytai Damour had no idea of HOW to exert the intimidating factors of his physical ‘gifts’. There isn’t much about his history as far as what’s been told by family and friends, but it IS obvious that this young man was NOT “of” the normal American of “African” heritage ‘up-bringing’. There was no volleyball, basketball, football backgrounding in any sports oriented enhancements of Mr. Damour’s size. But as He didn’t “see” his size as an attribute to the “control” of the aptly named “BLACK FRIDAY” shopping MOB his managerial supervisors “naturally” SAW every “black” athlete that had been on their home or bar’s ESPN driven television screen. The issue of what media’s collusion with the marketing departments of the major national “chains” of capitalism’s self- servance should SOUND an ALARM to anyone who’d seek employment. The basic question that ‘applicants’ should pose to the “head” of every H.R. (“Human” Resource) department is this: “If I accept the position that you have advertised for me to fill will you make sure that my SAFETY won’t be jeopardized ? That only to the exclusion of those in the position of “SECURITY”. [Does body \”TYPE\” determine another \”job\’s\” description ?]

Look around you when you go to the “mall” ANYTIME many of those placed into what they’ve applied for aren’t participating in that which the signed paperwork “guaranteed”. And as to training for “the described duties” OF said position…Just ask Mr. Damour just how much time the WALTON’S upper management spent preparing new hires for “BLACK FRIDAY”, especially with the economy that they’ve helped in. [Good Mourning, and welcome to Wal-Mart !] [A stitch mis-timed.]

How long do YOU think it will take American “BUSINESS” to “get it” ?