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(The) John McCain Candidacy…

October 27, 2008


May and December, John McCain brought along a “beauty” queen who flagrantly touts everything she “knows” about the living of her dream on the “great” ‘White Way'(s). His hopes to ‘cash in on Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s “fighting style” in her ’bout’ with Senator Barack Obama by choosing a “gun-totin’, drop-the-gloves, Miss(ed) Congeniality has certainly energized a lot of the fear riddled (NEO-) conservatives in these “United” States. ( I placed the quotations for the dualism of a.] Just how UNITED we citizens have become in our closeness’ to REAL poverty. AND b.] How many are reacting to the excess LANOLIN leaking into our eyes from our ‘elected’s attempts (and successes) of STRIPPING US of all things given/granted US 232 years ago.)

Sarah’s Pale’n to those that ARE paying attention around the world and, as yet, not ONE of our national “news” agencies (electronic OR print) have had the GUTS to ask the ‘opinion’/ ‘observation’ of ANY of the world’s CURRENT FEMALE LEADERS from other nations… FRIEND or FOE !

John McCain seems much like December, the end ‘of’, a time of this hemisphere’s cold lock on growth. A month where the Ancient’s held lore of a type of Death. He’s supported a “CREATURE” that has caused a myriad of deaths… to incomes, living spaces, RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS… how we’ll get along with the rest of the WORLD ! Maybe even a NATION’S FUTURE.

He’s a good MAN, a GOOD SOLDIER. But what he’s considered “good intentions” in these last eight years… well I KNOW I’ve felt like HELL !

But… he is only ONE out of the many that saw, and did, things the way that they’ve become, all throwing their arms out of socket by the quick omni-directional finger pointings. And shoulder shrugs that should have popped heads off of their bodies.

John McCain has been chewing a military grade ‘hardball’ as “Political Dentine” during last TEN years, and most of us haven’t NOTICED or CARED. He has donned the “IRON MAIDEN” CLOAK given to him by his party and WILL BRAVELY walk through the desert they’ve built… STOICALLY gazing into the coming nights, PRIMROSE coloured sunsets, because Morning’s red,that’s been appearing over America lately, is clearing to a BLUE of TRUTH.

Given the propensity for drama here at “home” a play that sounds SHAKESPEARE-IAN might be called “ AZURE LIKE IT“.