And This, Too, SHALL Pass.

I want to stop writing about the folks who want to continue the charade of this “election”. If these ‘people’ haven’t anything better to do than LIE, (Any of their campaign advertisements will NOT contain what the constituents need, not only, to hear but be ASSURED OF!). CHEAT, ( The actual monies come from the friends, families as well as employees of the actual owners of the FED and Bilderberg.). Steal, ( Say EARMARK, Say

a GREAT START, let's return to it.

a GREAT START, let's get back to it.


There have, and has, been too many lives wasted and confused by the ways that we’ve been trained to the awarenesses that should make decisions clear, without the taint of greeds or PRIDE. The simple has been twisted into the unrecognizable and is leading many good citizens into servitudes that they’d normally vehemently shun. We’ve been a nation for only 232 years, yet we believe that we have surpassed  the greatnesses of every other one before us. If this continues we’ll have the shortest claim to this ‘greatness’ ever… with more devastating results.

I do love this country, I was born here. I love it well enough that I will risk being different enough, in thought, that those who won’t open their mind to look at another facet of this country and its amazing possibilities will write me off as out of touch. If we really want the world to EMBRACE what we have we can’t shackle their arms around us. Nor can we walk into their home and destroy its contents then have them pay for “goods” that WE approve of.

I’d not written the rest of this since the nineth and now there’s been a wind storm that has rendered one-fifth of this nation  without electriicity. A.E.P., ( AMERICAN ELECTRIC POWER), has taken over three days to restore power in Columbus, Ohio’s downtown area, stating that they’d sent most of their available workforce to Texas for restorations there. Mark my words: they WILL ask for an eight to fourteen percent increase of rates citing that they “NEED” to raise funds to ensure preparedness for the next climatical event. They’ll most likely get it because no one will challenge their records of those told to “stand down” to pad their coming request. This ALL seems to be interconnected, and is, the problem to rendering these thoughts for the citizenry appears to be falling on senseless recipients.

No matter, as so many civilizations of greeds and avarous, these things are but temporary. And shall pass into a boldly blind history.


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2 Responses to “And This, Too, SHALL Pass.”

  1. DC Says:

    ‘…on a deaf audience’…again! Thank you for caring enough to address this time and again.

  2. Dr. Mohamed Taher Says:

    Came here looking for what have you on “And this, too, …. ”

    See my blog post that indexes much on this ancient quote


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