You Can’t Cut Taxes…

Watching part of the few interesting moments
of this final two weeks of this coming election
I’ve found that the Red party has continued to
rake those same old dead coals of how the
Democratic party’s offering of ‘higher’ taxes
will devastate “the working, middle class income.

The Alan Blinder article, (New York Times,
Sunday Business. 8/31/08.), gave the overall
synopsis of how the “RED HERRING” statement
of how the Republicans “REDUCE” the amount
of taxes taken by our government until April.
Mr. Blinder is an economics professor at
Princeton who has taken the data of comparison
from the year 1948 through the year 2007.[
‘ The TRUTH Be Told…]

In the, proverbial, nut-’shill’ it all boils down to the fact
that of the 34 Republican to 26 Democratlead years the Democratic
‘taxed’ nationaleconomy has given EVERY tax payer a 1.14
percent INCREASE of their YEARLY INCOME. That means that for
the last eight years eachof us would have been able to SAVE 9.33
percent of our “TAKE HOME”.

As this is being written the “red guard” of the G.O.P. have taken
our economy from a SURPLUS to a $199 TRILLION DEFICIT!, (the
federal reserve WON’T lend this administrationANY more money,
so China and the OIL producing countries have become our
LOAN SHARKS.It’s a shame that those of you “out there” can’t seem
to put aside enough time to checkup on these delineators of falsity.
It’s NOT too late to correct this situation, but YOU have to,

A small question to you who may read this.
If you read something like this do you carry
it to another? WILL you be a ‘brother’s keeper’, in making sure that
they can, also,“SHARE the LAND” that so many have fought
over, as well as DIED for ? And, LASTLY…
ARE YOU going to allow these crazies to “SULLY” YOUR Sons
and Daughters… as they HAVE BEEN doing to you?
When most animals are cornered they FACE their attacker, it seems
that those who claim to be as EAGLES have taken to “burying” our heads
in that corner, offeringsaid ASSailant the ability to stop ANY type of
EXIT for this nation.

One Response to “You Can’t Cut Taxes…”

  1. dc Says:

    You know the old adage: “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.” It’s like that when I try to explain the seriousness to friends and family. They shrug their sholders and say, “what’s new?” or the big bite: “dc you worry too much about nothing.” I continue even when they would rather I stop caring.


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