Once Upon A Time…

Once Upon a TIME…

You were a LIST of WISHES that I jotted down when

asked about what my child would look and become


once upon a time...

once upon a time...

Once upon a time…

I thought the “prettiest” girl was the one to make you with, not thinking that LOVE and CARE mattered MOST… BEAUTY was better.

Once upon a time…

You took four steps to my one. And when you

got tired you would fall asleep, the rest of the way,

riding atop my shoulders.

Once upon a time…

When you tried to run away the ONLY thing I touched was the bag you’d packed. Instead of a place on your body in anger.

Once upon a time…

I thought that I would be a good ‘father’, someone

who could answer your questions on a DAILY BASIS…

Instead of an ‘addict’.

Once upon a time…

I HOPED that you’d ask me to walk you, in white,

to present you to a MAN who LOVES you more than

life itself.

Once upon a time…

IS now for you. To do the BEST you can FOR YOU.

Because my time to assist your growing up…

Has run out.


(To: My daughter, who I DON’T know. And doesn’t

care to share her LISTS for her ONCE UPON A TIMES.)


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One Response to “Once Upon A Time…”

  1. Dixie Copeland Says:

    D’Ellis/Mohandas Lighque:
    Wow. I have a depth of feeling that challenges my restraint to comment. I feel any response would lay flat on a table; refusing to uplift your heart and soul. G-d hold you in the hollow of His hand… He directs.
    Most respectively.
    Dixie Copeland


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