whole lotta' love

whole lotta' love

America the Beautiful, But FAT.

(Lyrical Parody to My Fair Lady’s Wouldn’t It Be Loverly.)

All I need is room from here to there,

Block the drafts from the cold night air.

With one ‘EEENORMOUS’ chair,

OW, wouldn’t it be BLUBBERLY ?

Lots of choc’lates for me to eat,

‘til I can’t even see my feet.

Ham hands, round face, chin pleats

Ow, wouldn’t it be BLUBBERLY ?

Ow, so BLUBBERLY sittin’ abs-so-BLOOMING-loosely still,

I could never budge ‘till spring.

Fall out over me windowsill.

Someones’ head’s restin’ in my knee,

Warm an’ tender he provides me

Rail thin is how he should be,

Ow would dent it be BLUBBERLY…


As someone who used to weigh 350lbs. I CAN write this. It took the mind reset of GETTING RID of the excess fats. When we were little and told a parent that we’d LOST something they, naturally, told us to FIND IT. Since that time it’s been instilled into our brains… “If you LOSE it you HAVE to FIND it, (!), and here, in America, it’s always “good” to find just that little bit extra. That’s why the weight “LOSS” is a MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY!



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8 Responses to “AMERICA The BEAUTIFUL…But FAT”

  1. Weight Loss » Blog Archive » AMERICA The BEAUTIFUL…But FAT Says:

    […] Original post by My Weblog: THNQ […]

  2. dixie Says:

    You know it! Great poem and your steppin’ out with that musical muffin; I sang along.

  3. taisia silva Says:

    that looks like me in the top picture!

  4. vdhfvb csdbfsfy Says:

    you are then thinest peorson in world

    p.s. the reason i write like this is because i don’t read the entire post so i don’t chance real people finding me.

  5. omegetymon Says:

    Secretive, non-spelling, know nothings make my thoughts seem that much more worthy. If you’d read the last paragraph I used to weigh 350lbs/ around 18.6 stone for your citric cynicisms. Thank you for trying.

  6. emily Says:

    who the hell would wont to look at such a thing

  7. omegetymon Says:

    Dear Emily, I’m so glad that G-D didn’t make EVERYONE LOOK LIKE YOU…I’d miss my beard and chest hair…unless YOU would too. If boardumb is what you’re looking for in a person, look in a mirror. But, if PERSON-ality is a possible factor in what makes one “beautiful” I think that vision is the infinitesimal.

  8. gracey Says:

    Im sorry, but being overweight is horribly bad 4 u, if u dont start monitoring ur weight, u will face countless health issues (CARDIOVASCULAR 101)! go vegan, 4 life!


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