WHO’S the THIRD Shell of this GAME ?

Well Ladies and Gentlemen we are at the twenty-fourth day of July and…

YES, it DOES affect the CHILDREN !

YES, it DOES affect the CHILDREN !

“OUR” most prominent candidates are running all over the world telling whoever will listen what they want hear at the moment. Mr. Obama has told Israel that ‘America’ will back their ways of treatment to the Palestinian population. On ABC News Wednesday, 7/23/08, reports showed that when Palestinians were given mini camcorders, the audio and visual proofs of the many purported abuses registered against soldier AND Settlers have validation for the world to ‘WITNESS’.( Too Much leeway. Captures and proofs.)

The ‘Haaretz.com headline of 7/24/08 read “Obama pledges to coordinate Iran policy with Israel”, coincidentally written by Barak Ravid. As the article by James Hider, (Jerusalem), and Tim Reid, (Washington), with the headline, ” Barack Obama:” hopelessness and despair” growing in Middle East. ( Comments that Mr. Obama left in the Yad Vashem visitor’s book.). In all the speeches and rhetoric the photo you view here is the most telling factor, in that what the survivors remember into their adulthood will determine all of the region’s, (and the world’s), future.

Then we’ve the “un-flowered” once-a-child, now a man, John McCain…

Who ELSE will wail with, or because of, this man?

Who ELSE will wail with, or because of, this man?

a representative of the populace in the state of Arizona, one who, unlike Strom Thurman, voted against honoring a man that lost/ gave his life to the foundations of ALL ‘men’ being free, no matter who OR what they are. Mr. McCain is the, thinning, heir apparent of these last eight years of the dismantling of the ‘AMERICAN DREAM’, one who is defined by a sense of LOYALTY.

In a wasingtonpost.com blog Mr. McCain was’quoted’ in his telling AIPAC that Iran was “the foremost” Middle East Enemy… calling for sanctions against, and International divestitures on 6/2/08. The more glaring policy of Mr. McCain is his ‘seeming’ continuation of the past eight years of America’s being deserted by its elected.

Could it be perpetual dream ”wrecker” Ralph Nader?

He's " TUCKERed" OUT

He's " TUCKERed" OUT

Since he got it wrong with the Corvair he only shows at election time.

Do you KNOW this woman?

Do you KNOW this woman?

And the last photo is that of former Georgia Democrat Cynthia McKinney who has no compunction to swat those who can’t recognize her position in this life. Talk about HARD CORPS DIPLOMACY!

No matter what happens, follow the hands not the LIPS.

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  1. ravenscawl Says:

    Well Done!!


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