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June 17, 2008

ROE v WADE, as we’ve seen with this coming election the Nation’s top jurists don’t want to…

mess with those who, LITERALLY, control whether or not the HUMAN RACE CONTINUES… WOMEN. THEY ‘OWN’ ALL rights to the production of HUMANITY. ( To read of a very concise view of this statement pick up the FRANK HERBERT book ‘THE WHITE PLAGUE’.)

The above statement was the lead-in to a very short post. Senator John McCain, the “presumptive” Republican Presidential candidate, has stuck his finger in HIS OWN EYE by criticizing the twelve ‘most qualified’ LAWYERS seated to preserve a premise that has WORKED since the year 1215, and quite well… THE MAGNA CARTA.

it\'s plain This is just for ‘MY FELLOW AMERICANS’ to add to the many influences besieging ALL ‘VOTERS’, whether they’re registered here or waiting for their next, possible GAMBIT.

Let’s hope for the birth, RE-birth, MATURATION(!) of a GLOBAL SENSE and SENSIBILITIES! Don’t let your ‘RIGHT’ to express them be STUNTED INTO NONEXISTENCE.