In assessing how One’s “legacy” will READ and BE READ is a very awkward destination. What we start with and what fills in the lines of remembrances may tell the more interesting facts of the journey best. I am going to try and relate my thoughts of two dichotomies, recent and past, that play a HUGE point in this time of American political history.

PRESENT DAY: The current atmospheres of “sweeping” change is something that this country and WORLD are attempting to deal with, the most obvious won’t be mentioned now. What ARE the MOST pressing are how we as PEOPLE look to, and after, each other as a daily EXERCISE, ( as an action to maintain, strengthen or reduce.), for the “betterment” for our lives.

The DICHOTOMIES of which I type are James S. Thurmond and B. Hussein Obama. deborah: BARAK= GENERAL OF ARMY The latter of these two IS now in the ‘hunt’ to become “THE FIRST” to accomplish his present task of seeking a specific public ‘office’. The former of these, seemingly, different men WAS the FIRST, and ONLY, person elected to the U.S. Senate as a WRITE-IN CANDIDATE in 1954.

James STROM THURMOND, born, just under, two score of the division of, fighting for, and re-assemblage of “THE UNION”. How near Fort Sumter is telling in his history. The early ‘stages’ tell us of the much heralded “Southern” gentility’s and their FIERCE protections and projections. This man as a Senator worked to keep the DESUETUDE’S of the “south” intact in everything of this country ‘for most’ of his POLITICAL career.( ALL the while secretly supporting HIS child of a “SALLY HEMMINGS” like love.). In 1957 a TWENTY-FOUR HOUR, EIGHTEEN MINUTE FILIBUSTER, (!!!!!!!!!), was exhorted by Senator Thurmond attempting the derailment of the 1957 CIVIL RIGHTS ACT. YET, in the years to come he DID vote FOR the extension of the VOTING RIGHTS ACT and the making of a FEDERAL HOLIDAY of the birthday of Martin Luther King.

Barack H. Obama, a son of students. A ‘teen-age’ mother of European bloods, (Later to be DOCTOR, Ph.D.: ANTHROPOLOGY, {makes sense “don’t” it?}.), and an African father come to be… The ‘miscegenant’ reality fought against by the careers of the Strom Thurmonds. But SENATOR Obama is the beauty of a Strom Thurmond maturation, the tempering of TIME and CHANGE. Realized, RECOGNIZED, remanded to correctness. The first “hued human” to be the leader of the “ultimate” college LAW REVIEW. ( I hope that as time proceeds that his career isn’t honored by a serving of ‘HASTY PUDDING’.)

One looked for the office of “SUPREME COMMANDER” in 1948, and as an ‘Independant’, in so many ways, lost, to find the extension of HIS effectiveness a much better avenue. The ‘Other’ seeks that same title, publicly touting the action of ‘CHANGE’. The question unasked by most is this: In the Obama definitions of CHANGE are ‘we the people’, to see “that which is diseased made well”? OR is the term change to be that of what is SUPPOSED to be RETURNED for what ONE HAS INVESTED IN? The variables of this have too much a volatility, especially for those that have been paying attention to the “Magi’s” empty hand. We never KNOW the entire history of a person no matter how attentive we believe we’ve been. But if One is able to PAY ATTENTION to the flotsam’s roiled by coming storms then we may see the legacy as it transpires.


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