I cannot relate a story to the world about my own father, even though he was my father. There are many people that are, now, not with us that we OWE SO MUCH TO and we really didn’t KNOW THEM. An earlier article that displayed itself was: ‘WHEN KNOWLEDGE is TAKEN for GRANTED’. I wrote about those who were in our lives but we had no idea of what events shaped these QUIET TITANS that we’ve called ‘neighbor’. I NEVER called MISTER EDWARDS by his first name, and of too much RESPECT for him, his wonderful wife, and his three offspring I will not start that now. Even his middle initial stands for I don’t know what, so you won’t either. The contents of the article will now be that of the inside page of the ‘HOMEGOING’ Service brochure…*

“Celebrating the Life of ‘MISTER EDWARDS’. March 11,1925 to February 28,2008 Edwards, ‘MISTER’, ageKeep the light of TRUTH LIT. 82, of Worthington, passed away Thursday, February 28, 2008. He was born the sixth child (five boys and two girls) on March 11, 1925 in Urbancrest, Ohio to the late Willie and Lucy (Johnson) Edwards. He was also proceeded in death by his two sisters and three of his brothers. MISTER Edwards was retired from D.C.S.C. as a Branch Chief in Contract Administration, with 41 years of service. MISTER Edwards was also a WORLD WAR TWO U.S. Army Veteran, serving as a Medical Technician in a Headquarters and Medical Attachment, which served in Europe as a “Group Headquarters” over 12 to 17 Companies. He attended Jackson Township High School in Grove City, Ohio, where he belonged to the NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY and lettered in basketball, football and track. He later graduated from THE Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education, finishing the four-year course load in TWO years (1946-1948). As an undergraduate, he substituted as a French Instructor at University High School for Professor Allen. He played on a semi-pro football team in Worthington, Ohio, as a halfback, fullback and quarterback. He taught at Knoxville College, Knoxville,TN as a French Instructor and served as assistant football and basketball coach. MISTER Edwards served as President of the P.T.A. at the Worthington Elementary School (Ohio State Route 161 and Hartford Street). He served as President and one of the FOUNDING members of the HUMAN RELATIONS COUNSEL. MISTER Edwards is survived by his LOVING WIFE of 58 years, September 25,1949 and his three children, Yvette, Kenneth and Gerald.”

I didn’t ask or get permission from the surviving spouse for the presenting of this article, but it was important enough to me that I find a way to say THANK YOU to someone that really did mean something to me for all my ignorances that this REMARKABLE man forgave me . I’m sure that there are many such people around every one of us and that’s what MEMORIAL DAY is about. Eventually every war ‘HERO’ passes from our presence on this earth, the question immemorial is how well do we know these ROCKS of the walls of freedom that OUR NATION MUST CALL ON? And how much time did we take to truly listen to the many lives that each hero has lived to this point that they’ll give those GRAINS OF LIVING LIFE that we may carry them to the next fertile fields of our future? And can we know if someone will give us a “WELL DONE” for gleaning enough of the proper seeds to make sure that ALL the HEROES are HONORED?

Oh, by the way, MISTER Edwards was one of the many unsung AFRICAN-AMERICAN SOLDIERS.

*( With a bit of ‘editorial’ licensing for the protection of the innocent .)


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One Response to “MISTER EDWARDS: In Memorium.”

  1. omegetymon Says:

    This was also written for a high school class-mate, Clint Nicely, drafted by the
    Chicago Cubs then drafted by G_D from his aircraft carrier in the Mid-East.
    Yes, we just didn’t know enough about our ‘TITANS’. And to Tom Harbrecht,
    the NAVY SEAL tech in the movie ‘NAVY SEALS’ with Charlie Sheen.


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