An Open Opportunity

With everything that’s going on in the world at this very moment I thought that the only words I’d present today would be this…

We ARE at that “FINAL JEOPARDY” moment in our lifetimes. With all that’s been in the ‘NEWS’ what, DEAR READERS, would be YOUR ULTIMATE QUESTION? (AND WHY!)…

‘They were a group of educated and very connected PEOPLES that let greeds and prejudices destroy themselves as a SPECIES.’

The ONLY thing I’m looking for here is, hopefully, more than a BILLION readers to LINK TOGETHER and see another’s search of how we can/will CORRECT this malady before we get tossed OFF this stage for acting poorly. We, ALL, know what “humanity’s” ultimate wager is. CAN we GET THE RIGHT ANSWER before the music ENDS!?!

If, for some reason, you feel that writing derogatory statements would be a fun thing to do, PLEASE DON’T. there are quite enough of the OBTUSE passing out their ideologies, this was written for those who strive for the betterment overall, (not OVER all.)


6 Responses to “An Open Opportunity”

  1. omegetymon Says:

    The WANT of what’s been written here is for all of US to GET THE ‘WORD’
    OUT!.There’s not much time left for those who wish for a better continuance.
    D’Ellis/Mohandas Lighque- LINK-A-BILLION.

  2. coloraturajoy Says:

    thanks for your comment!

    what a thought-provoking blog!

  3. omegetymon Says:

    To: ‘Hued Wind Joy’,

  4. omegetymon Says:

    It’s me again. Its very interesting that there is a concerted effort on the
    fifteenth of this month, I just hope this article passes muster.

  5. NeverMore (warning graphic) « RAVENSCAWL Says:

    […] (warning graphic) Ravenscawl is a moniker handed to me by a friend (OMEGETYMON), One who could not know as we PONDERED the name and spelling as to what meaning it conveyed to my […]

  6. omegetymon Says:

    Today is the day of BLOGGERS UNITE, this article is part of the effort.
    Did YOU participate in being ONE of THE BILLION?


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