In this current age of using what ever utensils are available to fit a chosen role we Americans are quickly, as well as EASILY, enchanted with the plots before us. WE have watched a generation that took the tools necessary to build a strong chapter in what Democracy meant as in the word FREEDOM. Although a lot of people were excluded during the beginning of the second world war things did change near its end.

A link posted just yesterday described the three remaining candidates as NUMBNUTS, NONUTS AND JUSTNUTS. This HOMINID then proceeded to enlighten ‘THE NUMB ONE’ at his home site. MMMMYYYY GGGOOOODNESS the post garnered a plethora of “OBAMAPHILES” to imbibe the bitter-sweet savory of “truth” that had found its way to the ‘HOUSE OF CHANGE’. We must all reserve the “Wright” to change, especially when we want something quite much. Haven’t we all worked ourselves to the point of an ‘exhaustion’ only to find that the thing we were “SELLING” didn’t fit the niche we’d been striving for? Well intended as we were there was that tiny tug from the “WANT” that said take this and put it HERE, leave the ‘frumpy ‘ over there, you can put it away for now. A story told to me when younger was about this young woman that grew up taking care of horses on the family property. Everyday, she wore a plain blouse tucked into some non-descript bluejeans. Day in day out never a noticeable difference to her teasing “class”-mates. Coupled to this, seemingly sad visage was that this young lady never had the olfactoral assistance of Ms. Coco Chanel, her best friend WAS ‘FLICKA’. ALL of High School not a missed day of class. Upon graduation this ‘Barkley’ ranch hand went on to study Animal Husbandry at her state’s university, and although known as a FOOTBALL school there was a gold medal education for Cattle and Horses. The education took her to many locations across this wonderful country so meeting a young man from TEXAS made the sweetness of the appreciation of these animals that much better. Of cource this story has a happy ending. They DO fall in love, get married, have children. Best of all the young man is successful in business AND POLITICS. His name was CONNELLY, JOHN. He survived a terrible accident in his home state, the city of DALLAS back in ’63… His friend didn’t make it.

The moral of this story is this… If ya’ run what’cha brung , and you do so with the folks that KNEW YA’ WHEN, then they’ll stand by you with that pick and shovel while you’re walking those ACRES OF DIAMONDS. These FOLKS know the warts and make excuses of why they find them attractive. HEY ‘NUMBIES’ remember John Merrick?

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One Response to “RUN WHAT’CHA BRUNG.”

  1. ravenscawl Says:

    I do appreciate the “digg”, The beauty of MERRICK is that he learned to
    except his increasingly GROTESQUE form. The TRAGEDY of AMERICA is
    that so has her CITIZENS


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