When Knowledge Is TAKEN For Granted.

I was mid paragraph of another thought/blog when my RESEARCH lifted me to this new post. My disappoint ment with how trivial our Presidential candidates have made this ultra important process of elections just over heated me. I’d reached the point where the sacrifices made a generation and a half ago by ‘AMERICA’S GREATEST GENERATION” was being made a joke of by the ‘Blue’ team’s “TWO JIVE “crew, AND the ‘Red ‘ team’s severely injured new team-captain. The question of how could these three FORGET their ‘Christian’ teaching of “…ANYONE who desires to be in a LEADERSHIP position MUST FIRST learn and practice the SERVANT’S WAYS.” I believe this to mean that those that we CHOOSE to carry out our communally REQUIRED and REQUESTED functions will do these things in an OPEN, HONEST, and MOST OF ALL, UN-selfish manner.

The reasons for war are many, but most of those reasons are a GREED, of every type. When an event like this happens the aggressor must choose someone to place the causes to, read …BLAME. This is the year 9994,by the world’s oldest calendar, and it’s time we began to get things correct and corrected. Finally reaching toward the point of this exercise, the men and women who began adding REAL INGREDIENTS in the “Melting Pot” called The United States of America are, now, leaving us. With a legacy that has/is swiftly turning gangrenous. My grandfather was not a, (formally), educated man, but designed and built many things. Had he gone to school on some sort of financial entitlement I’m more than convinced that he would have held his own at the patent offices, just like those who’d gotten an education through the G.I. Bill. On that note I arrive to the crux of thought.

I am part of the group of offspring known as BABY-BOOMERS, the product of “life seeking itself”, (K. Gibran), after the myriad of HORRORS and ATROCITIES generated by the minds of, presumably more ancient societal structures that ran helter-skelter over, roughly, 85% of the geographical world. View the pictorial witnesses and, I hope, you’ll understand but a small spark of the driving force to the apocalyptic exercise. If one sees death so near,so often, the eventual freedom of of it triggers productions of many types. That point is where we are at this very moment. The peoples of “minority”, Negroid, Japanese, Native, AMERICANS were ALL deemed as UNFIT to represent the IDEAL national “champion”. Only until white politicians finally realized that victory wouldn’t be reached unless the nascent, HIGHLY UNIQUE qualities of the very peoples that the EUROPEAN RELATED decision makers had continually tried to destroy did the the SECOND WORLD WAR look winable. Examples of this overdue phenomena list as: a.,12-7-1941,Dorie Miller,( Naval Mess-mate), saves his Captain, then without training, mans an anti-aircraft gun on the USS ARIZONA, RECEIVING the award of NAVY CROSS. Honored with the USS MILLER 6-30-1973. b., Our nations first NEGRO MARINES entered at Montford Point, ( CAMP LeJeune,SC).First enlistee, HOWARD P. PERRY, 6-1-1942. c., The TUSKEGEE AIRMEN, (99th Fighter Squadron) 500 missions, 3700 sorties flown protecting bomber missions. NO LOSSES OF A BOMBER to the enemy under THEIR watch. Producing General Benjamin O. Davis. d., The JAPANESE/NISEI ;100th Infantry Battalion and the MOST DECORATED U.S. military unit… the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, (who were decimated finding and protecting the LOST TEXAS group), plus, (Can you picture Uncle Sam with his hand smacking his forehead?), assisting AUDIE MURPHY in the LIBERATION of DACHAU,( These MEN were from AMERICAN CONCENTRATION CAMPS.), .d., Saving some of the best for last. Though our ORIGINAL INHABITANTS of this nation have been pushed, (Pick any descriptive .), the pride in self would be a great lesson to us all. In our NATIONAL ANTHEM the term ‘Home of the BRAVE’ should mean the CODE TALKERS of both world wars; Choctaw in the first, Navajo in the second. Imagine where we’d be if ENGLISH ONLY had been accepted by the holders of the real meaning of the last three words in our anthem.

As I began to research this post I queried Google to WIKI ANSWERS on Negro Marines. The treatment of Negro prisoners of war was the first to appear, the author told of how Non Negroid U.S. troops educated the enemy of how to handle those not like themselves, as he got to the statement of there were “…NO NEGRO Marines in World War TWO.” ” I’m 59 years old and have been READING WW2 history for over 40 years.” If Mr. JIM B. TORONTO had DONE RESEARCH, AS IN SOURCE RECORDS… It’s easy to accept when one looks like those who say they’re IN CHARGE. ( Wednesday,Addams Family, was right when she told that her costume made her look like everyone else. Wednesday was a psychopath that Halloween.)

This is how I see things, we’ve been indoctrinated into the thought that those in a position of, PRESUMED, AUTHORITY are telling us the TRUTH. THEY ARE NOT, they count on us to accept what we’re told without researching/ finding what really IS. Isn’t it time to “Stand FOR SOMETHING, so we don’t FALL FOR EVERYTHING”? ( A paraphrase of Rosa Parks.) If they are actually going to CHANGE let them ALL begin with what they say at the start of this, ( Look up ANTAGONYM.),'” RACE.”‘MOST DECORATEDNEGRO MARINES\Thank you!

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3 Responses to “When Knowledge Is TAKEN For Granted.”

  1. ravenscawl Says:

    History is full of disinformation thru no information!!

  2. Dixie Copeland Says:

    An excelent article, but as always, you have such powerful punch to the points you’re making!

    I appreciate your honesty and your willingness to reach others with it. I am reached… and no other words seem to fit.

    Thank you.
    Most sincerely,
    Dixie Copeland
    Zimbio zine: “Remove the rose colored glasses”

  3. omegetymon Says:

    Dear Dixie,
    Thank YOU for the comment. It is with a lot of gratitude that someone
    is reading these miniscule observations at this site. Thanx for your time
    and understanding.

    D’Ellis/ Mohandas Lighque


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