Breaking Federal News At 10!

Story by: Mohandas Lighque, Delhi Deli

Smokey the Bear and Woodsey Owl were sent to Leavenworth Federal Prison today beginning service on their convictions of attacking former President George W. Bush. The conditions of their punishments stipulate that they, and their relatives, are ‘NO LONGER ALLOWED’ to serve, ‘IN ANY CAPACITY’, representing the Government for FORESTRY, OR the conservation of NATURE.

From a two-pronged attack...The former Commander-in- Chief is still without full sight from Woodsey’s aerial frontal attacks. And Smokey’s claw marks removed both ‘LOVE’ handles with Mr. Bush still not able to attend a STATE dinner gracefully at table.

Mr. Bear made the only statement of the two as he cryptically mentioned that he was “evening the score” for his ‘White BROTHERS’. Mr. Bear could , faintly, be heard humming ‘Oh Canada’ as he ambled into his cell.

Smokey talks to the Press before sentencing.

Mr. Owl’s grand-children were immediately denied entry to YALE UNIVERSITY, even though ALL 12 had placed 780 and ABOVE on their entrance exams. Most were fledgeling aeronautical engineers, two of which already had published papers that the U.S. MILITARY branches were implementing for CIVILIAN APPLICA TIONS.

They explained their combined assaults “WILL NOT BE THE LAST BY THOSE WHO HAVE SUFFERED GENER ATIONAL ABUSES”… and that the Grey Wolves are ‘ORGANIZING throughout the national parks WITH the BISON,ELK AND RAPTORS’ They hinted that DOMESTICATED livestock ARE studying ‘JONESBORO’ PRACTICES and techniques

Long Before Mc Donald\'s

They intimated that, unless environmental policies, WORLD WIDE, change sentient ‘non-humans’ are “TO BE CHANGIN’ WHO DOES WHAT, WHERE!”. ( Read a similar report from SOUTH AFRICA of how the ELEPHANT populations are looking at CORPORATE FARMING with MONSANTO products and its FUTURE due its correlation with government organized CULLING OF HERD SIZES.)

Passing On the Torch


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  1. ravenscawl Says:

    “Cows with Guns”

  2. elephant culling in africa Says:

    […] of attacking former President George W. Bush. The conditions of their punishments stipulate that Africa to allow elephant cullThe South African government has said it will allow elephants to be […]


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