The Warmth of Helping Hands

Sometimes you\'ve just gotta\' do the right thing.Charlton Heston was a man OF his ‘times’.I crossed a blog that amused me, in that somewhere the education of the blogger left her,or him,behind in their disrespect of Charlton Heston’s passing.

Mid-western bred and educated in the state that produced Abraham Lincoln and ,now, Presidential hopeful Barack Obama; Mr. Heston served as a Radio operator and GUNNER in the United States Air Force, (just like another WW II Air Force member,Bugs Bunny served.), Staff Sargeant from 1944 to 1946.

As Mr. Heston matured he found many things to ‘fight’ for. In 1963 he MARCHED for ALL Americans ‘CIVIL’ RIGHTS . with Harry Belafonte, (Sameritech might look up the REAL story of his “JOHN HENRY”,the “STEEL DRIVIN’ MAN” was actually Irish, working with a “NEGRO” crew), James Baldwin, ( yes, a brother but not a professional actor.), an OPENLY GAY ‘Poet Laureate’ and Marlon Brando, who definitely mixed the races in this ‘Melting Pot’ that your moniker includes in its spelling. Needless to say Dr. King had no problem grasping Charlton’s hand NO MATTER the season, summer=Warm or winter=COLD.

Charlton Heston’s hands, even COLD, have GRASPED and held more than a lifetime of obtuse, short-sighted, though well written, opinions. I, really, don’t believe that he carried that rifle from the N.R.A. convention with him everywhere. DO YOU, gentle reader?


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2 Responses to “The Warmth of Helping Hands”

  1. Barack Obama » The Warmth of Helping Hands Says:

    […] My Weblog wrote an interesting post today on The Warmth of Helping HandsHere’s a quick excerptMid-western bred and educated in the state that produced Abraham Lincoln and ,now, Presidential hopeful Barack Obama;… […]

  2. Dangit Says:

    That’s better but not hard enough to get their attention .Have a look Time say’s it’s number 1 or 2 in blog rankings



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